1. devangel426

    My Daily Creates!


    Interactive Shower

    I did this daily create over fall break and I had more options at my disposal around my home than in my dorm. I basically came up with this while I was brushing my teeth and I saw the shower in a perfect position to create a drawing …

  2. devangel426

    Charlie Chaplin Foley Sounds


    Since I was born in the month of February, I had the task of doing sound effects from 31 seconds into the video to the one minute mark. There wasn’t really much happening in this segment, but I tried my best to create the sounds from what I saw in …

  3. devangel426

    Picante Radio Commercial!


    Here is my commercial for my groups radio, Picante Radio. Since our format is broad for a wide open discussion, I decided the song that would run in the background will the be Mario Theme Song, and surprisingly, it worked out pretty well with my small spiel. I used …

  4. devangel426

    Window Miniature (Daily Create 10/19)


    For today’s daily create, we had to create a miniature based on what was outside our window. I downloaded an app called “Picsart” on my iPhone and it allowed me to add some cool clip arts on the image I took that was outside my window. I apologize for the …

  5. devangel426

    Picante Radio Bumper


    As part of the assignment, each of us had to create a radio bumper, where a final two will be selected to be used in the radio show. After doing previous assignments using Audacity, the bumper was pretty simple to create in fact. The only tough part was what instrumental …

  6. devangel426

    The Tragedy of Carl


    Let’s just say that things didn’t end very well for Carl. The alpha male tiger, Tuco, had his sets sight on Carl for a very long time. What was Carl’s fate? Read about it here!…

  7. devangel426

    Special Day (Daily Create (10/14)


    (I had meant to post this on the day this was assigned but I forgot, so here it is!)

    This day was very special because simply my parents had bought me Popeyes for me and my roommate while on my way back down to UMW at the conclusion of fall …

  8. devangel426

    My Contribution to Picante Radio!


    We’ve decided as a group that each of us will talk based on the topic of “Where were you when…?” on our radio show. This was Daniel’s idea, and I thought it was a pretty cool idea because of the broadness of the topic, leaving for many possibilities of a …

  9. devangel426

    Interactive Shower (Daily Create 10/11)


    For this daily create, I basically doodled a stick figure taking a shower with the actual water coming out of the showerhead itself from the background (the water is pretty difficult to see, but it’s visible if you look closely).

  10. devangel426

    Design Blitz/Safari!


    This particular assignment had me go out and see what particular kinds of pictures under a certain category I could take while doing my routine things. I was able to use what I learned last week about photography skills and techniques and attempted to implement those while taking the photos …

  11. devangel426

    My feelings for today (Daily Create 10/5)


    After spending most of yesterday at Oktoberfest and other festivities with my friends, I woke up this morning having no motivation to do anything whatsoever, and just wanted to stay in my bed all day and watch some football, and not to mention a mild hangover, which was a nuisance. …

  12. devangel426

    DS106 Propaganda Poster


    Original Assignment (3 Stars)

    This assignment was pretty difficult for me because I am not that all familiar with photo editing software, but this was fun at the same time for me. I simple googled “World War II Propaganda Posters” and I noticed the iconic Uncle Sam poster right away …

  13. devangel426

    One Movie, Four Icons!


    Assignment Link (2.5 Stars)

    Guess the movie based from the four above icons!

    When I saw this assignment, I got really excited to see what movie I could represent through four icons but as soon as I picked the movie I wanted, it was a lot harder than I thought …

  14. devangel426

    My Empathy Map!


    Hey guys! Here is my empathy map about this class along with things going on with during the semester. Hope you guys can relate!

  15. devangel426

    The pirates have landed…. (Daily Create 9/29)

    ....at Office Depot and demanded that the employees hand over every last paperclip they have stocked. Soon after, they created the largest paperclip anchor possible and had some leftover to create some bling for themselves to make them look more intimidating. I meant to post this a few days ago…
  16. devangel426

    Bucket Apophenia! (3 stars ish)


    So while brushing my teeth earlier today, I noticed that there was bucket with a nozzle sticking out of it in our bathroom. I proceeded to take a picture of it because I thought of some clever and funny ways to interpret the bucket based on our assignment, Aphenia.…

  17. devangel426

    Stop Sign Color Splash


    This assignment was pretty simple, other than the minor difficulty of finding a proper application to use for this color splash. I ended up finding an app on my iPhone with a similar name, but it was called Color Effects. I chose to use a Stop Sign as my …

  18. devangel426

    Godzillaaa! (Daily Create 9/28)


    Hey guys! For today’s daily create, I basically had to create something using some string. This is what I created, a not so perfect replica of Godzilla, the king of monsters. Hope you guys like it!

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