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    Storytelling project


    For this project we were asked to record ourselves narrating a section from a story. We were told to add sound effects to help visualize certain aspects of the story. I found that the websites given to us for sound effects were very helpful. I did not run into any …

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    Adding Sound Effects


    In this project I added sound effects to my audio recording of me reading the beginning of 200 days to Deadhores.  I had to record my voice a few times because I kept messing up while reading. While editing I learned to space in between me reading so I can …

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    In class Assignment 7


    For this assignment we were supposed to record ourselves reading a story for 2 minutes. Then load it into Pro Tools and add sound effects to make the story come to life. So I decided to do a basketball story, because it is something that I enjoy.  I can relate …

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    Project 3  

    By Romario & Karina

    We we’re given the task to do an interview of about 10 minutes respectfully for each and then do a mash up of the best pieces for a duration of 1-2mins. it should be  interesting, funny and captivating. I believe I did my best …

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    Project 4 – 4/3/15

    Aim – To complete 50 points of extra assignments

    1A. Write a response on three pieces of recordings from “the quiet american”

    The author states that the main idea of this piece is basically recordings of what they heard and the noises around the tourists of …

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    vox pop


    Walking around york college asking the student population about there pet peeve and relationships

    we got to learn more about what individuals want in a significant other and what annoys them the most. With a hard decision on what music to choose overall this project was the most funnest one …

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    Public radio article


    In this article he is trying to distinguish the difference between the way he speaks on Public radio to the normal voices he hears on public radio. Being that he is an African America who’s voice as been shaped by culture and oratory he feels as if his normal natural …

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    My First VOXPOP


    Johnathan and myself went around asking people how much people at the food here at York, and how did they feel about the prices rising on the food.

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    Vox Pop


    For this VOXPOP we asked multiple people what they look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. The hardest part of doing this was of course  the editing. Editing takes a lot of trial and error and I never truly feel like my projects are done. The one problem I had …

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    Street Sweethearts?


    For our Vox Pop we asked a set of guys and girls question about approaching women on the street.  Here were their reactions. Enjoy!

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    Deep listening blog


    This interview starts off with an old student describing to a professor how much her class was appreciated and what he got out of her class. They Then get into the concept of deep listening and how it can be used an appreciated collectively. The professor also talks about her …

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    John Cage article


    This article was about a musician from the 1950’s, who composed a very controversial ye monumental piece of music. The piece was called “4:33″, and it basically consisted of him sitting at a piano in silence for four and a half minutes, with no attempts to play any music or …

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    I’m a bit unsure of how the postings go on this website but just to be on the safe side i have a link to all my assignments done in CT 244 on one finding.

    Url -> http://sightareallife.com/sightarealife/ct-244-sounds-like-waves/…

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    Food Prices Went Up I York


    I’m Jonathan and I worked with Tyrone on this VOX POP about the food prices going up in York.  The first question we asked students was, “How often do you eat at York?” and the second questions we asked was, “How do you feel about the food prices rising?”.  The …

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    Vox Pop


    We interviewed a a few people on questions that were political, but false. We asked them the questions to see their reactions. We asked them about how they felt about the George Washington bridge being moved to another state. Also, we asked them about their thoughts if they legalized torture …

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    Vox pop


    In this project we were asked to create a voxpop using 2 or more questions. We learned that a voxpop is a series of responses to particular questions, editing and put together in 1 clip. Me and a partner went around campus asking various people 2 questions about the winter. …

  17. keykay09

    Vox POP


    Janai Senior.

    For this piece we had to ask 6 people two questions: What are their thoughts on the recent weather conditions in New York and what was their worst experience involving these conditions. The song i chose is Dustmotes’ “A Visit”.

  18. keykay09

    Public Radio


    Kumanyika is speaking about the white public radio and how many non white speakers have their normal voice and their white voice. He is asking seeing to find out how can there be a variety of representations of voices in public radio. Yes people speak a certain way on the …

  19. keykay09

    Pauline Oliveros


    This interview is between Professor Pauline Oliveros which area of teaching is listening skills. Her teaching skills are not what we are used to. A past student is interviewing her and relates how it changed him after her new methods of teaching helped in greatly. Pauline is a American composer …

  20. keykay09

    Public radio

    Chenjerai Kumanyika is speaking about the whiteness of public radio and how many non white speakers have their normal voice and their ‘white voice’. He is asking how their can be a variety of representations of voices in public radio.

    I personally love national public radio. Sarag Koenig’s voice in …

  21. keykay09

    JOHN CAGE’S 4’33”


    This article is about a four minute and 33 seconds long of silence. They way it played out is that one would sit at a piano for for 4mins 33secs without playing. Many people didn’t see why that was necessary which I concur. By him doing so it sparked a …

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    The article From no such thing as silence is about the American composer John Cage and his most famous composition 4’33. The piece was entirely silent which caused a lot of reaction leading to people thinking it was a hoax or joke.

    John Cage believed that 4’33 the piece he …

  23. keykay09

    Radio Lab



    The producer caught all of the right moments to make this piece really touch some individuals. This piece was all about this man trying to believe in god again after he discovered he no longer believed there was a god. It was so important to him because his fiancée …

  24. keykay09

    Washing Machine : Inspired by The Quiet American


    I chose record a washing machine. I chose this because I was inspired by the motor boat recording in Vietnam. I chose this in order to pay more attention to the sound the machine makes because sometimes we don’t always hear the the softer sounds.

    This recording went pretty easy. …

  25. keykay09

    Deep Listening


    The interview is between Pauline Oliveros a professor who teaches listening skills in an unconventional way. Her teaching skills are largely based in the idea of improvising as opposed to the traditional format and structure of classrooms. The interviewer is a former student of Oliveros’ who was in many ways …

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