1. keykay09

    Podcast: Real Talk with Shawn Ep 1 & 2


    For this Assignment I created a podcast in which I interviewed two former York College students, both of whom were CT majors. During these episodes we discussed what it takes to make it, and be successful in the field of Audio/video production. This is Episodes 1 and 2 edited together…

  2. keykay09

    Burning Your Bra With Marissa – Pilot episode


    SO for my final I decided to create a podcast, that I plan to continue after the class is over. For the first episode of BYB W/ Marissa I decided to talk about SEX. Guys talk about sex all the time and they get no judgement, no hate, they’re never …

  3. keykay09

    Hoop Wars Podcast


    This podcast is about the NBA. primarily about the NBA Playoffs and what we think the Knicks should do in free agency and the NBA Draft. I had 30 minutes worth of material, so instead of making 2 separate podcasts, I made one big podcast. Enjoy!

  4. keykay09

    Final Project “Away from home”


    A way from home is a podcast, about people who moved to the United States, expressing the conflicts and struggles they faced when they first came here, how did they adapt to a new culture, and new lifestyle.

    My first episode was with Mr.Abed Elkeshk “The College of Saint Vincent …

  5. keykay09

    Final Project Foster Care podcast


    This is my final project.  For it I chose to do two podcasts on foster care.  In the first one is my story about being in foster care and my foster mother commenting on our foster care experience.  The second one consists of two clips that show some struggles of …

  6. keykay09

    Re-United (final)


    My mom and grandfather tells the story of how the reconnected after 25+ years of not knowing where each other was. This was my second time seeing my grandfather and also my moms second time.…

  7. keykay09

    Horses & Poker Pan tool


    For week 9 we had to use to pan & reverb tools to illustrate a sense of space in audio. For the horse clip we had to make it seem as if the horses were coming from one direction and moving towards the opposite. In the poker audio we had …

  8. keykay09

    In Class Assignment Week 14: Final Project Proposal


    WORTH: 20 points
    DUE: Today, Wed 4/29

    PART I: Come up with at least three ideas for the final project. Write them down. Discuss with classmates. Which of the projects are most doable? Which are most exciting? Which are you most drawn to? Do you have people in mind to …

  9. keykay09

    Bridesmaids Recording


    We used the shotgun microphone and the boom pole to recording these ladies doing a scene from, “Bridesmaids.” I have never seen the movie so it was a little weird to act out for me. So, I was having difficulty having the sound of the video and the audio we …

  10. keykay09

    Week #9 Assignment


    I found that it was very easy to pan and make sound like its moving from left to right. I did not really find anything hard about this assignment. Panning did most of the work for me. I use the reverb to create a sense of space, I feel it …

  11. keykay09

    Don’t tell me about my attitude!


    For this exercise we had to record a scene and sync the audio. We recorded audio separately on a boom mic. I was on the mic, Romario on video, and Sekou and Marissa ran lines. After a couple mishaps in the first recordings….(I forgot to press record and accidentally got …

  12. keykay09

    Week 13 assignment


    Our experience was pretty rocky at 1st becuase the mic was picking up sound very low. Eventually we switched mics and were able to record just fine. The only thing that was challenging about working with a boom mic was keeping the mic out of the shot while video recording. …

  13. keykay09

    week 13



    This is our little scene of pulp fiction.  I enjoyed this project a lot.  I always wanted to work with a shotgun mic and boom pole.  I found it easier then expected.  The toughest pat was having to rotate the pole while each actor spoke. Also putting the audio …

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