One Week And Counting for Headless ds106

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By this time next week, the headless ds106 course will have started. What, you have not heard about this? Read up.

What do you need to do now? Nothing. The first two weeks are really set up time, with some optional things to make/create… of course everything in headless ds106 is optional. If you want, start putting together your tool box or do a Daily Create or 2 or 12…

What happens if you miss class the first day? Nothing, stop panicking. This experience is not dependent on prior work, so if you miss the start, you can hop on at any time.

What else? Not much, we just wanted to put up a headless GIF ;-) If you would like to help, look at the volunteer signup, because NO ONE IS TEACHING THIS CLASS. I will be adding some other areas soon where you can help.

What you should really do is get some people you know- colleagues, neighbors, your dentist, your dentist’s brother-in-law’s nephew’s cousin.. to do ds106 with you. Form small group, gather over coffee, share a funny poster or a new web tool.

But by 12:01am next Monday (PST) the first week’s assignment will be posted at

Heads won’t roll, but yours might spin!

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