1. @Emily_Juran

    Weekly Summary 4


    One more week to go! I feel like this semester has flown by, but I guess that’s what happens during summer classes. I’m actually kind of sad we’re reaching the end; I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit these past couple weeks and done a lot of new things …

  2. hshami17

    Weekly Summary: Week Four


    Almost done! This week was pretty tough but it was fun since I enjoy working with video. I especially enjoyed putting together the compilation videos for my assignment. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube everyday so it was fun to create my own little videos. I also got …

  3. @joskamtav

    Week 4… One week left !!


    I enjoyed this week, as I mentioned in a previous blog post… I have often made commentary to myself while watching movies about the effects used. This weeks lesson gave those prior “effects” meaning and names. I learned about all of the different techniques that go into making a film. …

  4. hshami17

    Watching a Movie in a New Perspective


    For the Look. Listen. Analyze assignment, I watched the clip above. I have seen this movie though it was a long time ago so I do not remember all of the scene very well.

    Analyze the camera work

    I watched the entire clip with the audio muted and just focused …

  5. @abigailds106

    weekly summary #4


    I started off the week by reading Roger Eber’s guide to reading films, which was very enlightening. Like the other resources we’ve looked at in the course, this piece showed me how to critically view an art form I was familiar with. He gave me new eyes with which I …

  6. @joskamtav

    Send a message back in time


    These are the steps I took to make the video “letter” to my sixteen year old self.

    I first used Photo Booth on my iMac to record my video. In Photo Booth I used the comic book filter (that’s my favorite). I then opened up iMovie to begin editing.

    I …

  7. @DJWernitznig

    Scenes of Lasting Memory


    Original Assignment

    This assignment is my favorite since I created my first GIF files. I enjoyed using Movie Maker, which I thought was surprising. It was too difficult to choose my three favorite movie scenes of all time. After ten or so minutes I decided on my three scenes.

    The …

  8. @joskamtav

    A video letter to my sixteen year old self


    Have you ever thought about what you would do differently in life if you had the chance to go back? I know I have… I luckily came across this video assignment which allowed me the opportunity to do just that. The assignment required that I do a video letter to …

  9. @DJWernitznig

    Look There’s a Ghost


    I decided on Ghosts

    In the movie Ghosts, a ghost does appear (surprise). I have not seen the movie except for the ending scene. I watched the scene three times looking for different things. I was examining the angles and audio.

    I immediately noticed how the camera shoots up …

  10. estallin

    Week 4


    This week has been completely and utterly challenging for me.  I started Orientation which means I have no time to work during the week and I got very very ill today.  So ill that I keep falling asleep in the middle of  typing all of my posts to the point …

  11. estallin

    Golden Ratio


    I found Roger Ebert’s “How to Read Film” super interesting and it solidified things that I had never noticed in movies.  As I was reading my brain was scanning all the different movies I have watched over my lifetime and a lot of the techniques clicked right into place.  One …

  12. @abigailds106

    look, listen, analyze


    For this assignment, I ended up picking a scene from the Godfather. It’s the opening scene from the first movie in the series, and one that I’m assuming a lot of us have already seen. I used to love this film, but haven’t watched it in years so I thought …

  13. @ds106_aleonard

    Weekly Summary 4


    One more week to go! This week was challenging for me. I have never really done anything with video editing (or filming, for that matter) so everything this week was completely new to me. Once I figured out what I was doing with iMovie, I was able complete the assignments, …

  14. @Emily_Juran

    Reading A Movie


    Movies are one of my favorite things out there, whether it be a comedy, romance, horror, etc… The effort that goes into a movie and the special effects and acting are what really can make or break it. Everyone has seen their fair share of really good movies that can …

  15. @abigailds106

    reading movies?!


    How to Read a Movie:

    In this piece, famed film critic Roger Ebert outlines his universal approach to analyzing films; an approach that requires no knowledge of the film’s production or context. He developed the technique teaching his film classes, as he implemented stop-motion in his film screenings. Anyone …

  16. @abigailds106

    downton ab(beyonce)


    Mashups? Ummm, yes, please. As a hungry hungry pop culture consumer, I love seeing my favorites all smooshed up together. For this video assignment, I put together the Downton Abbey theme and Beyonce’s music video for 711.

    I loved Downton Abbey when it was on, and I have to admit …

  17. estallin

    Bye Office


    Moving Object


    Make a moving object using Vine. (4 Stars)

    These flip aren’t just walking.  They are walking straight out of my office and to no more responsibility.  This week has been really stressful for me because I started orientation which means I have about zero free time and …

  18. @ds106_aleonard

    How You Doin’?


    The task: Take related clips from your favorite show and make a video out of them!

    My creation: a compilation of Joey Tribbiani saying “How you doin’?” with the theme song of Friends, I’ll Be There for You by The Rembrandts.

    One if my all time favorite TV shows …

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