1. @dvaldez_95

    Final Project / Weekly Summary


    For my final project I tried to create a story through different forms of media such as audio, video, design and web. It took much more effort than I had originally planned, and in the end I had to make some cuts in order to finish the assignment in time. …

  2. @Kim_Sealock




    By: Kim Sealock


    Ba Beep Ba Beeep.

    An annoying buzz growing louder each minute.

    Sleepy eyes peer into the dark basement room toward the obsessive beeping.

    Barely making out the 7:32 before jutting up.


    Racing around like the Flash, hoping to make good time.

    Pajamas float to …

  3. @_evanmay_

    Advice for Future DS106-ers


    Two major things I want to say about this class:

    You know when you start the class and hear “don’t wait until the end of the week to start on your work or you won’t finish”? Then you think “oh I’ve put stuff off plenty and I’ve been fine”. Don’t…
  4. @_evanmay_

    Final Project


    Okay so, all of this stuff is definitely just a first draft of sorts for a conworld. Like I mentioned in my first progress report, conworlds and conlangs are projects that are created over months or years, not a couple weeks. Still, here’s the media I managed to get:

  5. @Lord_knows5

    “Best of Luck to Future DS106 Newcomers”


    If you are taking Ds106 next semester/year. You have nothing to worry about. It is super fun and beneficial for your computer and logic skills. It guarantees a level of participation to stay actively involved in the Ds106 community and gives you the opportunity to be creative as you want …

  6. @bobby_bobs114

    Advice for Next Year


    My advice for anyone who is thinking about taking this classes is, and i can’t stress this enough, look up the application you will be working with and practice before class starts! You have access to the weekly assignment so look up what you need to use and learn it! …

  7. @bobby_bobs114

    Final Project


    For my final project I decided to one of my favorite band’s album and turn some songs into something new. For the final I took Panic! At the Disco’s new album, Death of a Bachelor. I will go though each the songs that inspired me and go over what …

  8. @bsorense




    Where the story begins, Lincoln, NE.


    Home base since 2002.

    After winning the state title, November 15, 2009

    Region champion 2013.

    NCAA Regionals Fall 2013

    Fun run with friends.


    Well that is a wrap! My project did not turn out exactly how I intended to due to …

  9. @bball151

    DS106 Advice



    Coming into this course it is good to know that every and all of your assignments are due and are posted every Friday by midnight. This doesn’t mean that you should put it off until thursday night or even friday … It means get a little done everyday so …

  10. @bball151

    Final Project


    My College Experience

    Presented Across Four Different Categories Of Media.








    College Experience Poem

     (click on the link above to view)

    Weekly Summary!!!!

    The story I am presenting across four different categories of media, (writing, visual, audio, and video) is the story of my …

  11. @cstaier

    ds106 Final Project!


    The Final Project begins now…

    When beginning this project, I had the thought of crafting a mystery story. I envisioned creating a trail of clues for players to follow, and leading them to a resolution based on their own ability to decipher hidden messages and to connect clues together. Upon …

  12. @kristinoconnn

    Advice for future students


    If I could give one piece of advice for future ds106 students, it would be: don’t be intimidated by technology!

    When I first signed up for this class and read the syllabus, I was so close to dropping the class because I was so afraid I wasn’t good enough at …

  13. @ekatkins19

    Final Project… It is Complete.


    For my final project, I did a video on technology use in college students. More specifically, students uses of laptops and smartphones. Also, the use of social media platforms. To convey this, I used video, audio, photography and design elements to comprise the final product.

    Video:  The video aspect was …

  14. @rinko_anna

    Weekly Summary/Final Project


    This week’s work on the final project included creating two aged images, two pieces of audio service announcements, and one gif, in addition to numerous tweets that help make the overall story more cohesive.  In addition to my work on the final project, I completed my advice post for future …

  15. @abbissss



    to new ds106 students-

    The course in the beginning  is very scary, making your domain was the hardest part of the whole class and it was within the first week.

    After that it is just having fun! I urge shy people such as myself to open and because hey, its …

  16. @emillaaaaaaay

    Full Final Project and Reflection


    I am done!! I can’t believe that this class has come to an end. I had a lot of fun working on this project. Through my four categories, I was able to piece together my college experience through multiple forms of media. I loved going through all of my memories …

  17. @emillaaaaaaay

    Advice to Future DS106er’s


    Hello future students!

    When I signed up for this course and we received this feedback from people who have taken this course in the past, I found their information to be very helpful. I had a pretty light workload this year, so my time with DS106 wasn’t as stressful as …

  18. @amberlynn0810

    Advice.. for the future me.


    Hi future ds106er! First let me start by saying don’t let this class intimidate you. It did for me in the beginning and it turned out to be my favorite class this semester. I actually looked forward to completing my final project! The most important thing to ALWAYS remember in …

  19. @amberlynn0810

    Finally, I get to chase Bigfoot.


    I wanted to make my final project something that I would really enjoy doing because we had to do it over a long span of time. I will also be honest in the fact that I did procrastinate with the final compilation of the whole thing and ran into some …

  20. @emillaaaaaaay



    I ran into some complications for the last portion of this assignment. All of the videos that I have been taking over the past few weeks that illustrate what I do on a typical day here have been accidentally deleted from my phone I’m pretty frustrated because this would’ve been …

  21. @rinko_anna

    DS106 Advice


    This class does require a lot of work and time commitment, but the flexibility afforded by the multitude of assignments means that this course can be fine-tuned to your interests.  As long as you incorporate ideas or characters or shows that you find fun and entertaining, you’ll find the motivation …

  22. @gingerchic21

    ds106 Advice


    For anyone just coming into ds106, you’ve chosen well. This is a fun course, but it is a lot of work. Since it’s online, you’ll have to manage your time wisely and make sure you don’t forget about it just because you don’t have to attend class. Space out all …

  23. @gingerchic21

    And That’s a Wrap


    Wow! It’s been a wide ride, but this is the last assignment for this class! For my final project, I decided to use Twitter, photos, videos, reaction GIFs, and audio to tell the story of a day in the life of my dog, Rixs. I made a Twitter account for …

  24. @_evanmay_

    UN Venus Flag


    I can’t really use this as one of my media components, since the flag already counts as a visual component, but I felt like posting it anyways. I made this here flag of the UN administration for colonising Venus:

    It’s pretty basic, but I like it. It’s based on the …

  25. @_evanmay_

    Giant Map Time


    The first thing I made for my final project was this gigantic Venus map:

    The process for making this was pretty wild. First things first, I found myself a heightmap of Venus:

    I put this into a really neat program called Wilbur, which can be used to edit heightmaps. …