1. @ken28410163

    Final Project/ Weekly Summary


    I am very excited to let you all see me and Henas’ Final Project. Both me and Hena worked very hard on it and are very pleased with the final result. This week has been very hectic, but i’m glad we completed the Final project for this class. The hardest …

  2. @ken28410163

    Final Project Summary


    This week has been very relaxed. My partner for the final project is Hena Rashid. Our plan for the final project is to design an album cover in the Gimp program and add music in the background with small visual effects that react with the music. Hena will be designing …

  3. @ken28410163

    DS106 Product Review [Remixed]: Fox News


    This Netgear Router is AMAZING! The Setup is very, very easy and fast! The best part about this deal is that you get wifi 6 for less than $100.Since i’ve set it up at my house i’ve had no issues or hick ups and I can say that this has …

  4. @ken28410163

    Your Favorite Teams Mashup


    For my final 4 star mash up assignment I Combined the logos of two of my favorite sports teams. I chose my favorite NBA Basketball Team (LA Lakers) and my favorite Soccer Team over in Europe (Manchester City). Hope you Enjoy!…

  5. @ken28410163

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    For this 4-star mashup assignment, I was tasked with mashing up two different iconic movie scenes. I chose one of the scenes out of my favorite movie, Black Panther! and then I chose spiderman to be the “out of place” character. Hope you all enjoy it!…

  6. @ken28410163

    Activity Time Lapse


    For this 2 star assignment we were tasked to capture ourselves completing an activity using time lapse. I captured myself working on some DS106 assignments.…

  7. @ken28410163

    5 Second Clip


    For this 4 star assignment I had to create a clip that was 5 seconds long! Mine is actually a little longer than 5 but its really funny and its kind of like a meme but made into a video. Hope you all enjoy!…

  8. @ken28410163

    Everyday Modern Marvels


    For this 4 star assignment I had to create a quick video based on the same theme as TV shows such as Modern Marvels or How It’s Made. I chose to film myself going through the process of making tea. Once I recorded the video I was able to organize …

  9. @ken28410163

    Week 10 Summary


    This weeks assignments gave me the ability to step more out of my comfort zones into film and editing. Im glad I had the opportunity to gain experience with these assignments. One cool thing about the video analysis assignment is that im taking a cinema class this semester so that …

  10. @ken28410163

    Video Analysis Scene


    For my video analysis I chose to analyze a scene from the Black Panther. The scene doesn’t match the length of my analysis but you will be able to make sense of everything in the video. I chose the scene where the Black Panther, Okoye, and Shuri where at a …

  11. @ken28410163

    Point of View


    For this 5 star assignment, I had to record a video no longer than 90 seconds from the point of view of my character. I recorded myself walking my friends dog named Luna. She’s still a puppy so she gets distracted very easily as you will see in the video.…

  12. @ken28410163

    Weekly Summer #9


    This week was not bad with CPSC 106. Most of the assignments we completed were going back and revisiting past assignments, and also connecting a theme across 3 of our daily creates. It was a great experience completing unique assignments that we don’t typically work on. It helped me learn …

  13. @ken28410163

    Radio Shows Broadcasting Schedule


    The radio show I listened to was the Un-University Radio Show. I had a great experience listening and it was very interesting. One of the cool things about this radio show is that each of the team members in the podcasts added sound affects about how their life in the …

  14. @ken28410163

    Weekly Summary #8


    This week felt really good in cpsc106. My group and I finished our podcasts( Completed Radio Show) it was a great experience. I learned how to make a podcasts and structure it which was really cool. I also completed two daily creates this week. My favorite one was Your

  15. @ken28410163

    Radio Show Progress


    My group had a very successful week working on our radio show. The only setbacks we faced were being able to have access to the recording studio in the HCC. Each time we tried reserving the room we were unsuccessful. The first time one my group members named Matthew reserved …

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