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    Just Like That It Ends :(


    I feel like I completed everything very well. I really enjoyed this week’s assignment for the final. I immediately had a story and went with it. I used many different social media like YouTube, Soundcloud, Tik Tok, and much more.

    What gave me trouble was figuring out what I wanted …

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    Commercial For Barbie!


    Create a Commercial

    5 Stars

    This is My Tutorial For Barbie Commercial !

    I made this to show what barbie is dreaming about and showed a montage of Taylor swift because to me she is a real-life barbie who wants to be known for more than her signing and beautiful …

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    Tell A Story

    Here Is My Tutorial For How I Made My Soundcloud !

    I really enjoyed making this! My idea for why it was Anxiety also frustration. She just wants to be apart of the world of a human and have real-life experiences. She is frustrated because she can’t …

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    Design Tutorials


    Event Poster

    3 Stars

    The story behind the Event Poster is this. Barbie has dreams of her own and wants to be able to sing and maybe pursue that as a career when she becomes apart of the humans world. Although that is something that will never happen she hopes …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    This week I feel like I completed all the requirements of this week’s assignments. I also felt I wasn’t as stressed because I planned everything out for the week a little better. I also finally remembered to do a tutorial on one of my Digital Studies Assignments so my viewers …

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    Born Again.. The HULK

    Analyze the camera work. The first thing I notice is that it is focused mainly on the girl.. you see the male but he is faded so it’s clear you are supposed to be looking at her. Then it changes to the male halfway through but you can’t see the…
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    Reading Movies


    The first thing I will start off by saying is this article is VERY long but has a lot of useful information in it if you take the time to read it.

    I found it very interesting that he says “you don’t need to be an expert, because the audience, …

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    Video Assignment #3


    Original Assignment…2 Stars:

    Favorite Moments in College

    This assignment was to “Create a video using some of your favorite pictures/videos that you have taken while in school this year! Add a wide variety of pictures from throughout the year. Make sure to add some music to the video before you …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    This week I learned how to use Audacity and learned more about Soundcloud. Soundcloud I use a lot to listen to different types of music but Audacity I have never used before so that was a challenge.

    I feel like this week I completed the requirements of the assignments. Something …

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    Seeing Other Websites


    My first comment was on Jackies Website. I went to her Daily Creates Section and I really liked her latest one so I commented and said how much I loved the idea of it. Personally I really liked her her website very much.

    Next I looked at Rachels Website. I …

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    sound effects


    Original Assignment…. 4 stars

    Sound Effects Story

    This assignment was to “Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by …

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    What if?


    This podcast “Moon Graffiti” was based on a real speech Richard Nixon had written for him called ” In Event of Moon Disaster”. This speech was written just in case Buzz and Neil didn’t make it home. Imagine if that really happened? What would space travel look like …

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    Daily Creates


    #tdc3064 #ds106 When I had to a call Vizo and Apple within the same day to fix my tv and the automated voice with Apple kept telling me I was asking about problems with my Airpods when in fact I kept saying tv

    — lindsey hendrickson (@lindshendric) June 4, 2020

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    Layers on Layers


    Ted Radio Hour Audio Demo reminded me a lot of the “Detective Stories”. Just with the amazing use of sound effects. It makes you feel like you are really there experiencing what the girl is talking about.

    There are so many layers on this clip.

    That they are talking about …

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    Learning from Ira Glass.

    Ira Glass

    The first thing I want to start off by saying is Ira Glass’s voice was so soothing and made it very ascetically pleasing to listen to what he had to say.

    The first thing he talked about was how when doing audio storytelling you can’t think of it …

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    Week #2 What A Ride!!


    This week I felt like I completed all of the requirements of the weeks assignments very well!! I really enjoyed making the visual assignments and learning how to make the gifs. This week was very fun because it was a lot of editing which is something I really wanted to …

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