1. emmasaxophone

    Emoji Tutorial


    I chose to make a tutorial on the assignment called Emoji This worth three stars. The assignment required you to make a collage of different people making different emoji faces and to help me create my project I found a website called BeFunky that helps you create collages.

    1.The first …

  2. smorris1331

    Finals Weekly Summary


    The first two things I did were my tutorials. I chose these two because they were photo editing, and I feel that is my strongest suit (if I am going to offer help to others). Another point I wanted to make using these is that photo editing software is great, …

  3. mirandaskin

    We Found Her!


    Bring Your Pet To School: Do you miss your pet while you are in school? Do you ever wish that you could bring your pet to school with you? This tutorial assignment will allow your dream to come true. You can use GIMP or other photo edit software to place …

  4. flear

    The Final Collection (Week 16)


    Finally at the end of the road! I greatly enjoyed some of the things I learned to do in this class, and the constant stretch of my creative boundaries (as well as comfort zone). This final project was probably my favorite thing of all to do, since it involved compiling …

  5. flear

    Final Project Media


    The gifs at the beginning of the story were inspired by the GIF Animate Your Day like Ben assignment. I figured it would be a cute and relatively challenging idea, that would help get into the character’s setting. This is how Sofie gets ready every day, so it’s really an …

  6. flear

    The Dress Designer Dilemma


    Sofie woke up every morning to do the same thing. She would make a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, get dressed, and then sit down at her desk to draw.

    Sofie was a dress designer. She didn’t make the dresses, she just liked to make the designs. Brides would call …

  7. smorris1331

    A Tail of Two Trips



    God. Really? 6 am already? Man it sucks getting old. Whatever, let’s just get this over with. The line is going to be long at the airport. I’ll call the cab now. God I hate these business trips. MOM MOM MOM MOM MOMMY MOMMY WAKE…
  8. sanctum

    Fast Food of Death


    Here is the original assignment.

    Step 1 – Acquiring Two Images

    To combine two images together, you first must have two images. Find two images that would overlay well together from an online source or from your personal media collection. Below are the two images I acquired.

    Blue Screen…
  9. calebsnow14

    Weekly Summary 15 and 16


    THIS IS THE LAST SCHOOL RELATED THING I WILL EVER DO!!!!! I’m graduating and could not be happier about it!

    Let’s take a look at what I did this week including my tutorials and my character creation story.

    First are my tutorials. The assignments that I made tutorials for were …

  10. calebsnow14

    Alternate Star Lord Story


    Anyone who has ever read or seen anything related to the Guardians of the Galaxy has wondered who Peter Quills (Star Lords) father really is. In this scenario, we will find out how Peter will meet his father and what will happen when he does.

    First, Peter needs a way …

  11. mirandaskin

    Edna’s Not Missing


    Edna, a black puppy, enjoys long walks and snuggling on beds. She’s just like any dog!! She also loves to be pet by her owner Miranda. Miranda is her best friend. However, recently, Miranda has been super busy studying for her finals, leaving Edna sad! This morning, Edna Rose woke …

  12. mirandaskin

    Sunshine State


    Design a License Plate: Design your own license plate! You can use an online site, alter a preexisting photo, or make your own from scratch. Make the license plate describe either your or a character. Your license plate design should have two part to it: designing the background for …

  13. mirandaskin

    If Found, Please Call..


    Missing Person: Create a missing posters flyer for a fictional movie/show character, made-up person, animal, or a real person. Be sure to include a picture, the name, characteristics, and last seen date and place. Let your imagination do the talking for this poster! (4 stars).

    I made this design …

  14. mirandaskin

    Puppy Police


    Please Someone Call the Police! : You know how in crime movies and criminal investigation shows they usually include an audio of a victom talking to the police over the phone? Well in this assignment make an audio of you talking to the police over the phone. Your story of …

  15. mdavis101

    Weekly Summary


    This class has had its share of ups and downs. For the first few weeks I struggled, but I kept improving a little each week. I contemplated dropping this class or making it pass/fail, but Im glad I stuck it out. I have learned the most in this class than …

  16. mdavis101

    Johnny “Good Guy” Manziel


    What if I told you the Johnny Manziel we know, did not exist and instead a different Johnny Manziel existed. Instead of Johnny “Football”, he is Johnny “GoodGuy”. Johnny Manziel has been in the national spotlight of the sports world and American culture/society since he became the first freshman to …

  17. calebsnow14

    One Shot Tutorial


    Welcome to the tutorial for the One Shot Assignment! This assignment can be tricky so I’m making this tutorial to offer my advice and instruction on a simple way to complete it.

    What you will need:

    A photo with multiple subjects

    Microsoft Word

    A photo cropping tool

    Step 1: …

  18. calebsnow14

    Poetry Art Tutorial for Dummies


    Welcome to the tutorial for the Poetry Art Assignment! This tutorial is titled Poetry Art Tutorial for Dummies because I will be using some very simple and easily accessible software to complete the assignment.

    What you will need:

    Microsoft Word (seriously)

    Photo Editing software with a cropping feature. I …

  19. mdavis101

    “Highlight Reels Tutorial”


    The Process, Narrated 

    I will break this process down step by step. It is an easy process if you are familiar with iMovie, YouTube Video Editor, or both.

    Step 1: Choose an athlete





    Step 2: Find video clips of highlights (YouTube) of this athlete.



  20. awassenb

    Week15 & Finals Summary


    I can hardly believe that I am almost done with DS106! This semester has been filled with many interesting, eye-opening and educational opportunities that I don’t think I would’ve had in any other class at Mary Washington. DS106 truly is a unique Digital Storytelling/Social Media class. I’ve learned about countless …

  21. awassenb

    Tattoos 4Life- Tutorial


    Although there other tutorials exist for the assignment, I found another way for someone to complete this.

    Many people like to know what their tattoo will look like before even entering the tattoo parlor, so I googled around and found a Tattoo Font Generator online. It’s completely free and very …

  22. awassenb

    Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]


    Once upon a time, there was a little old couple who lived in a cabin in the woods near a rocky, quick-flowing river. The little old woman asked her husband what he would like for dinner that night, and he was feeling exceptionally festive. They decided to celebrate Christmas early …

  23. arunk

    Looking Back: The Final Weeks


    We’ve made it to finals week, and given this is my last semester taking classes here at UMW, I could not be happier! I marathon sprinted through these last two weeks, and while working on the blog was fun, I’m glad to now have time doing the creative things I …