1. Andrew Forgrave

    A Pretty Penny (Furthering Christina’s GIF)


    Christina’s original “Number Two as Anvil” GIF (1.5 MB) by @clhendricksbc

    Masked, saved with 32 colours, Perceptual index (478 K) by @aforgrave

    Making GIFs from scratch can be somewhat of an arcane Science at times. While there can be a good number of strategies to which one can turn to …

  2. Andrew Forgrave

    Terminal Waypoint


    “Village Tunnel” image by @aforgrave

    I have continued to have success in avoiding the “sleep light” at lights out, and have made some additional progress in exploring the secret crawlspace I found beneath my cottage in The Village. After several successive evenings of further exploration, I have uncovered a vast …

  3. Andrew Forgrave

    BeTWEEN the Spokes of a Penny Farthing


    “BeTWEEN the Spokes of a Penny Farthing, Experiment 3, Step 3″ animated GIF by @aforgrave (click for full size GIF)

    This is the result of this afternoon’s experimentation into the capability of Photoshop’s Timeline TWEEN function.

    First, what I’m about to report are the results of experimentation only. Typically I …

  4. Andrew Forgrave

    I’ve No Aversion to GIFfing


    I had a instant case of GIF-eye-tis when I saw the poor Resident twitching away in the Aversion Therapy room in the episode A Change of Mind. This one little moment says so much about how The Village seeks to control the individuals and require them to conform to the …

  5. Andrew Forgrave

    The Prisoner106.us Collection


    “the Prisoner106.us Collection,” animatedGIF by @aforgrave

    At the suggestion of Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter), I have located some pleasantly-Village-esque striped shirts that members of the Summer 2015 prisoner106.us Community may wish to investigate as potential additions to their summer/fall wardrobe.

    There is no guarantee as to quantity …

  6. Andrew Forgrave

    Summer 2015 ds106 Apparel


    “DRAFT Summer 2015 #ds106 Apparel for #prisoner106,” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    These are close to what I’m aiming for, but I’m wondering what folks think regarding colour choices? We’ve been using red and white on black for the site design. But I’m liking the blue for the shirt rather than …

  7. Andrew Forgrave

    3D Hyperbolic Tiling of Old Number 2


    “3D Hyperbolic Tiling of Old Number 2,” animated Gif by @aforgrave (click to enlarge)

    WOW! Thanks again to Bill Smith for his leadership in finding wonderful assignments and prompts to explore here in The Village. It may be that his cottage here in The Village is in a time zone …

  8. Andrew Forgrave

    GIFfing The General


    I quite enjoyed the episode entitled “The General.” And given that I’ve been seriously delinquent in keeping up with my GIFfing, I’ve decided to remedy the situation by making a few.

    I all but leapt into my computer screen as soon as I saw the toy bank “pass collector” in …

  9. Andrew Forgrave

    Slow Motion Spill on the Party


    For Week Two: Audio Week of the Prisoner106 digital storytelling course, I poked around in the Audio Assignment Bank looking for some new tasks that I’ve not attempted before. Rather than just looking for some generic tasks, I set myself the goal of finding assignments that I could apply specifically …

  10. Andrew Forgrave

    Arrival: In a Pixel Perfect Village


    “Drive” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    “Come In …” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    “Spotlight” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    “Sit Down …” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    “Rover on the Lawn” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    “A Still Tongue ….” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    “Just a Few Questions …” animated GIF by @aforgrave…

  11. Andrew Forgrave

    It’s Time for Noir106


    Image from “The Third Man (1949)” found on http://www.winwallpapers.net

    The cool dampness of the winter’s fog caressed the stubble on my weathered cheeks as the foghorn roused me from my stupor. Its wail was just like hers, never giving me a moments peace, no respite for the near-wicked, she would …

  12. Andrew Forgrave

    100% Official Orange and Black Spirit Day Shirt


    “100% Official Orange and Black Spirit Day Shirt” animated GIF by @aforgrave

    October 31st sees us celebrating Orange and Black Spirit Day, and what better way to show your seasonal Orange and Black Spirit but with the 100% Official Orange And Black Spirit Day Shirt. Available in comfortable and seasonal …

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