1. @MoB4884

    Summin it up – round 3


    I was excited about this weeks assignments because it required me to interact with friends, talk about my favorite person (my mom), and I got to show off some of my favorite pictures of sunsets. I ended up sending my mom the post I wrote about her and she was …

  2. @MoB4884

    Am I a Storyteller?


    I am not a huge fan of telling people personal details about my life – especially random strangers on the internet (sorry folks), but let me give you a glimpse. When I was watching Kurt Vonnegut talk about the shape of stories, I started wondering how I would draw my …

  3. @MoB4884

    Story Time


    This assignment was something that I actually really enjoyed. I ended up texting two friends to see if one of them was free to help me with this assignment and surprisingly, both of them replied in a timely manner. So instead of just going with one story, I sent the …

  4. @MoB4884

    Dear Mom,


    To the woman who has inspired me the most, encouraged me to be my best self, and has shown me the epitome of strength – thank you. From the best, to the worst times, you have continued to be my best (and lifelong) friend. You often tell me how proud …

  5. @MoB4884

    Canvas of Colors


    For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with sunsets. Each one changes by the minute and either gets more vibrant, or fades away with the day. When I saw the assignment “Another Day” in this weeks assignment bank, I knew it was perfect for me. Sunsets …

  6. @MoB4884

    Summin’ it up 2.0


    When reading the instructions for this week, I was a little overwhelmed about everything there was to do. 3 assignments from the assignment bank, 4 days of posts from the daily create, editing my blog, and commenting on others posts seemed like a lot for one week. I started to …

  7. @MoB4884

    Bee-lieve it or not


    In the Visual Assignments section, I found an assignment to post your favorite photo you’ve taken and tell the story of why you love it. When I took this photo, I was a Longwood University playing softball for the club team at UMW. We had just gotten new balls donated …

  8. @MoB4884

    Spill the Tea


    One of the assignments this week from the Design Assignments was to create a charity ad. One of my all time favorite charities is 4Ocean. The work they do is incredible and so inspiring. In relation to our theme of “What is Our Story”, this charity was what introduced me …

  9. @MoB4884

    Gif or Jif?


    One of the assignments from the section “Animated GIF Assignment” for this week was to create 4-5 gifs (btw, how do you pronounce this?) of your favorite TV show. Of course, I had to choose the most dramatic show on television; The Bachelor! My favorite part of each season is …

  10. @MoB4884

    Daily Dose of Creativity


    I don’t think of myself as a creative person AT ALL. Here’s hoping that these Daily Create posts can help with that!

    Day 1:

    Cool idea! Just added line 31! Can’t wait to see how others build on this!

    — Morgan B (@MoB4884) January 31, 2021

    Day 2:

    Party time! …

  11. @MoB4884

    Week One Summary


    This week was really challenging for me because I am not very tech-savvy. I could not get the website design how I wanted it for the life of me and it was driving me crazy trying to figure out how to work everything on WordPress. I know in hindsight it …

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