1. @christinac106

    Progress makes Perfect


    This week marked the start of our radio show projects, whoo-ooh! Throughout the course of this week my group has discussed and made small improvements in getting somewhere with our project. My group being just four girls, have decided to create a radio show called “Girl Power”, where we discuss …

  2. @christinac106

    Incredible Girl Power


    This week while working on our radio shows we had to complete 10 stars in audio assignments. Initially I was nervous because I thought this would get in the way of creating content for my groups project, however after looking at the weekly assignments I was satisfied to find …

  3. @christinac106

    Girls! Girls! Girls!


    Ever wanted to know the ins and outs of the female secret agent life? Well now you have the chance. Coming soon to ds106 radio is “Girl Power”, a radio show dedicated to discussing female agents like Nancy Drew, Mrs. Smith, Elasti Girl, and more! Our main goal is to …

  4. @christinac106

    Mission 6: Complete


    Three cheers for finishing another week in ds106 and even bigger cheers for learning about design!

    This week we tackled the idea of design and how it further shapes or constructs the stories we tell. Since the beginning of the semester I found myself very preoccupied with this class, don’t …

  5. @christinac106

    Let’s Blitz… Again!


    A couple weeks back we had to participate in a photo blitz where we took numerous photos that fit particular categories in a specific amount of time. This week we again were asked to partake in a blitz, however this time a design blitz. While both the photograph and design …

  6. @christinac106

    Join Us!


    We all are familiar with numerous charities around the world. Charities are a great way to raise money and help those who are in need of it. While many participate in helping charities I feel there still isn’t enough of us involved. That being said for my second design assignment

  7. @christinac106

    Mission 5: Complete


    Audio, audio, audio, audio, audio, audio, and more… AUDIO.

    This week if you couldn’t tell was all about audio and the way it tells stories. Often times we combine audio and visual work to create the ultimate story. Having said that we frequently forget that audio and visual work can …

  8. @christinac106

    What are we bumping to?


    Since this week is all about audio storytelling, particularly on the radio, I decided to partake in an activity where I make my own radio bumper! A bumper is 10 to 30 second audio clip that announces the radio show that you are listening to during breaks while on air. …

  9. @christinac106

    Disaster on the Moon


    “Moon Graffiti” immediately grabbed my attention from the first second. Right from the beginning I was pulled in and felt a sense of space. The music and little sounds portrayed this real life visual of actually being on the moon. From the start listeners hear the calm beginning of an …

  10. @christinac106

    Look out it’s a Radio Storm


    Supposedly in a couple weeks in ds106 we will be forming groups to ultimately create a radio show as a project. I think this will be an awesome project to do! I’m an avid sports junkie, which leads me to listening to the radio regarding sports shows/news frequently. Likewise I …

  11. @christinac106

    Excuse Me Mr. President


    For my third audio assignment this week I decided to do another 3 star assignment called speech and audio distortion. This assignment asked that…

    The idea of this assignment is to take a speech, it can be political or not, and distort the audio making the speech giver say horrible, …

  12. @christinac106

    You’re tuning in live…


    Tonight I tuned in live to ds106 radio from 8:15 P.M. to roughly 9:15 P.M. in hopes to learn more about audio storytelling. For about an hour I listened to the drama unfold in a Ian Fleming novel while I tweeted my thoughts and reactions along side my classmates. This …

  13. @christinac106

    And the beat goes


    Audio is a great way to tell a story. Just by hearing a series of sounds it allows the possibility for an individual to draw up an image in their head designed off of what they hear.

    For my first audio assignment of the week I decided to participate in …

  14. @christinac106

    Mission 4: Complete


    At this point I’m going to stop saying this was another busy week in ds106 because lets face it, it’ll always be busy. No complaints however, I like the constant rigor this course demands of me and am excited every week to explore the digital world a bit more. I …

  15. @christinac106

    If Today was your Last Day


    For my final visual assignment this week I finished with a two star assignment called bucket list. This assignment asked…

    So… Everyone should have a bucket list. What’s on yours? For this assignment you should create a collage with AT LEAST four pictures of four different things you have …

  16. @christinac106

    Let’s Blitz Them


    The last task I decided to dive into this week was called a photoblitz. I had never heard of this before nor have I ever participated in one so I was fairly excited about this new opportunity. This activity asked that I complete a set of 7 tasks which …

  17. @christinac106

    The Best Sidekick


    Everyone needs a companion… better yet everyone needs a sidekick. Whether that be a person or animal it’s always good to have someone by your side looking out for your best interest and vice versa.

    That being said this last visual assignment I completed for the week was a 3 …

  18. @christinac106

    I Have Never Met a Sunset I Didn’t Like


    For like the one thousandth time I am going to say it… I love sunsets. I know you all are probably annoyed with how many times I’ve gushed about them but I don’t care get over it. So with that being said it only makes sense that for my next …

  19. @christinac106

    Picture This


    I love pictures, I always have. Whether it is taking them or being in them I believe pictures capture a moment that we will never be able to get back. Furthermore they most certainly tell stories and I’m a sucker for a good story.

    I take photos everyday, most range …

  20. @christinac106

    Mission 3: Complete


    Well, another spy filled week is under my belt and I have to say this was a busy, but fun one for sure. Similar to last week I got to participate in numerous assignments and activities that helped establish who I am as a secret agent even more.

    I decided …

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