1. @christinac106

    The Names Juliet


    I’m Juliet Stones. That is Princess Juliet Stones of Cambridge. Yeah I know, how can a Princess double as a secret agent? Well listen up because I’m only going to tell this story once.

    On a chilly new years eve day back in 1995 I, Juliet Stones, entered the world. …

  2. @christinac106

    Need Motivation?


    Music is everywhere. Its in everything. I can’t go a day without listening to music. No matter what I’m doing nine times out of ten I have earbuds in my ears. Music has the power to move us, it makes a feel a certain way. Often or not a song …

  3. @christinac106

    You the Real MVP



    A letter will never do you any justice. I know you’ll appreciate the words I write but until the day I can give you everything you’ve given me this simply just won’t be enough. But… its worth writing right?

    Thank you. Thank you for being the one constant thing …

  4. @christinac106

    That’s Goals


    When we’re little we have BIG imaginations. I believe every child has played pretend at some point or another. Playing pretend includes some kind of fantasy world that can consist of pirates, spaceships, super heroes, princesses, and more. Not that our imaginations evaporate with age, our minds however are introduced …

  5. @christinac106

    Peace Out!


    We’ve all heard the famous saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Within every image we take there is some kind of story or meaning, which makes a picture that much more meaningful.

    For my first EVER assignment from the assignment bank in this class, I decided to choose …

  6. @christinac106

    Secret Agent Week 1


    The first week back is always hectic. In my eye’s it essentially sets up and previews what is to come within the semester. When reading the syllabus and looking at this weeks assignments my immediate reaction was panic. I have taken several online classes before that required the use of …

  7. @christinac106

    Secret Agent 106


    I think of many things when I hear the word secret agent. Yes, James Bond may be the first one. However, I believe there are other things that come to mind. Some of these things include; jetpacks, lasers, suits and ties, the color black, undercover missions, London, confrontation, Adele’s song …

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    DS106 Introductions


    Hi my name’s Christina! Below are my introductions on some of the different platforms we will be using in ds106. I’m really excited to work with and get to know everyone. Likewise I’m intrigued to explore our secret agent theme and learn more about the digital world. Looking forward to …

  9. @christinac106

    Hello Digital Storytelling 106!


    For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Christina Carlston and this is my blog for one of the final courses I have to take as an undergrad student at the University of Mary Washington, digital storytelling. Similarly to my classmates I am on a secret mission to …

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