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    The Quiet American


    For this assignment The Quiet American I listened to three field recording;
    1. Boat Motor (Vietnam)
    2. Protest (USA: San Francisco)
    3. Children Playing with Marbles (Cambodia)

    The first recording was boats motoring down a canal in the Mekong delta. Narrow boats under narrow bridges. This was pretty cool as …

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    school trip


    This was originally a 20 minute recorded trip to school , which I condensed down to 2 minutes I normally stop at the store , and sometime use the ATM machine when I am low on cash, I normally get a Redbull, a pack of cigarettes, and always say “whats …

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    (5) rocked by doubt


    This is about the radiolab piece Lulu Miller, and the Jeff Vainiard story the radio show was about two people, and there life journey. They were two strangers who decided to bike through the desert in Utah, they both had their own individual reasons for taking this trip, but the …

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    This interview is an article from bomb Magazine it was an interview done for Pauline Oliveros she is a teacher, and the creator of a style of teaching she calls deep listening , Deep listening is mainly training a person to listen to to certain sounds, in certain spaces with, …

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    sounds of silence


    This was an article about Jonny Cage’s 4’33” piece, which was a four minute long moment of silence. during hios performance he sat in front of a piano at a benefit concert and sat there for four minutes without playing a single note. The piece got a lot of mixed …

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    Week 6 In Class Assignment: VOX POP


    Due: March 4, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.
    Total possible points: 20

    Working in teams of 2:
    * pick 2 questions you want to ask people
    * walk around school and ask the same questions to 10 people

    Working individually:
    * edit your responses into 1-2 minute VOX POP
    * mix …

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    The Quiet American


    This project was created to display the different sounds the producer experienced, while traveling to various countries around the world. The main goal of this project as stated by the producer is to “… Sketch in sound the experience of being in an unfamiliar place.” While listening to a few …

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    Pauline Oliveros


    The interview with Pauline Oliveros had ME wanting to sign up for her Deep Listening class where she is currently teaching at Rensselaer Polytechnic institute. Pauline is one of the head composers in her field in which she helped shape many of the genres we have today. Her work is …

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    5 minute shower (10 pts)


    This is a 5 min recording of the shower. We could have chosen anything to record so I decided to record something that relaxes me. Sometimes I would turn the shower on and just leave the hot water on to warm the bathroom up on a cold day or when …

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    5:00 Recording


    Inspired by The Quiet American, I decided to record the ambience of my house. I did this mainly because I wondered how it would sound to hear every little detail, some of which I didn’t really notice. The recording process was fairly easy, I set my Microphone in the center …

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    Editing the Human Voice


    In this piece I interviewed my fellow class mate Edd. The questions were mostly about his origins and the transition to life here in New York, at the end he talks about his first time on the subway. There are noticeable cuts in this piece, showing that the editing process …

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    Pauline Oliveros


    Pauline Oliveros is a composer and accordionist and a pioneer in electronic music.  She is a teacher of music and is known for coming up with the term “deep listening”.  According to the interview, she had a very different way of teaching.  Her interviewer, who had been a student of …

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    This piece is about doubt.  Doubting your beliefs, doubting what you know or what you were told.  One participant, Lulu doubted her feelings about rocks.  She had grown up loving rocks.  When in the seventh grade she was in a class when the teacher talked about things that were organic …

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    John Cage


    John Cage was a classical composer.  He was a musician who spent over four years composing a piece of music, 4’33”, which has been his most famous piece.  It was originally performed by pianist, David Tudor, and it consisted of Tudor sitting at the piano for four and a half …

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    Brushing My Teeth inspired by The Quiet American


    I recorded myself brushing my teeth because although I hear this sound everyday I never really paid true attention to it.  I brought my mic and stand into my bathroom along with my laptop and recored myself.  I had to do it twice because the first recording wasn’t loud enough …

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    The Quiet American Response


    The goal of Quiet America is to sketch in sound the experience of being in an unfamiliar place.  I think this is interesting because listeners get to hear things that they don’t usually get to listen to.  Some of the audios might be similar to sounds we hear every day …

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    Sekou Interview


    This is an interview I did with Sekou, I was just trying to get to know his interests and career path. I originally did not know what to ask but after I asked the first question the rest of the questions started to flow. I found the editing part of …

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    Pauline Oliveros Interview


    Pauline Oliveros is an American composer and accordionist. This interview was conducted by Pauline’s former student. They talked about how Pauline used to run his classes, evolution and technology. “Deep Listening is a philosophy of sound awareness that recognizes the difference between involuntary hearing and the process of concentrated selection …

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    John Cage Interview


    John Cage was a 20th century composer. This article is about a piece he composed called 4’33”, and how it was one of his toughest pieces to compose. The piece is 4 and half minutes of pure silence. Most people would watch the composer on stage thinking that he will …

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    The Quiet American


    The producer said the goal of “The Quiet American” was to hear the sounds that the world makes. He also says that the Quiet American is the manipulation of sounds he hears and records. I think that this idea is very interesting because no one really pays attention to the …

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    Hair, Makeup and Nails Interview Week 5 Assignment


    For my class project I interviewed Marisa.  This is an audio piece of her talking about girly things like her hair, makeup and nails.  I chose this content because it seem to be what she can talk about best and she describe this subject very well.  The editing process was …

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    Pauline Oliveros (10 pts)

    summarize/describe the interview.

    The interviewer was Pauline’s old student. So the first noticeable thing, was that there was a form of connection. She was a woman who based her teachings on improvisations. She thought that things shouldn’t just be taught but the best way to learn was through collaborations and …

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    The Quiet American (10 pts)


    For this assignment I listened to three recordings and basically thought about imagery and whether or not the audio affected me.

    The goal of the first recording, Feb. 11th 2008, was to capture a young child nursing. I thought this was unique because another person would not have thought to …

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    John Cage’s 4’33”


    4’33” is a music piece “written” by composer John Cage. The piece, which is more of a performance art consisted of a pianist walking up to a piano, sitting down in silence, not playing a single key, for four and a half minutes, getting up and leaving the stage. This …

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