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  1. Andrew Forgrave

    Diver #GIFfight!

    The GIFfight! challenge is always a fun one. First established by New York art professor Ryan Seslow (@ryanseslow) and long-time #ds106 participant and communications instructor Micheal Branson Smith (@mbransons), it has drawn the attention of a good number of the GIFfing #ds106 community. The static prompt for this challenge is a still of an undersea […]
  2. Andrew Forgrave

    Myst, Marathon, and Minecraft

    I’ve deeply enjoyed three computer games over the years. Myst The ground-breaking Myst, developed by Cyan and first released in 1993, was built initially in the Apple’s Hypercard development platform, and lead the pack for a close to a decade as the number one computer game. Unlike a lot of other games of the time, Myst was […]
  3. Andrew Forgrave

    The Thin Line Between Heaven and Here

    Bubbles is attributed the epigraph “[There is a] … thin line between heaven and here” in Old Cases, Season 1, Episode 4 of HBO‘s The Wire. He delivers the line at about the midpoint of the episode, and the line came just at the right moment to punctuate what I perceived as the first whack-me-over-the-head, […]
  4. Andrew Forgrave

    Triple (or Quadruple?) Twitter Troll WIRE106 Quote

    This is my first attempt (I think) at the (Triple) Troll Quote assignment: Visual Assignment 24, by the responses to which I am frequently impressed. There is a simplicity to the technical execution of the assignment which emphasizes the connections that happen before the Art is made. While not a new Jim Groom Triple Troll Wire […]
  5. Andrew Forgrave

    The Wire 106

    Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter) is bringing it for the latest incarnation of the DS106 Digital Storytelling open online course (as well as for multiple sections of for-credit learners at UMW). Following on the summer 2013 session set within the world of The Twilight Zone (#ds106zone), the fall 2014 session has the course within the context […]
  6. Andrew Forgrave

    Artoo vs. The Degobah Swamp Creature

    The Daily Create for August 7th tdc942 asks us to riff on an image from the Spielberg-Lucas “congratulations letters” which were written each time one director’s film surpassed the other’s at the box office. (The Daily Create for August 6th asked us to re-write one of the letters to suggest what might have actually been […]
  7. Andrew Forgrave

    John Gets His 3D Glasses On!

    John‘s (@johnjohnston, on Twitter) new 3D red/cyan anaglyph glasses arrived today, and he immediately shared the news on Twitter. With John’s kind permission, I have taken his shared image and turned it into both an Anaglyph and an Anaglyph-a-GIF as part of the Anaglyph Tutorial (link to follow). Thanks, John! We are looking forward to […]
  8. Andrew Forgrave

    This Rolling Stone Ain’t Rolling … Yet!

    Sisyphus pushed the stone up the hill — and George Wither captured it in his 11th Embleme in 1635. After last week’s introduction of #GIFfight! entries based on Emblemes, Illustrated by Geo. Wither (published 1635), I’ve enjoyed not only the opportunity of creating animated GIFs from his art, but also some nice learning from the […]
  9. Andrew Forgrave

    Depth of a Field with Skeleton

    Now that the Anaglyph-A-GIF has been a little more clearly defined, I’ve decided to add it (along with the simpler, static 3D Anaglyph to the ds106 Assignment Bank. I did a search for anaglyph and 3D, and didn’t really turn anything up that is similar aside from Bill Genereux’s Wiggle Stereoscopy (Visual Assignment 352),  the similar 2-frame […]
  10. Andrew Forgrave

    A Newly Improved Boo

    Interesting. In revisiting the “George Wither, page 8, ‘Boo’“ GIF in order to update the misspelling in the “view with Cyan-Magenta 3D glasses” text, I have uncovered another issue and made another little improvement. I had originally provided a transparent background for the full image. My thinking was that a uniform, white background might telegraph to […]
  11. Andrew Forgrave

    Badges, and Properly Spelled

    In the depths of meticulous attention that supported the exploration of my initial Anaglyph-a-GIF process this week, I managed to publish several pieces (to three different sites) with a glaring error in spelling in all of them. Introduced in an original source file and then copied across several versions, an incorrect spelling of Magenta smiled out at me […]
  12. Andrew Forgrave

    A Different View to Car 106

    Yesterday Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter) was writing about Silicon Valley (End the Domination of Silicon Valley) and the 1985 Bond film, “A View to a Kill,” when he came across Car 106. Having long sought an image of a police car bearing the 106 number, he captured the image and posted it. Now I see […]
  13. Andrew Forgrave

    Thought Vectors in Concept Space

    Well, I’ll be arriving a bit late to this party, but the summer break brings a bit of extra time to participate in a variety of online learning experiences, and so I’m going to jump into the Thoughtvectors in Concept Space course as an open, online participant. There are a lot of great folks already engaged in […]
  14. Andrew Forgrave

    The DS106 Workplace Office Pen

    Well, a quick check of the Twitter following my last post showed that the conversation regarding a DS106 Workspace pen has continued since Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway) introduced it last night. Todd has since put forward an official un-organization chart (distinct from a dis-organization chart, I’m sure), identifying the pen recipients (below the red line). While […]
  15. Andrew Forgrave

    The DS106 Workplace

    A new iteration of the DS106 Digital Storytelling course started up this week. Although I’ll have limited time to participate this time, I am intrigued by the backstory that exists whenever the course re-appears. This time, the “context” for the course is the setting of the workplace — motivated in part by the fact that […]
  16. Andrew Forgrave

    … because it’s #4life !!!

    Yesterday, MBS (@mbransons, on Twitter) tagged an earlier post here from a year ago with his post, “Hey, DS106radio, Just because …“, noting that he had re-created Andrew Allingham‘s epic logo design for #ds106radio in Illustrator so that the art could be used for higher resolution projects. Michael encouraged me to revisit the second-year anniversary […]
  17. Andrew Forgrave

    Travel With

    It was too good an opportunity to pass up! Mugs are on sale today (Sunday, January 26th) at 50% off on Zazzle, and it was easy to put the DS106RAD.IO Radical In Radical Out 3rd Anniversary design on a travel mug — heck, it happened via an iOS device before breakfast! The travel mug is […]
  18. Andrew Forgrave

    Celebrating 3 Years of

    As I write this, we are moments away from the 3rd anniversary of our beloved As I have noted before, shortly after Grant Potter introduced the Voice of DS106 Digital Storytelling, the Internet-based ds106radio station, it suddenly seemed that every single tweet coming out of @jimgroom had the #ds106radio tag. It was almost spammish in it’s […]
  19. Andrew Forgrave

    Brother, I Made This For You

    For The Daily Create, January 10th, 2014: tdc733 “Design an album cover using a portrait of brothers @timmmmyboy @jonathan0wens” The font is called LoveNessThree by bythebutterfly, sourced at – free for personal use.  I wish the font didn’t disappear into the stars in the lower half (song titles) due to the thin lines, but I couldn’t find […]
  20. Andrew Forgrave

    Bring IT, Together!

    After many months of planning, preparation, and hard work, the 34th annual conference of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) is underway. Following regular increases in yearly attendance in recent years, the decision was made to move the conference to a larger venue, resulting in our hosting of #ecoo13  in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Arriving […]
  21. Andrew Forgrave

    tdc618 John and Me and Tina

    The Daily Create for September 17th tdc618 prompts us to “create a Face Swap image of yourself swapped with Talky Tina’s face!” Since John Johnston (@johnjohnston, on Twitter) had done such a masterful face swap already with iamTalkyTina (@iamTalkyTina, on Twitter), I decided that I would riff on his image and swap my face with […]
  22. Andrew Forgrave

    EduPunks’ Animated Atlas 3D Animated GIF

    Success! Oh Happy Day!! The flat original animated GIF layers, after being Grouped and Duplicated into the 3D Book template .psd, managed to hold their alignment as a group while the scale, rotate, and skew tranforms were applied. After that, it was necessary to create 42 frames to re-make the animation (copying GIF layers to another […]

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