1. Sandy Brown Jensen

    2 Men & a Dog


    Last year, Peter and I visited Newberry Volcanic National Monument twice–once with Charlie Johnston and Elaine Rhode, then later in early November when the fall color was INSANE.  This is the U. S. National Park Service Centennial, so I made this video showcasing the glories of Newberry through the eyes …

  2. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Cardboard Caravan


    I was at Eugene, OR’s Holiday Market and videoed these talented young musicians tucked away in the vegetable section of the Farmer’s Market. I loved their intensity, their country funk sound with the eerie sound of the saw violin soaring over all.

    I posted a clip on Facebook, which they …

  3. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Right Now in the West


    Once Upon a Right Now in the West

    The photo above is from the movie “Once Upon a Time in the West” by Sergio Leone. Considered by many to be his opus magnus, in it, the railroad and increasing modernization, i.e. Change with a capital “C” sweep away all vestiges …

  4. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Corrido de Joaquin Murrieta


    Some orienting notes: Today’s Daily Create presented an interestingly distorted map of the Oregon Territory circa 1841, just at the beginning of the wagon train migration. We were asked to write the beginning of a story that could have happened at one of the place names. My entire life and …

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    Revenge Fantasy


    via GIPHY

    Male Revenge Fantasy Writ Large

    The Daily Create was to make a gif from a “classic” section of a classic spaghetti western. The section was Clint Eastwood riding into town on a mule. Three racially stereotyped Mexican men, members of a local street gang, try to bully him …

  6. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Snowshoe Christmas

    By Sandy Brown Jensen

    Published Dec. 16, 2015 Setting Forth 
    I tried stepping on both snowshoes at once

    and buckling the elk leather straps with my liner gloves on, but after fumbling with the elk-hide straps, I finally pulled the gloves off with my teeth. The leather …

  7. Sandy Brown Jensen

    The Red Horse



    “Kiger Mustangs” Watercolor by Cheryl Renee Long


    Under the Sign of the Red Horse By Sandy Brown Jensen

    I was brought up under the protection of the Sign of the Red Horse, but this is the Wild West and accidents happen. On my fourth birthday, May 23, 1954, …

  8. Sandy Brown Jensen

    October Friends



    This video is a personal documentary of a weekend spent in Ashland, Oregon, Oct. 2, 3, 2015 with:

    Peter and Sandy Jensen, Eugene, OR, Richard Heinberg and Janet Barocco, Santa Rosa, CA, Michael and Barbara Cecil, Anna Celestino, of Ashland, OR, and Sandra Lindley, Phoenix, OR.

    “Ashoken Farewell” …

  9. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Moving Mickey


    Moving Mickey

    Our 89-year-old Mickey/Mom swore when she moved into this independent living apartment eight years ago that we would only take her out “feet first.” Over the last few years of a hip replacement and then open heart surgery, she felt so terrible that she was sure she …

  10. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Stay Fluid


    National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute at Lane Community College Digital Humanities at the Community College 

    If we talk about literacy, we have to talk about how to enhance our children’s mastery over the tools needed to live intelligent, creative, and involved lives: I know! Let’s start with the …

  11. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Beauty Bells




    Setting Off the Beauty Bells

    This morning, I read a thoughtful essay on beauty in photography. The author, Laura Valenti, made the point, “Beauty is a quality that exists outside of the subject of any photograph.” I also think the passion to create beauty must come first from …

  12. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Rock, Water, Fire


    This is a digital story I made for a video competition in praise of Newberry NVM.

    Below is a photo essay about a recent trip to Newberry.

    What Has George Bush the Elder Done For Us Lately?

    In November 1990, Newberry National Volcanic Monument was signed into law by President …

  13. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Delta Daze


    “There comes a moment in every life when the Universe presents you with an opportunity to rise to your potential. An open door that only requires the heart to walk through, seize it and hang on.

    The choice is never simple. It’s never easy. It’s not supposed to be. But …

  14. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Medicine Bundles


    Medicine Bundles

    The Daily Create is about “what’s in your pockets?” I like the symbolic image of the bolsa, the pouch as a seed place–testicles or womb– where hidden things whisper to life in the dark…

    In my part of the world, many people both male and female wear medicine …

  15. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Color Me Rad


    My Rainbow City

    April 11, 2015

    I was all excited to get up yesterday to do the Color Me Rad 5K Run, but it rained early, and it was 9:30 am before I struggled outside–just as the first group of runners came by our end of the park.

    I saw …

  16. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Dream a World


    The Daily Create for today was: personalizing feelings.

    “Turn a feeling into a character for a movie trailer.

    What does Love look like? Envy? Who is Elation?”

    This video softly cuts two ways in my mind. On the one hand, the theme and title are “I Dream a World.”

    My …

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    “Enchantment: Remembering Back into Maxfield Parrish”

    On a rainy January afternoon, I had nothing but a mind-numbing vista of meetings spread out over my afternoon. The day was gray; I was blue. I decided that in the hour I had available that I would drive up to Skinner’s Butte, one …

  18. Sandy Brown Jensen



    I think it is so important to be in love with place where you live, both home and environs.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I am home sick, but as I grade online, the work doesn’t stop. In the late afternoon, I just had to get out, so I grabbed the …

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    Describe Something You Love The Daily Create for today, January 11, 2015, is: “Write a blurb about something you love but don’t say what it is until the end. Keep your audience guessing until you finally reveal what it was that you were talking about.” I don’t actually know what…
  20. Sandy Brown Jensen

    Inanimate World


    In this Daily Create, we were challenged to make a video about the inanimate aspects of the world around us. Mine turned into a somewhat moody or intimate introspective view of my study.

    As always, these little videos are made on the fly; they are really more personal journal entry…
  21. Sandy Brown Jensen

    My Name is Red


    The Daily Create for Saturday, Jan. 3, 2013 was as you see with the additional instructions to write it as a poem. What a great prompt!

    How the Story Goes My name is Red
    for all the usual reasons – the hair,
    the character flaw of anger, a preference
  22. Sandy Brown Jensen

    The Other World


    There’s something about the structured mental work of teaching that allows for a quiet daily river of creativity, but it is only after I’ve been “on vacation” for a couple weeks that I begin to feel

    the wild bird of imagination beginning to flap its wings a little harder, seeking…

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