1. Patrick Connelly

    Go big or Go Home – 23 May 2011


    Decided my route plans for this week weren’t aggressive enough.  Maybe they were after all, but I ran further today anyway.  My initial plan was to work my up to a 13.5 mi. run by the end of the week.  Instead, I completed a 14.1 mi. run today.  We’ll see …

  2. Patrick Connelly

    JFK 50 Miler



    My Army Reserve commander challenged me to run with him this fall on Nov 19 in the 49th Annual JFK 50 mile run. I feel totally under prepared, but that I have time. I’m not sure of what my goal pace/time should be, other than to …

  3. Patrick Connelly

    May 11 2011


    Same route as May 9, just running the outside of all curves instead of the inside (adding about .1 mi).
    Total Distance – 7.8 mi
    Total Time – 53:43
    Avg Pace/mi – 6:53.2 min

    Before the run today I did…
    4×30 push-ups
    4×30 sit-ups
    4×5 pull-ups
    4x8x25 lbs bicep curls.…

  4. Patrick Connelly

    May 9 2011


    Starting to make run routes around town using Google Maps. I’m trying to get back into better running shape, training up for half marathons and the Army 10 Miler this fall. Today’s run: 7.7 miles. Total time: 51:18. Avg Pace: approx 6:40. Not bad for my first day back.

    The …

  5. Patrick Connelly



    Ok everyone, I heard horror stories of how long it took to complete the assignment for video voice over.

    I hope this software will save you some time on mash-ups:
    Check out VideoSpin

    You can bring in all types of codecs into the studio, and it breaks the movie into …

  6. Patrick Connelly

    Sample Problems


    1) Lazy Sequencing problem:
    Write a function in Clojure that outputs a list of numbers 1 through 10. Hint: there is an iterate function, and a take function in Clojure. This demonstrates lazy sequencing in Clojure as the iterate function is an infinite sequence but it uses a small, finite …

  7. Patrick Connelly

    The Traveling Salesman


    The following code snippets provide a means of solving the traveling salesman problem in the clojure programming language.

    Don’t know what it is? Look here: traveling salesman

    The code (currently heavily lacks comments, will do some in time):

    ; we use permute to find the x-th permutation of a list, …

  8. Patrick Connelly

    Large Hadron Collider is the new Flux Capacitor


    …It’s what makes time travel possible!

    If you don’t know anything about the theory of the Higgs Boson – look it up on wikipedia.

    After you’ve done so, have a look and laugh at these xkcd comics

    Then read in shock and amazement the following articles about the large hadron …

  9. Patrick Connelly

    GREAT SCOTT! – Covert Operations


    Went on an adventure the other night. Had some friends tag along.
    Made a plan and went with it. Results – Hilarious
    All video I must accredit to Sarah K.

    The briefing (in 3 parts):

    In the car just prior:


    The final result:

  10. Patrick Connelly

    Revisiting Macros – the -> Operator


    So I’m currently in the process of trying to get a better grasp of macros, got a link from my classmate Erin that helped explain them pretty well.  I decided I would try to redefine a macro already pre-defined by the language, the -> operator.  I mentioned it in a …

  11. Patrick Connelly

    Daniel on Lazy Sequences

    Looking into Lazy Sequencing and following the link that Patrick found. I discovered that there is very much pattern matching going on with Clojure. Check this (it’s also a polymorphic function as it can appear differently depending on how its called).
    (defn argcount
    ;;zero arguments
    ([] 0)

    ;; 1 argument…

  12. Patrick Connelly

    Day 3: I was right


    After reading through Day 3 of this text, I know that Clojure means serious business.  I knew from the 2nd day that it was powerful, and if you built up some knowledge and studied hard into the language, you could do some very complicated work with some simple and elegant …

  13. Patrick Connelly

    Dare to Compare


    So I decided to take a look at some of the old homework problems and see how they would size up in clojure vs. ML in simplicity and usability, all the while considering things such as typing, polymorphism, etc.

    Ex 1:  Ch 9 – square sum problem.  Take a list, …

  14. Patrick Connelly

    Day 2: Yoda and the Force



    Not only that, but it’s like…easier to design loops it seems.  It does automatic iteration through a given list.  With multiple lists, it does action on every possible combination.

    For instance, if we have two lists, list1 and list2, we can print off …

  15. Patrick Connelly

    From Daniel – Day 3

    Daniel Bowen Clojure Journal Entry – Day 3

    Looks like we are going into the Software Transactional memory (stm). hmm it seems we are getting into Threading here. Making sure data is locked down by restricting what can access it. Apparently this is done through these things in Clojure called …

  16. Patrick Connelly

    Final Project Idea


    I’m a self-taught breakdancer.  I don’t know a lot, and I’ve been out of practice for a little while.  So, for my final project, I think I want to pick up some of my old talent, and add a bit to it, and share a bit of it with you …

  17. Patrick Connelly

    Tell me a Story


    So I met this girl a few weeks ago, things took off in a flash, and we’re off to a great start.  Now we’re dating, and I’m really happy about it.  We met in a class we have together, and met up one day and started talking/getting to know each …

  18. Patrick Connelly

    30 Second Sound Story


    By Aaron Clemmer, Lex, and Conor

    Credit for sounds:

    people running http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=51163 – up stairs

    glass breaking
    http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=59263 – glass
    http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=66520 – bottle
    slamming doors


    need to get the references from the rest of my team, but we’ll get it taken care of.

    here it is:  class assignment

  19. Patrick Connelly

    Extreme Change of Emotion


    I love internet memes. So, for the 2 panel extreme change of emotion assignment, I took the sad/happy keanu reeves memes and slapped them onto new backgrounds, side by side. I looked up a tutorial on how to do a green-screen so that you can change the background in ms …

  20. Patrick Connelly

    From Daniel – Day 2 of Clojure


    Day 2:
    As I read the beginning portion about recursion I was reminded of the painful use of functional languages. There are not for or while loops in SML and it looks like Clojure is modeled the same way. I have to force myself to sit through and learn the …

  21. Patrick Connelly

    From Daniel – Day 1 on Clojure


    So I started reading Clojure in the seven languages in seven weeks book. Right off the bat, I feel a little discouraged already since Tate compares Clojure to Lisp, and I know nothing about Lisp. I love the star wars reference in the book. Clojure is like Yoda .

    I …

  22. Patrick Connelly

    Playing with Audio


    So last fall, the ROTC guys and I participated in the UMW Lip Sync contest, and took 2nd place.

    Action shot (I’m the guy in the middle, and yes, I breakdance):

    We came up with a track back then and it went really well.  We used Audacity to get it …

  23. Patrick Connelly

    Email Notifications for Flickr


    Go to your homepage, and click the “You” dropdown menu at the top of the screen.  Select “Your Account”.  Click “E-mails and Notifications” tab for Flickr.  You can edit notifications here.

  24. Patrick Connelly

    Be a Hero


    Where does the “hero” portion of my handle come from?  Simply put, I’m in the Army, and one day hope to be a hero to someone.  I believe the best route to doing so is to serve in some sort of combat-arms job during my first three years of active …

  25. Patrick Connelly

    Day 1: Training Luke


    I’ve been working my way through the Clojure section for “Seven Languages in Seven Weeks” by Bruce Tate.  This book, so far, has been awesome.  Read the first section under Clojure, and it’s been an easy read.  I love all the Star Wars references that he makes throughout the section, …

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