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  1. @HumIsDum

    Moments of Light: My Experience with Photography

    by Thomas Pulsifer Photography has always been something I’ve had a passing interest in. The first photos I ever remember taking were done using my Nintendo 3DS camera in 2011. Back then, I’d mainly take photos of my toys, posing them dynamically for fun shots. Nowadays, I typically only partake in photography if something particularlyContinue reading "Moments of Light: My Experience with Photography"
  2. @HumIsDum

    Return of the Obra Dinn – Gaming Journal 9/12/21

    by Thomas Pulsifer As I progress further through Return of the Obra Dinn, I continuously find myself surprised at every turn and glued to the edge of my seat. The fact that a game with this much depth has been created using nothing but still 3-D dioramas is incredibly impressive. Oftentimes, these scenes are framedContinue reading "Return of the Obra Dinn – Gaming Journal 9/12/21"
  3. @HumIsDum

    Zero-Day Abandonware

    by Thomas Pulsifer My name is Molly.I met my partner through speed dating of all things.He’s transmasculine, and that isn’t an issue for me.What is an issue is that God-awful faux hawk.We’ve spent hours on FaceTime.We’ve shared in our love of crunk.But even after all my Google searches,I still can’t find a reason to tolerateContinue reading "Zero-Day Abandonware"
  4. @HumIsDum

    An Original Character Has Appeared!

    by Thomas Pulsifer The Fairyfloss Kingdom is a magical place of gumdrops, unicorns, and glitter. It’s everything a little girl could ever dream of! But the princess of this kingdom, Rainbow Fairyfloss, is goth, and absolutely hates it. She’s more into black than pink. Being the princess of a fairy tale kingdom comes with aContinue reading "An Original Character Has Appeared!"
  5. @HumIsDum

    Digital Branches

    Response to ‘Kurt Vonnegut on the Shape of Stories‘ and ‘The Machine is Us/ing Us’ by Michael Wesch by Thomas Pulsifer Watching Kurt Vonnegut’s lecture on how traditional stories follow very similar plot structures was entertaining, though not all that surprising. When I write, I attempt to follow the Hero’s Journey template in order toContinue reading "Digital Branches"
  6. @HumIsDum

    ‘Erased’ and The Ending that Needs to be Erased

    by Thomas Pulsifer When I saw the prompt for this assignment, I was relieved; Finally, an excuse to rant about this anime. Be warned: There will be spoilers ahead. For those who have never seen it, ‘Erased‘ is an anime that follows Satoru Fujinuma, a young adult living in Japan that has the inexplicable abilityContinue reading "‘Erased’ and The Ending that Needs to be Erased"
  7. @HumIsDum

    Another Day, Another Blogpost

    by Thomas Pulsifer Ever since I started meditating a few years back, I’ve found myself gaining a much greater appreciation for nature’s beauty. I try to meditate about 40 minutes every day, and I encourage anyone reading this to do so as well! While the sights of the outside world are certainly lovely, the thingContinue reading "Another Day, Another Blogpost"
  8. @HumIsDum

    A Blocky Cabin by the Virtual Sea: Back to Basics!

    by Thomas Pulsifer The number of assignments to choose from in the Assignment Bank is pretty overwhelming, but when I saw Jonah Helbling’s assignment to build a house in Minecraft, I couldn’t resist. Minecraft is easily my favorite game, and my favorite part of Minecraft is building. So, after spending some quality time in SurvivalContinue reading "A Blocky Cabin by the Virtual Sea: Back to Basics!"
  9. @HumIsDum

    Reflection upon Creation: Daily Creates for the Week of 9/3/2021

    8/30: One Word Review: Artificial Intelligence Art For our first Daily Creates assignment of the week, we were tasked with choosing a painting generated by artificial intelligence and review it with a single word. The painting I chose was “Brand New Star,” a painting by the T34MW@RK AI. This painting stood out to me becauseContinue reading "Reflection upon Creation: Daily Creates for the Week of 9/3/2021"
  10. @HumIsDum

    Return of the Obra Dinn – Gaming Journal 9/2/21

    by Thomas Pulsifer Being a huge fan of ‘Papers, Please,’ I’d been looking forward to eventually getting around to playing ‘Return of the Obra Dinn.’ Now, thanks to my Games & Culture class, I have the perfect excuse! The first thing I notice about Obra Dinn is that the graphics are extremely minimalist, which, I’dContinue reading "Return of the Obra Dinn – Gaming Journal 9/2/21"

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