1. aalmberg

    Week 10 Summary


    This week I was insanely sick. I had a 103-104 fever all week. I didn’t get to listen to the radio shows. I was sleeping. I tried to stay awake but I fell asleep ten minutes before they started and woke up at 2 am in a pool of sweat. …

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    Next Week Assignments


    Next week I plan on completing That Bleeping Censor. I think that it will take some skill will be difficult to time correctly but if done correctly will be hilarious if the right words are taken out. I also plan on doing Today its all about me. This one will …

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      This is a bunch of my friends and I at Howloscream. I worked at Seaworld this past summer. We get tickets for accomplishing goals and I saved up all my tickets to take my friends out for this exciting day!…

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    YouTub Genre


    Youtube is my best friend when it comes to wasting time. Parodies *subgenera musical parodies Life Hacks Stereotyping *Cat Video *Proposal Video  …

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    More of the Movie


    Hard Boiled is a Hong Kong Action film.The film was written and directed by John Woo.  This was his last Hong Kong film before transitioning to Hollywood. (A quick glance of his Hollywood films he produced Mission Impossible II.) Hard Boiled was shot and filmed in only 123 days in …

  6. aalmberg

    3 time


    This movie clip is the Hospital Scene From Hard Boiled. I have never seen this movie but I love action movies from everything I have read now about this movie it is an action movie classic! Analyze the camera work: This was taken in one take. The angles follow the …

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    Tell us your signature style


    Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with Ariel from the little mermaid. Once I stared to sign my name and give my autograph I would try to make it as close to possible as Ariel. Now my name is Alicia and it doesn’t flow quite …

  8. aalmberg

    Week 9 Summary


    This week was a very busy week for me. Its also my favorite week of the year! Homecoming, but besides all the drinking festivities, my favorite thing is lip-sync. As a member of the beloved group Chutney, we did not place this year. Thats ok we did our best and …

  9. aalmberg

    Daily Create Story


    So in the world of the internet there was a snowman his name was Charles. Charles trolled very hard in the DS 106 pages. He commented on everyone’s posts by using emojis and making everyone feel really good about their work. Even if it wasn’t the best or even completely …

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    Emoji Come Alive


    I chose to do the peace sign emoji because it is one of the ones that I use most frequently and I thought it would be fun.…

  11. aalmberg

    Three Moon Wolf Shirt


    I did this four star assignment.  I thought the original shirt comments were amazing. I couldn’t think of anything else that would be that good. I just go a new pup. She loves her crate. So I went and made a comment on how great her crate is and how …

  12. aalmberg

    Google Map Trip


    I have lived in the same house my whole life. This is at 1502 Bodine Court in Chesapeake, Virginia. The middle school I went to is right by my house at the beginning of my street. I loved living near the water my whole life because I love to be …

  13. aalmberg

    What They Might Have Done In Social Media


    This assignment was three stars. It seemed like it would be fun but it turned out to be quite a hassle. I created a profile for Theodore Roosevelt because he is a historical figure I have always admired. I found pictures and the information for his profile online and then …

  14. aalmberg

    Make A Winter Drawing


    I can’t wait for winter time. I like to wear hoodies and drink hot chocolate and cuddle with my dog. I like to go sledding and skiing as well. Bring on the winter!…

  15. aalmberg

    Favorite Song


    I created a one star audio assignment.  This assignment is up to 30 seconds with no words guessing game.   It can not be uploaded into soundcloud because of copyright laws.   Sooooo any guesses?!…

  16. aalmberg

    Storytelling Within The Web


    When I first starting reading this assignment it seemed really hard but it was surprisingly easy. I followed the directions and it was very simple. I chose to mess around with the Web assignment page.  I am in the middle of figuring out which assignments I want to complete. I …

  17. aalmberg

    The spine book of you


    I really liked this daily create because it really made me think. I came up with a bunch of domains at first but then looked through them and decided I didn’t really like any of them because none of them really fit me and my personality. Eventually, I came up …

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    I was a bit uneasy and nervous that this wasn’t going to work but my group members and I worked pretty well together. We communicated  solely using canvas. It worked out pretty well. The communication was probably one of the easiest and hardest part of this project.  Canvas made it …

  19. aalmberg

    Week 7 & 8


    So these two weeks where fun. I like doing audio assignments. It is media that I am very comfortable working with. I like listening to stories. This week was made interesting by the group assignment. Group assignments are interesting and complicated when not completed online. It is all talked about …

  20. aalmberg

    What happened to Carl?


    Carl loved his gaunt cat that most people called a tiger. This tiger’s name was Eye. Many people made the joke and sang the eye of the tiger to him everyday. One Eye was very upset. You see he was tired of people breaking into his enclosure and putting Eye …

  21. aalmberg

    Music Dammit


    I thought this assignment would be interesting to complete. I grew up learning and trying a lot of new things. I tried many instruments before I realized I was not picking up how to read the notes on the staff. The beat I down but playing the notes, I was …

  22. aalmberg

    Character Bird Calls


    When I read this assignment directions, I instantly had an idea. Now me and my best friend have a lot of adventures, especially now that we are 21. There is one sound that will always make us happy. I can make this sound anywhere in the house and I know …

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    This was a fun project. Right now my friends and are preparing for the school’s annual lip-sync. We have placed every year and we want to take gold this year. When I came across this assignment I was so happy. I was already working on changing music this just happened …

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    National Cat day


    This an old video I had of my old roommate and this little kitten we found. We kept him for about 3 months before finding him a new home. He loved to climb up and kiss you on the mouth.     He was a weird cat. He also really …

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    I have just started creating and working on my radio show. I completed my bumpers a few days ago but I am now just getting around to my post. My soundcloud would not accept my submissions. But I think I was clicking the wrong button or another user error. Because …

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    Today is a very special day


    Today is a very special day because I have enough bugs families for my big project in Entomology. Now, I just have to go through them to figure out if I meet all the other sub requirement.     My flickr has locked me out today, I couldn’t remember the …

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    1) 40 things that you hate about yourself but you never knew 2) 15 things your dog thinks about your mom 3) 12 items that will make you think your insane 4) 4 facts you didn’t want to know about your parents 5) How do you sleep? What it tells …

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