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  1. @HumIsDum

    What’s Up With This Radio Show?

    by Thomas Pulsifer Progress on the radio show group project is coming along great! Having met with my groupmates, Mason, Grace, and Bella, we’ve put together a plan for our show that we’re really happy with. Currently, the show is planned to be a Halloween spectacular, with a collection of spooky stories, discussions, and reviews.Continue reading "What’s Up With This Radio Show?"
  2. @HumIsDum

    This Logo is a No-Go

    Based on Jameson Whipple’s 4.5 star prompt to redesign a company’s logo to resemble that of their main competitor, I decided to reinterpret Nintendo‘s logo in the style of SEGA. Arguably the most famous corporate rivalry in history, it’s interesting to see how the relationship between these two video game giants has evolved over theContinue reading "This Logo is a No-Go"
  3. @HumIsDum

    TDC Jamboree

    by Thomas Pulsifer The first Daily Create I completed this week was Wednesday’s Fingertips-based prompt. Our goal was to creatively contextualize the titles of tracks in Fingertips, a mini-album within They Might Be Giants’ album Apollo 18. Looking around my room for inspiration, I noticed the Sonic the Hedgehog sticker on my water bottle wouldContinue reading "TDC Jamboree"
  4. @HumIsDum

    What I Learned in Design School is…

    by Thomas Pulsifer Despite having always possessed a passion for graphic design, I’d never truly considered the thought that goes into it. Typically, when designing a visual piece, I simply go with whatever feels creative and looks good. However, so much more goes into professional graphic design. In his book, Go: A Kidd’s Guide toContinue reading "What I Learned in Design School is…"
  5. @HumIsDum

    Return of the Obra Dinn: Gaming Journal 9/26/21

    by Thomas Pulsifer Finally! After uncovering every memory, I’ve managed to piece together the entire story of Return of the Obra Dinn! It wasn’t easy, and certainly took some trial and error, but managing to correctly identify the identities and fates of each crewmate is immensely satisfying. Of all the members of the Obra DinnContinue reading "Return of the Obra Dinn: Gaming Journal 9/26/21"
  6. @HumIsDum

    Galactic Empirical Radio Bumper

    by Thomas Pulsifer As part of the assignments for week 5, we’ve been given the task of creating a radio bumper. Having plenty of audacity experience, I was excited to begin messing around with sound effects to see what I could come up with. Though I originally intended to create a parody of generic, obnoxiousContinue reading "Galactic Empirical Radio Bumper"
  7. @HumIsDum

    Sounds from Another World

    by Thomas Pulsifer Countless mediums possess the potential for fascinating storytelling, and nothing proves this more than audio-based storytelling. Many may only consider audiobooks and nothing more when thinking of the storytelling capacity of audio, which is unfortunate, since there’s so much more than can be done with the medium. In Jab Abumrad’s videos aboutContinue reading "Sounds from Another World"

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