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  1. Downes

    Ceiling Fan

    February 25, 2023. We have auir conditioning, so this huge gaudy ceiling fan in the bedroom serves no real purpose but decoration. Still, there's no reason to remove it. Another day struggling with itch and fatigue, during which I did nothing useful, b...
  2. Downes


    February 24, 2023. A grey day. Totally unproductive. I was up early again, back to bed for a while, felt like maybe I reached a turning point in my itching, hadn't really, tried to focus on work, mostly failed, and finished my No Man's Sky expedition. ...
  3. Downes

    Hospital Art

    February 23, 2023. This is wall art at the Riverside hospital. I started this morning with a 3.5 hour meeting, then got in the car and drove Andrea to the hospital where she underwent some tests. No news yet, but it's concerning. We went to the Costco ...
  4. Downes


    February 22, 2023. Another early morning. I've been having trouble adapting to my new medication, with the main issue being that I itch all over. I can sort of manage it, but it wakes me up in the morning. Working on the exercise bike helps. Today feat...
  5. Downes


      February 21, 2023. This is a building under construction behind some trees on Cyrville Road during a snowstorm this afternoon. I saw this scene as I was pulling out from the Honda dealership, a visit made necessary by a vehicle recall to update ...
  6. Downes


    February 20, 2023. This is an especially picturesque birch three blocks from our house. It was a nice sunny day, not too cold, nice for a quick 3 km walk around the neighbourhood. The rest of the day was spent heads down working on my study of technolo...
  7. Downes

    Larose Forest East

    February 19, 2023. This is a scene from the snowshoeing trail in Larose Forest today. We went to the east side, near Limoges, where there was a fatbike event in progress, and also sled dogs (though we didn't see any). Nice warm day, and the trail was i...
  8. Downes


    February 18, 2023. This bear was carved during Winterlude, in Ottawa. We went in this afternoon to walk around the market for a bit and catch what we could of the festival. This morning I spent a few hours working again on the technology adoption proje...
  9. Downes

    Mr. Shawarma

    February 16, 2023. While getting groceries today I stopped in for lunch here. During the noonhour it's always pretty busy, and you can get a lot of food for not too much money. No meetings today, but time spent on some paperwork to prepare for an upcom...
  10. Downes

    The Marketplace

    February 15, 2023. The birds were lined up cheek to jowl at the bird feeder, with other flying around jockeying for position. Another nice warm day today, but I couldn't get out because of, once again, meetings, including a rare get-together of the res...
  11. Downes


    February 14, 2023. Happy Valentine, says this squirrel in the back yard. It was nice today; I actually got to try out the new bicycle for a short 3 km ride. Nice. It was also a day of meetings, including one I though would be short that stretched into ...
  12. Downes

    Rivreside Hospital

    February 13, 2023. This is where we go to see the doctor, the family health clinic at Riverside Campus of the Ottawa Hospital (formerly Riverside Hospital). We've been doing our visits virtually for the last three years but today this visit was in pers...
  13. Downes

    Cardinal at the Feeder

    February 11, 2023. This is a cardinal enjoying some feeder food in late afternoon. The last few weeks have been hard on the birds and I'm making sure there's food for them. Aside from a 3km or so walk around the neighbourhood today was mostly an indoor...
  14. Downes


    February 10, 2023. The insurance cheque for Andrea's dental work came in so we took a trip to the Caisse to deposit it and buy some milk. My full day today was spent preparing and then delivering a talk on nativating the future of AI for colleges. I wa...
  15. Downes

    Ice Fog

    February 9, 2023. Canada has no end of ways to torment us during winter. This is the result of ice fog - it's part fog, part ice, and it clings to everything. This shot was taken quite early so we could get to the store and back before the working day ...
  16. Downes


    February 8, 2023. My alarm clock on a small stand across the room (because I cannot be trusted to have it beside the bed). Another busy day - not as bad as the previous day, where I thought I was multitasking all day, but still hectic. It involved revi...
  17. Downes

    Back at the Dentist

    February 7, 2023. Spent a fair amount of time and a lot of money in the dentist's chair today. I've noticed over the years that my front teeth are wearing out with age, and so has my dentist, so we redid the sharp edges of all of them at once. It chang...
  18. Downes

    Snowshoeing in Larose Forest

    February 5, 2023. We were back in Larose Forest today on the snowshoes. The high was supposed to be 1 degree (celsius) but the morning started out at -10 and it was still only -6 while we were out, so it was a bit chilly, but not too bad. https://flic....
  19. Downes

    The New Bike

    February 4, 2023. So here's the new bicycle, in my basement. It's right in front of my trainer, which I've been riding every weekday morning for a month (except yesterday, dentist day). The bicycle rides a bit smaller than I was expecting, and we spent...
  20. Downes


    February 3, 2023. This is the waiting room at the dentist, where I spent a little time before my regular cleaning and checkup. No cavities, happily, but I have to make a return visit to have the chewing edge of my incisors restored - a lifetime of eati...
  21. Downes


    February 1, 2023. Playing with Charlemagne on the stairs; you can see the walls and ceiling of the house quite clearly. Unfortunately, Char is our of focus. I don't know why my phone does that.
  22. Downes

    Approaching the Planet

    January 31, 2023. This is a screen shot from No Man's Sky, my video game of choice. Recently, I have achieved the feat of acquiring an S (for Supreme) class starship, freighter and multitool. Now I've embarked on a tour of multiple galaxies. Beyond tha...
  23. Downes


    January 30, 2023. I stuck my phone out the window and photographed this snowbank at the Metro. It's probably the least effort I've ever taken for a daily photo. But it was just that kind of day - a workday, working on ontologies and such, with the weat...
  24. Downes

    Watching Dragon

    January 28, 2023. This dragon watches over our kitchen and dining area from atop the cupboards. I bought it at the Forbidden City in Beijing (still one of my most memorable trips). Today was a stay-at-home Saturday, which I spent mostly playing No Man'...
  25. Downes


    January 27, 2023. It was time for my check-up. I'm pleased to report that my heart is fully functional and I don't have any bad signs in my blood test, except for my kidney, which we see in slightly elevated serum creatinine levels (from 90 to 115 over...

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