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  1. Andrew Forgrave

    tdc604 #headless13 #ds106

    tdc604 Headless cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by aforgrave And, for those looking for a little more, here’s a GIF version: The instructions on assignment page for The Daily Create tdc604 provide just enough simple direction to make this a great little task. Here some hints- take your own photo, […]
  2. Andrew Forgrave

    tdc595: Kitchen Monster

    The Daily Create tdc 595 for August 25th asks us to “build a monster out of items in your kitchen and post of photo of it.” I posted a static image of my monster to Flickr, but this Wigglegram version is perhaps a bit more animated. The #headless13 fall session of #ds106 Digital Storytelling course […]
  3. Andrew Forgrave

    Wiggle the PUSH Button

    So I pulled out the 3D Camera app today on the train when I saw some discussion on Twitter about making Wigglegrams using mobile applications in response to the August 2013 Animated GIF Challenge #11. I’ve always enjoyed making wigglegrams using the 3D Camera app, and found a quick subject on the train that I […]
  4. Andrew Forgrave

    Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D Groom

    What a great fortune that I just happened to be watching Jim Groom (@jimgroom) and Paul Bond (pbond ) talking about Mario Bava‘s Kill, Baby, Kill yesterday and had this little moment of Jim fresh in my mind when I read about @iamTalkyTina‘s Animated GIF Assignment: Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D GIF challenge. It’s not […]
  5. Andrew Forgrave

    Creating the Conditions for Potential

    Alan Levine (@cogdog) put out a great post today, “You Don’t Get DS106 In a Box”, and a couple words just jumped right out at me. When you dream of “ds106 in a box”, what you will get is actually just an empty box, a potential. – Alan Levine You really should read Alan’s post […]
  6. Andrew Forgrave

    tdc548: Way Forward Wayback Archive

    The Daily Create for July 9th, tdc548: It is your 100th Birthday. Tell us a story of a crazy thing you did when you turned 90. I accessed the Way Forward Wayback Archive, a little-know alpha project offshoot of the Wayback Machine, to get at this little recollection of future events. Sounds like it was […]
  7. Andrew Forgrave

    GIFestivus 2012: Is the Learning Fun Over?

    Wow! Has GIFestivus2012 been a blast, or what? As I write this (originally dated January 18, 2013, but only published July 8th, 2013), I have something on the order of 14 posts on de•tri•tis that are tagged with GIFestivus2012 and couple of those have several GIFs on them, putting me at about 20 completed and posted GIFS. (As […]
  8. Andrew Forgrave

    Cre8 ds106

    This little experiment didn’t turn out quite as nicely as I would have liked — the curves of the font (Impact) and the selected size doesn’t allow all of the 8s to be either “in or out” of the boundaries of the letters as neatly as I wanted — but perhaps only some 1970′s blocky […]
  9. Andrew Forgrave

    Dynamic Abstract

    The Daily Create for Tuesday, July 2nd <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>tdc541</a> asks us to “Draw something abstract out of straight lines.” This started as a single straight line in search of inspiration within Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. But it had some kind of symmetry/mirror setting somehow activated that gave me two lines for the one […]
  10. Andrew Forgrave

    The ds106zone T-shirt

    You’ve Been Here. You’ve almost done it. Have you got the shirt? HEY!! Just in case you want to convince someone (or perhaps yourself) that you were actually there, in #ds106zone, during the summer of 2013 with @jimgroom, @scottlo,  @iamTalkyTina and all those other characters, you can get a shirt! Designed to look great on […]
  11. Andrew Forgrave

    Sum Pauper Ego

    “I am a poor man, I have nothing, I want for nothing.” I first encountered this wonderful round during my B.Ed. year at Queens University, Kingston. As part of the Outdoor and Experiential Education course taught by James Raffan, we met once a week for a five hour experience — rock climbing, historical walk, a ...
  12. Andrew Forgrave

    DS106Zone Trading Card Gum

    Although recent reappearance in The DS106Zone Trading Cards has generated some interest in the community, it wasn’t until yesterday that someone (Jim Groom) asked about the gum that accompanies the cards. Gum from both the original card series release and the re-issue is still in circulation (we’re talking about mint-condition (not mint-flavoured), unchewed sticks here ...
  13. Andrew Forgrave

    Red Alert, on Maple Street

    “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, and explosions, and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy. And a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all its ...
  14. Andrew Forgrave

    It’s A Good Life: Trading Cards

    Brian Bennett (@bennettscience) beat me to the punch this evening by posting a ds106zone The Twilight Zone trading card of Mr. Hollis from The Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life.”  While I had started working on GIFs from the episode a couple weeks back (originally thinking of doing a multi-panel GIF, either synchronized or ...
  15. Andrew Forgrave

    I Can Read Series: Time Enough at Last

    The Inspiration @cogdog (Alan Levine) inspired me this morning with his I Can Read Series: Eye of the Beholder children’s book cover, and upon quick reflection, it seemed to be a just perfect assignment to do for poor Henry Bemis in Time Enough at Last. The labelling of this book as a shared reading book ...
  16. Andrew Forgrave

    10 Animated Candles for WordPress

    Today is the day that WordPress is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. In honour of this occasion, I have prepared a celebratory birthday card. The 10th Anniversary banner was found on the Manchester WordPress Users Group site, one of over six hundred organizations celebrating today with for-real, face-to-face, with-cake get-togethers. The cake icon was animated from pieces ...
  17. Andrew Forgrave

    Animated GIF Movie Trading Cards: To Serve Man

    From Movie Trading Cards, to Animated Movie Trading Cards Last night I worked on the Movie Trading Card assignment, creating a Trading Card aesthetic and then placing the Intruder and the Alien Woman within the template I had created. This was part of my attempt to work on some non-GIF assignments and get my 10 ...
  18. Andrew Forgrave

    ds106zone Trading Cards: The Invaders

    I am pleased that dear @JimGroom created the arbitrary constraint of doing 10 stars worth of work from within the context of the season 2 episode, “The Invaders.”  Having to scour the Assignment Bank (scour is too rough a word) for assignments that lend themselves to the episode just puts a nice focus what is ...
  19. Andrew Forgrave

    Minimalist Book Cover for “The Invaders”

    I’m doing a little experiment this evening — pushing myself to see if I can reach 10 stars worth of assignments before midnight for this week’s feature The Twilight Zone episode, The Invaders,  – making an attempt to maintain a decent level of quality and also peruse the Assignment Bank for interesting challenges that will fit ...
  20. Andrew Forgrave

    A Katamit’s Private Thoughts

    With all that capacity up there in the braincase, the Katamit is able to both communicate telepathically with the earthlings, but also reserve some bandwidth for his own secure and private thoughts. Would that our intrepid hero Cryptographer Michael Chambers had spent more time trying to decipher the Katamit text before getting on that ship. ...
  21. Andrew Forgrave

    This Week on ds106zone: The Invaders

    So Jim is calling for 10 Stars worth of Visual and Design Assignments for “The Invaders” and a total of 30 stars altogether.  Hmmmm. That’s a lotta stars. This started out as an attempt at a poster for the episode-of-the-week, where I envisioned Agnes Moorehead’s character standing flush against the wall holding her ax as ...
  22. Andrew Forgrave

    How to Rod Serling

    “One day, perhaps on a short stroll during your lunch, you take a side street that you’ve not taken before, and come upon a store. Like a lost memory from your childhood, it’s a bookstore of nostalgia, squeezed between a barber shop and a shoe-repair nook, from a time before the big-boxes and Kindles and e-readers ...
  23. Andrew Forgrave

    ds106zone: Banners and Badges

    The font is called Ringbearer (free on An alternative you might like is called twylite-zone (free on I used a screen capture of the star field from the opening of The Twilight Zone television program as the background, and fiddled with a combination of upper and lower case (you get caps regardless, but ...
  24. Andrew Forgrave

    You Best Clear Offa My Roof!

    Just not in so many words. Some Thoughts: The actress in this role is none other than Agnes Moorehead, whom I remember from Bewitched where she played Endora, Samantha’s overbearing mother. (Poor Darren!) The Rod Serling walk-into-frame opening is classic. Right out of the theatre. Moorehead’s movements are very stage-like, larger than life — and ...
  25. Andrew Forgrave

    Gilliamizing the Bava

    The opening scenes of Mario Bava‘s 1966 film, “Kill, Baby, Kill” feature several cuts of some pallbearers making their way to the cemetery. First, they work their way through the streets …. Then around a building … And from there, out of town, and backlit across the horizon, towards the cemetery. This next is a ...
  26. Andrew Forgrave

    Who’s That Out the Train Window?

    So @cogdog is on a train, and he posts a cinegram movie from out his window. I wonder if he saw everything that was captured on the camera? He didn’t mention Fred. The jump in the cinegram loop, together with the seemingly prehistoric colour palette of the desert came together to remind me of the ...
  27. Andrew Forgrave

    Riff-a-GIF: A Kind of Stopwatch

    So Brian Bennett (@bennettscience) sought out what Star Pulse ranks as the best episode of all The Twilight Zone series, A Kind of Stopwatch and proceeded to select a great moment from the episode to use as the basis for a GIF. And as I looked at it, and studied it, in my mind’s eye ...
  28. Andrew Forgrave

    Dub-Ya on The Tubes

    So @dkernohan has been active chatting it up with @jimgroom about #ds106 on the Internet Tubes this morning, and one of the tweets that caught my eye was this RT from David of a cool tweet by @traceymadden. Text-to-speech voices keep getting better and better, and voices with accents are great fun to play with. ...

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