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  1. rowan_peter (Rowan Peter)

    Mimicry is the best form of flattery – Mondrian Melbourne

    For the Mimicry is the best form of flattery assignment, use a vector or raster graphic software to mimic your favorite artist work but use your own design. Doing my best to bring a Mondrian-esque Composition with Red Blue and Yellow to the iconic Flinders Street Railway Station in the City of Melbourne. My image … Continue reading Mimicry is the best form of flattery – Mondrian Melbourne ?
  2. @HumIsDum

    An Original Character Has Appeared!

    by Thomas Pulsifer The Fairyfloss Kingdom is a magical place of gumdrops, unicorns, and glitter. It’s everything a little girl could ever dream of! But the princess of this kingdom, Rainbow Fairyfloss, is goth, and absolutely hates it. She’s more into black than pink. Being the princess of a fairy tale kingdom comes with aContinue reading "An Original Character Has Appeared!"
  3. @HumIsDum

    ‘Erased’ and The Ending that Needs to be Erased

    by Thomas Pulsifer When I saw the prompt for this assignment, I was relieved; Finally, an excuse to rant about this anime. Be warned: There will be spoilers ahead. For those who have never seen it, ‘Erased‘ is an anime that follows Satoru Fujinuma, a young adult living in Japan that has the inexplicable abilityContinue reading "‘Erased’ and The Ending that Needs to be Erased"
  4. @Carrie F.

    Granger and Weasley??

    Ron and Hermoine — that’s a tough sell in my opinion. There was no chemistry, and the romance was nonexistent. The little childish arguments/squabbles were more akin to the disagreements between siblings not would be lovers. The gif represents the awkwardness and childishness that was present in the Harry Potter series between the two characters, …
  5. @CarbonCarmen725

    Characters Always Turn Out Sad..oh well

    Creating Your Own Character: Create a character covering all aspects of them. Write about a paragraph of backstory, cover their appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and what their place is in their world. 5 star For this assignment I was supposed to make my very own character/ I was going to generate a basic character …
  6. @danielleerika4

    Animation with Danielle

    Web Assignments (3 Stars): Guess my story Narrate the process: I went through YouTube and looked for college related images, videos, or pictures. Then copied the URL into and created my five GIF’s. Explain my thinking: All college students can relate to this, and the emotions and actions of these memes/gif’s. Course theme: This […]
  7. @morgan_ds106


    I really liked this assignment because I chose a tv show. My tv show allowed me to be kinda mysterious. I found this picture and did some editing on it to make it look more erie or mysterious, just like spys! I’m curious, can anybody guess what my favorite show is?
  8. @FaulconerKyle

    Rocket Richard in Collage Form

    Out of the two assignment options I found the collage assignment to be the most doable and relatable in regards to my character. The character Rocket Richard represents courage, strength, perseverance and hope. My character is one who grew up in tough circumstances and with the help of powers bestowed upon him he prevailed. He …

    Continue reading "Rocket Richard in Collage Form"

  9. @FaulconerKyle

    Creating your own Character

    I found an interesting assignment which would allow me to flesh out my character more. I’m tasked with writing a brief backstory and then outlining my characters traits, likes, dislikes etc. Backstory: For any of you that have read about my character, Rocket Richard you already have a general idea of who and what hes …

    Continue reading "Creating your own Character"

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