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    Imani’s Boyfriend


    For this in class project we had to interview a classmate and get enough audio to put together a good story. My partner and I got so engaged in her story we ended up speaking for about a half hour. With so much to her story it took a lot …

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    Public Radio & Lost Voices


    In this article Chenjerai Kumanyika speaks on the current voice of public radio, the white “warm coffee voice”, as he calls it, and his issues with it. As a black man with a “non-traditional” public radio vernacular he discusses his tendency to feel the need to switch his natural voice …

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    Additional Assignments


    Interview with Pauline Oliveros

    In this interview, Pauline Oliveros talks about his life and experiences as he continues with his work. How he started a band and how “Deep Listening” became popular through out the years.

    Pauline Oliveros is an American composer who has great amount of experience with education, …

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    Radiolab: Rocked By Doubt


    As an avid listener of This American Life, I love the idea of choosing a topic and sharing a story to depict it. This story took on the topic of doubt by following a man with shaken religious faith and his engagement that was shaken due to different fundamental beliefs.…

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    Different Mic’s use



    We were assigned to use 3 different type of Microphones, Shot Gun, Lava Mic, Dynamic,

    So we went on campus trying each and every Mic. Unfortunately a lot of the microphones didn’t work but that’s the Project that I came up with, please check it out and give me …

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    Class mate interview



    I interviewed Whitney, I asked her about her childhood and her parents’s relationship, below was her answer.

    I chose that part of the interview, because parents’s relationship influence their children whether in a good way or in a bad way..

    she basically was explaining how relationship should work and …

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    The quiet american


    The producer says the goal of The Quiet American was to manipulate the sounds he hears and records but “naive ears” rarely listen too. I agree on some degree that many times people tune out many of the noises around them and it kind of becomes a quiet but loud …

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    10 Minute Interview


    This week we had to interview a classmate for ten minutes and use that audio to edit a one to two minute clip telling a story.

    I interviewed Johnathan mostly about women and his experience with an ex girlfriend and well it sounds like hes bruised and jaded. (Sorry J!)…

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    Week 5 Assignment


    Here are the left and right sounds of the interview Romario and I did. For some reason, the sound separated into the 2 sounds. Anyway, we were able to talk and have fun with the questions that were asked and the way the answers came out.

    The content you hear …

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    The Interview


    This interview was going to feature sound clips recorded from the shotgun mic, the lavalier mic, and then dynamic mic. However, due to some extensive technical difficulties we were only able to salvage fragments of our sessions with the dynamic mic. Enjoy!


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    Lavalier Microphone


    Today, we were testing out some new equipment. We tested out the microphones known as the “Dynamic” microphone and the “Lavalier” microphone. We took both microphones and recorded random people around the school. With the Lavalier microphone, we walked around and had Romario greet and and have conversations with the …

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    Recording and Editing


    Today in class I worked with a group of 2 other people on a sound project. We were asked to go around campus with a dynamic microphone and interview people, so we could get a feel for recording and editing. It was a little fustrating because some our audio never …

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    This is Sekou’s second post


    While recording we had no real issues with the dynamic mic after we initially got it to work, the interviews that we used turned out great. We learned that the handling of the equipment was a little tedious, was, there were wires hanging everywhere. At the end I believe everything …

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    Vox Pop Mic Experiment


    For this project we experimented with a dynamic mic creating a quick vox pop with a question of our choosing. We decided to ask people how they felt about Kanye West’s latest rant at the Grammys knowing we’d get a lot of audio to work with. We got a little …

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    Working With Mics


    Project 2



    We were assigned the task of using 3 different types of microphones (Dynamic, Shotgun and Wired) to record snippets of audio and then mix and mash them into a solid 30 second preview. it was very awkward at first to see everyone pass …

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    Working With Microphones


    Janai Senior

    Today we were given a task to record with different types of microphones. For this my group used a dynamic microphone and also a Shotgun microphone. The dynamic microphone was used to record an interview with two York College students. This interview is about the recent incident at …

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    Editing Sound



    This assignment was a bit frustrating for me personally. I had to switch groups due to technical difficulties. However, I learned a whole lot more about sound and using Pro Tools. At first it took me a while to use to pro tools but once I got the hang …

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    Week 3 assignment


    So today Marissa and I used a dynamic microphone and a shot gun microphone.  we basically asked people what their favorite movie was and why? we recorded them using the dynamic microphone which was pretty simplistic.

    we then switched to the shot gun mic and that was able to capture …

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    Mic Challenge


    Okay, so Imani and I worked with the dynamic microphone first. We decided to ask people to tell us about their favorite movies. That was surprisingly a harder question for people then we had anticipated. (Some people said they didn’t have a favorite movie. Who doesn’t have a favorite movie? …

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    Week 3 In Class Assignment: Working with Microphones


    Worth: 20 points
    Due: February 11, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

    Work in groups of 2 or 3 to complete all three of these stations. Then follow the instructions below to post to the class blog.

    Use a dynamic microphone to record a VOX POP. Choose an …

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    Wave Match




    BY –


    Our project was a bit challenging after to be modest, 20+ attempts and troubleshoots with temptations of cutting it up we finally arrived at our final product. We basically did a combination of our own vocals as well as a popular …

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    First Assignment






    Whitney Hutson, Imani Casimir, and Karina Martinez

    We played “Classic” by MKTO and adjusted the volume to create a similar picture by following the times that were shown in the original image. We had difficulty recording while trying to figure out how high to turn the …

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    Visualizing Sound


    Janai Senior, Ra-Shawn Barino

    For this assignment we were given a picture of the waveform of a sound. We were to replicate this waveform by recording our own, while trying to match up the waves as close as possible. We approached it by recording a song by JCole. It was …

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    Week 2: Visualizing Sound


    Tyrone Gayle and Edd Paul.

    We did this assignment about 2 times, the first time we did it the sound was too distorted because we did not adjust the dial on the recorder. The second time we adjusted both the volume of the music playing on the phone and the …

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    Visualizing Sound …


    As you all know the picture above is what we had to mimic.  First Marissa and I observed the waves of the audio and the start and stop times of distinct sound wave changes. Then we correlated our audio to try and match the changes in the photo. We both …

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    Week 2 In Class Assignment: VISUALIZING SOUND


    Due: 5:00 p.m., Feb 4
    20 points
    Log in to Sounds Like Waves: http://soundslikewaves.dewlines.org/wp-admin/


    1. Study the image of this recording. Make notes!

    2. In small groups record an audio track that LOOKS just like this one. It must be between 3:00 – 3:20 min.

    3. Import it into …

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    Tropical Tears



    I enjoy tropical rainfall, because it allows a very active and upbeat individual such as myself to feel a moment of inner peace.  This also allows me to meditate. The rainfall gives me a greater appreciation of nature and life in general.…

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