1. cifax

    George Bush’s Sardonic Mashup


    For this assignment, I had the task of mashing up something along the lines of a public apology, a commercial, or a pandering political speech with an accompanying tune. I decided to go with a collection of pandering political speeches by good ole George Bush. Politics aside, he had his …

  2. cifax

    Ill-timed Practical Joke


    Carl was in a bit or a rut that day. He had just lost his job as a mechanic and decided to wallow in self-misery with a leisurely stroll in the park. As he contemplated his situation and wondered if things could ever get worse he noticed an unusual orange …

  3. cifax

    My Radio Contribution


    For our group radio project Daniel came up with the great idea of a “Where were you when…” topic for our theme. I thought this was pretty clever and allows for some great personal stories which are normally intriguing. As for our radio logo we came up with different ideas …

  4. cifax

    Super Sunday Listicle


    14 Reasons Why You Should Have Listened To Your Parents

    10 Historical Inaccuracies You Learned In Elementary School

    6 Lasagna Recipes That Won’t Let You Down

    23 Photos That Prove The Ocean Is Just As Scary As You Thought It Was

    8 Things Clowns Do That Regular People Could Never …

  5. cifax

    Week Six Summary


    As the weeks go by, I have found myself enjoying the content on these assignments more and more. This week is no exception. I started off by doing the Visual Assignments first after reading some of the prompts which piqued my interest.

    My first was the Six Word Memoir which …

  6. cifax

    Design Safari


    This was a tough assignment. Although similar to many of the concepts from last week, this felt a bit more abstract. As I was going around looking for interesting content, I had to repeatedly question whether I was on the right track and if my pictures fit the narrative. For …

  7. cifax

    The Ultimate Merger



    For the ultimate merger, I decided to combine two classic soft drink companies. Those two being Coca Cola and Pepsi. This assignment started off very well and then I hit a bit of a nag with sizing but in the end turned out alright.

    I started with the simple …

  8. cifax

    Minimalist Book Covers


    I found this assignment to be the most difficult of the creative designs so far. I figured out pretty quickly that I wanted to do Call of the Wild by Jack London and thought a wolf silhouette would be a great image to start out with. I then did a …

  9. cifax

    One Story Four Icons


    I watch a lot of movies so this assignment was right up my alley. However, I’m not sure how many movie lovers take this class so I chose a movie which is fairly well known but might not have been seen by anyone recently. It can be tricky sometimes to …

  10. cifax

    DS106 Propaganda Poster


    I thought this was a really neat assignment and something that I had never done before. I am quite a novice to digital design and thought this would be far more difficult than it turned out being. After searching though Google images for a bit I settled on a poster …

  11. cifax

    Six Word Memoir


    This assignment took me a little while to figure out. The execution was fairly simple however it was a bit of a challenge to come up with a good concept. The story in question could be very deep depending on the context but personally its a relatively minor tale on …

  12. cifax

    Week 5 Summary


    As a whole, I found Week 5 to be quite enjoyable even more so than Week 4. One of the greatest challenges was getting into a photographer mindset and finding content close by. I have never been much of a photographer other than the cliche tourist photo ops. I only …

  13. cifax



    Apophenia – 3.5 Stars

    I found this assignment to be far more difficult than I had anticipated. At its core it seems relatively simple, just find an object in your room and make something out of it. However, that was far from the truth. I sat for quite some time …

  14. cifax

    Where Did The Soda Go?


    Where Did The Soda Go? – 2 Stars

    After making a gif in an earlier assignment I realized how easy they were so I decided to try my luck again. There is a popular sub on Reddit called “Where Did the Soda Go?” which parody the ridiculous nature of infomercials. …

  15. cifax

    Journey to Somewhere


    Journey to Somewhere – 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment, I decided to journey to Berlin, Germany. I did a study abroad session there for two weeks during my sophomore year. It’s an amazing place, if you ever get the chance to visit, you should.

    To complete the assignment, I rummaged …

  16. cifax

    How to Be a Better Photographer


    When I started my photoblitz I tried to some of the tips suggested by David duChemin. Although I didn’t choose a single tip and formulate a photo around it, I did my best to keep them in mind while coming up with photos for the blitz. A few that …

  17. cifax

    Best of Set



    In the best of photo set, I decided to compile my favorite pictures which I took this week and a few which I took a while ago. The ones which I included from this week were an example of lighting and shadowing and one of color contrast. I thought …

  18. cifax



    I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about this assignment until I started to get into it. I’m not much of a photographer so configuring my phone and trying to find good content was a challenge. Secondly, the 20 minute time limit somewhat confined me to a specific …

  19. cifax



    <div style=”width:500px;height:500px;text-align:center;margin:auto;” ><object width=”500″ height=”500″ classid=”clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000″ codebase=”http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,40,0″> <param name=”flashvars” value=”offsite=true&amp;lang=en-us&amp;page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2F12577001%40N08%2Fsets%2F72157647726662079%2Fshow&amp;page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos%2F12577001%40N08%2Fsets%2F72157647726662079%2F&amp;set_id=72157647726662079&amp;tags=ds106photoblitz” /> <param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true” /> <param name=”src” value=”https://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ /> <embed width=”500″ height=”500″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”https://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ flashvars=”offsite=true&amp;lang=en-us&amp;page_show_url=%2Fphotos%2F12577001%40N08%2Fsets%2F72157647726662079%2Fshow&amp;page_show_back_url=%2Fphotos%2F12577001%40N08%2Fsets%2F72157647726662079%2F&amp;set_id=72157647726662079&amp;tags=ds106photoblitz” allowFullScreen=”true” /> </object><br /><small>Created with <a href=”http://www.flickrslideshow.com”>flickr slideshow</a>.</small></div>


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