1. @abigailds106

    old letter tutorial


    To do this assignment, you’re first going to need to find some distressed looking letters. You could do this in your editing software, but that would be pretty difficult and advanced. I like FreeImages for my stock photos.

    I’m using GIMP for this tutorial. Open up the program, and …

  2. @abigailds106

    gif with subtitles tutorial


    The first thing you need to do for this assignment is to find the video you want to use on YouTube.

    Open up QuickTime. Click ‘File’ and ‘New Screen Recording.’

    Select the area of the screen you want to record, and click start. Save the clip.

    Now, open the clip …

  3. @abigailds106

    sound effect story tutorial


    For this assignment I recommend using iMovie. iMovie’s timeline is easy to manipulate, and there are tons of great sound effects already native to the program.

    Create a new project (choose movie, even though we’re just working with audio here).

    Listen to the sounds they have, and start to piece …

  4. @flmngrose

    Week Five Summary


    I believe my work for the final project was very well done, I put many hours into it.  I woke up early every morning to work on the story, and I never left the house.  I wish I had the whole week to work on it, because I had so …

  5. @ds106_aleonard

    Weekly Summary 5


    I thought that creating the media for this week’s assignment went pretty well. I was definitely much better (more efficient?) at creating the media this time around than I was when I first tried. I have learned a lot through this course about using social media and vastly improved my …

  6. @ds106_aleonard

    Final Project Tutorials


    1.  Bucket List

    I used a program online to create the picture collage. Once you open the webpage, click create collage in the top center of the screen.

    Next, you can choose the layout and background color of your collage by using the toolbar that appears on the left side …

  7. @flmngrose

    For all Eternity



    An elvish man, long dark hair, two braids at the side of his head, tied back and braided together to keep hair out of his face.  The sound of a morning lark wakes up a man, he get’s out of bed and gets ready for the day ahead …

  8. @DJWernitznig

    How to do Favorite Movie Quote


    This is the second tutorial I will be doing (and its the 2nd assignment I created for the Ds106 Assignment Bank)

    Lets start out by visiting my favorite image editor, FotoFlexer. This a free online image editor. Once at the website upload the photo background that you will put …

  9. @ds106_aleonard

    Adventures of a Sea Turtle


    Once upon a time there was a baby sea turtle named Oliver.

    Oliver loved living in the ocean and he wanted to make the most of the 100+ years he would have there. He dreamed of traveling the deep blue, and after talking with several of his friends, he decided …

  10. @DJWernitznig

    I am Iron Man


    This is the example for the second assignment I created for Ds106. To find the assignment I created click here

    This was the movie that introduced me to the world of super heroes. I thought it was the coolest movie I had seen yet. to be fair I was only …

  11. hshami17

    He Who Procrastinates in DS106


    This is a story about a poor DS106 student who did not properly heed the fair warning that was sent out by professor Polack before the start of the course. The student’s name is Stu Ped. Stu begins his first week of class by going to Dr. Polack’s DS106 course …

  12. @joskamtav

    Week FIVE! We survived!


    I am not sure if this weekly summary is suppose to be like the other’s but here’s what I thought of this week… I found the most challenging aspect of this week to be the brainstorming of the story that I would tell. Since most of the media forms have …

  13. @joskamtav

    How I Made My Short Story


    To make this story I used a variety of media outlets. Audio, Visual, Video, and Design were among the media outlets used for this story. As you may have felt, this story is slightly depressing haha but don’t be fool the making of this was full of laughs. It is …

  14. @joskamtav

    When Pet Friends Become Food


    9 year-old Isabella LOVES and ADORES her chickens. They aren’t just her pets, they are her very best friends! Every afternoon, Isabella goes outside to talk and play with her chickens. There isn’t anything in this world that makes Isabella happier than her pet chickens do. Look at that smile! …

  15. @Emily_Juran

    The Story of Jessie, The Once Lonely Dog


    There once was a dog named Jessie. She was part of a lovely family of 5. She was treated as if she was the parent’s own child. They loved taking Jessie on walks, to the dog park, to friend’s houses, and so much more, but little did they no that …

  16. @lfrappao

    Daily Create #3 Create Your Own Challenge


    Today’s DC was a challenge to create what you want. Several ideas went through my head, first I wanted to photoshop my dog into a Jurassic Park picture.

    I tried once again to use the  app on my phone that I used last time. I was really struggling. So I …

  17. estallin

    Finally Week 5


    Well I had to get Week 5 done quite early because I have Orientation starting Thursday and I am very thankful that my supervisors gave me time of to complete my Final Project. I am very excited with how that turned out.

    Also this week I created two different assignments …

  18. estallin

    Eye See the HCC Tutorial


    To create this reflection in my friend Morgan’s eye I followed the steps listed below in this post.

    I imported the photograph I took of Morgan’s eye into Canva.com.

    I then went to the Elements Menu and searched for a circle.

    I chose a circle that allows you to insert …

  19. estallin

    Advertisement Tutorial


    To start this ad I knew I would need a good background and searched the internet trying to find one I liked.  I finally settled on this image to be used as the background sans the “aloha” at the bottom of the image.  I liked the color scheme that it …

  20. estallin

    From Snow to a Dragon


    Jon Snow had a very average life growing up in Westeros… well average for any Lord or Lady, but Jon was not really a Lord because his mother was nary a Lady but simply a peasant. Jon’s last family name was not Stark like that of his father, but Snow …

  21. estallin

    Let’s Get Wordy


    DS106 Word Cloud

    Near the end of your time completing DS106 complete a Word Cloud that encompasses the class and all that you have learned! There are plenty of different online tools to help you create a Word Cloud!

    Creating a word cloud can be super easy and word clouds …

  22. estallin

    Never Dormant


    Create A Game of Thrones House

    Create your own Game of Thrones House name and Sigil.  Jointherealm.com is a useful tool for creating your own Sigil! (3 stars)

    I’ve always loved the idea of creating a Game of Thrones house because I just live an breath Game of Thrones.  …

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