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    Singin’ in the Rain


    The movie, “Singin’ in the Rain,” is about the evolution of the film industry. In the beginning, films were in black and white and didn’t have sounds. All you see is the black and white imaging and the words would appear on the screen. It is not like closed captioning, …

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    Interview about Hildegard Westerkamp


    Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer, radio artist and a sound ecologist, who’s respected in the field of soundscape studies and sound ecology, as well as a member of the World Soundscape Project. She does soundscape workshops, and also performs, writes and lectures internationally. She has been apart of the Vancouver …

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    PART II: Come up with your own idea for a podcast


    If I ever had my own show I would call it “Fe elGhorba”, it’s an Arabic word that means Alienation, but the literal translation is not as it sounds, it’s more of a group of people who belong to a certain nation or certain community and they leave their homeland …

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    The 52 Blue Blues


    In December 1992, the naval air station’s hydrophones, previously used during the Cold War to monitor Soviet Subs, picked up an odd sound. The hydrophones turned noises into measurable graphs that came out of a spectrograph machine.

    The reason the sound was considered odd was because one of the technicians …

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    Hildegard Westerkamp


    (10 points)

    Hildegard is a radio artist, composer, and sound ecologist. She performs, has workshops, writes and gives lectures. She considers her work as important and at the same time underrated because not many people understood the purpose of her type of work. She studies sounds and applies it to …

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    Singing in the Rain


    (20 points)

    The movie is about transition in film between silence and sound. In the mists of it all we have a couple, Don and Lina, who are the movie stars and a famous couple. Don is a guy that had a dream and Lina is that woman who only …

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    Lonely Whale


    (10 points)

    For war purposes there were hydrophones placed along the ocean floor which are microphones designed for the water to capture sounds. Initially they were used to capture the sounds of Soviet sub marines used during the war, but with all the wars over they discovered a different sound …

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    This articles talks about the causes and effects of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a medical condition in the brain which causes a permanent effect of ringing to happen in the ears of a person. This is caused by a person listening to very loud music. The loud music causes damage to …

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    Loneliness Whale


    1. World’s Loneliest Whale

    This article was about the legend of the loneliest whale in the world and how the legend came to be. The Navy were boating in the Pacific Ocean when they heard a strange sound. Some thought they knew what it was and then, they realized that …

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    The Worlds Loneliest Whale


    This article is about a whale that was identified by his sounds picked up in 1992 by staff at a naval air station in the pacific. Even after the wars had ended, the naval station remained open and the hydrophones that had been used to track Soviet submarines until the …

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    Turn It Down! Loud Concerts Cause Ear Damage


    This article was about tinnitus, what causes it, what we can do to prevent it, and why we probably won’t. Tinnitus refers to a constant ringing in your ears due to damage by harmful sound waves. Affecting 1 in 5 people, tinnitus can be caused by excessively loud noises like …

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    Music Industry and Hearing loss!


    (10 points)

    The article How Loud Is Too Loud? is based on the negative effects that sound waves has on our ears. There is a limit in which human ears can hear without becoming damaged or causing future hearing loss. However, most often we tremendously exceed that amount and without …

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    singing in the rain


    The movie “Singing in the Rain” is a musical done in the 1950’s. The movie takes place in the 1920’s when there are still only silent movies. The movie involves a duo from silent movies. The couple has made many films together and they have become the most popular movie …

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    museum of the moving image


    The museum of the moving image was an awesome experience. There were tons of cool exhibits to explore.  The sound section was also very interesting.  From this experience I learned sound is very important to movies.  There was a section where they played a scene to you and you had …

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    Week 10 assignments


    Part 1

    A podcast is a form of broadcasting but it is digital audio that is available to the public online. It is downloadable and user friendly for Ipod’s and MP3 players. Podcast are different from regular radio cast because with “radio talk” there aren’t options of what you would …

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    This article is about what loud sounds are capable of to the human body and the importance of proper equipment. The article goes onto to speak on the effect it has on our ears which is something called Tinnitus. Tinnitus causes a permanent uncomfortable ringing sound with or without present …

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    How loud is too loud?


    This article is about what loud sounds from music can do to you and how important earplugs are. It explains the effect it has on our ears which is something called Tinnitus, which causes a permanent uncomfortable ringing sound. This is a result of being at concerts where loud music …

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    The Lion King Revised




    I used a layering of a D-Verb and Pitch. I played around with fine, crossfade, min pitch and accuracy. The hardest thing about this piece was simbas voice.…

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    the worlds lonliest whale assignment


    This article is about a mysterious whale who’s sounds measure up to 52 hertz, which is louder than any other whale. this whale has caught many peoples attention, due to the fact that it has never been found and cannot be heard by any other whale’s but is heard by …

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    pots and panning


    This in-class project, I found to be a lot of fun. I had slight mistakes during the process, especially in the horse project when I realized there was a pause right in the middle of the track, which I did not have the time to fix. In the Poker Game …

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    Assignment week 9, option #1


    For this in class assignment we had to figure out how to make sound seem like its coming from one side of the speakers only, or make it seem as though the audio is moving from one area of a room to another, we had to create a sense of …

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    Week 9 In Class


    In this weeks assignments we had four exercises that we had to create a sense of space form the given audio.  The first audio was horses running, the second was men playing poker, third was footsteps and fourth was the parking lot audio.  The most difficult part of this project …

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    Week 9 Audio Clips


    Right here are the three sound clips that we worked on last week. I Say three because I was never able to edit the last clip with the parking lot using the Audio Suite in ProTools. At first I believed it was because of problems editing tracks formatted in stereo, …

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    Ic Class Assignment Option #1


    For this assignment we were asked to use different editing techniques to make sounds near, far or just from 1 side. I think panning was hard for me because sometimes it is hard to pinpoint where exactly to pan and sometimes overlaps are still needed. I figured out that Equalizer …

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    Week 09 Option #1


    To make them seem as though they are coming from the left, I used Pan and other volume to make it low and then, high as they made their way in front of me. I also used a little Reverb to make a light echo at the end of the …

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    Parking Lot


    I edited the parking lot clip by using Pan to change the direction of the voices and volume to make the Professor’s voice louder and her friend’s voice lower. I also used Reverb to help with making the friend’s voice echo inside the parking lot. I also used the EQ …

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