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    Week 6 Reflection


    This week I felt I nailed it. My communication was down a little I still shared on social media and in comments but I felt so on top of the assignments. I finished everything in the beginning of the week (because I was going to travel) but I also made …

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    Reading Response Social Learning


    In this week’s reading Lankshear and Knobel (2011) Ch7: Social Learning, “Push” and “Pull,” and Building Platforms for Collaborative Learning the main theme is social learning.

    First they gave you the background of social learning. A new word for me was ancillary. I read the definition and still was a …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    I completed everything this week. My D.C.’s were awesome!

    The mash up assignment was harder than I thought. I really wanted to try something that mashed up audio and video. I did that with my Beyonce video I edited the audio on that, so I know I can do it …

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    D.C. National F#*k the Patriarchy Day


     For this Daily Create I created a national holiday for my sister. She fights hard for equal rights for all and F#*k the Patriarchy is one of her favorite sayings. I found on Google a blank Rosie the Riveter.  I then opened the image in GIMP and added my own …

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    D.C. Photo Recreation


    For this photo recreation D.C. I first found a photo I could recreate. I narrowed it down to two pictures. The one I used and one of me in a pot. I have a pot that I could kind of fit in but the thought of my feet in something …

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    D.C. Aliens!


    For this D.C. I did not exactly do what was asked of me but I could not resist. I love the Ancient Aliens guy meme. I thought of a few months ago the image above became popular and was all over online. Every time people share something about space I …

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    Week 4 Reflection


    This week I feel a lot better. After my rant last week and watching the screencast, I feel that my rant put me on track. In my rant I said that I felt I was just trying to complete a task and not communicating with my peers, and in the …

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    D.C. Simpsons meet Game of Thones


    For this D.C. I followed the link and add the ‘Print YouTube Video’ to my bookmarks bar. I picked a fun video. I clicked on the the link and it created a new tab with the video broken down into a bunch of screenshots. I hit file print and you …

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    Design A Cat Garden


    For this weeks assignment I chose to do DesignAssignments1836 Recover a Classic. For this assignment you had to take a classic novel and create a new cover. The theme on the page seemed to be to simplify the cover. The Dracula cover is an example from the website. I …

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    Week 3 Reflection/Rant


    I am trying to write this reflection after just watching the season finale of Game of Thrones so just a warning.

    This week was the first week where I felt confident going in. I had already picked my Video Assignment and knew what I wanted to do. I chose to …

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    D.C Attention Harry Potter Fans


    For this Daily Create I copied the picture and pasted it into Word. I then examined the photo and decided it looked like a steam engine. Then I thought who would want a steam engine…Harry Potter fans. I created the caption in Word then took a screenshot of it. The …

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    DIY Blog


    This week’s readings Lankshear and Knobel (2008) Ch1: DIY Media: A Contextual Background and Some Contemporary Themes, once again changed my view. Last week when I heard the word remix I thought of music now I think of so much more. This week before I did the readings I thought …

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    D.C. Paul’s Thoughts


    For this Daily Create I was inspired by Paul McCartney. I tried to find the clip but could not. He was on Graham Norton a british talk show. He talked about writing songs. This Daily Create was his process.

    To make this Daily Create I picked a lyric and wrote …

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    Who Run The Overture!


    For this week’s assignment I decided to get a jump on it. I Looked through the assignments and chose Classical-Modern Mashup. It looked like something that I could figure out but would also push me. The assignment was to take a modern music video and replace the sound with a …

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    Week 2 Reflection


    End of week 2. After two weeks of daily creates I am proud to say they did not overwhelm me this week. They still took time but I was not overwhelmed by the idea of having to create them. I feel like I created everything to the best of my …

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    D.C. and I’m a Vegetarian


    For my second Daily Create this week I called in backup. I called my sister. I wanted a funny meme. We tossed ideas back and forth and she eventually decided we needed more back up. So she called her friend. Her friend is the one who had the idea for …

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    Week 2 Critique


    What I chose to focus on in this class is technology in the classroom. Last week I critiqued a video about how technology can be used in the classroom. This week the weekly reading inspired me to look at technology in the classroom from another angle. In part of the …

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    Reading Summary Week 2 REMIXED!


    I loved the beginning of this chapter!

    “‘remixing’ involves taking cultural artifacts and combining and manipulating them into new kinds of creative blends and products” 

    The first sentence had me thinking right away. I always thought of music when I heard remixing. This definition opened my mind to what remixing…

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