1. rljessen

    Dominion Day 2016


    James and I volunteered at Fort Edmonton on Canada Day. It was a beautiful sunny day. We had a great time. It was my second favourite volunteer job there ever: photographer. I got to walk around the fort talking to the costumed interpreters and looking for photo angles that weren’t …

  2. rljessen

    I object!


    I object.

    I object to the sexualization and objectification of women’s bodies that I am continually bombarded with. Everywhere I turn there are images of women, or parts of them, selling everything, slowly remaking the image of what a normal woman is.

    Last week the Twitter feed for an event …

  3. rljessen

    Bike ride


    Yesterday Tom and I went on a fantastic bike ride through 3 parks and across 3 bridges. We turned south down from Ada blvd. at and across the Capillano pedestrian bridge and rode through Goldbar Park.

    We rode back across the North Saskatchewan river and into Rundle Park. The trails …

  4. rljessen

    Grande Prairie Sunset


    On Friday afternoon I flew from Grande Prairie to Edmonton just as the sun was setting. As we were getting ready to leave I was struck by the image of the still propeller filling my window so I took a few photos. It continued to captivate me the whole flight …

  5. rljessen

    Deep Freeze 2016


    We had a great time exploring the Deep Freeze Festival yesterday afternoon, although if we had known that it would be ten degrees warmer this afternoon we would have held off until tomorrow. But we had a great time and it was very sunny even though it was cold.

     We …

  6. rljessen

    Christmas Reflections at Fort Edmonton


    This Christmas I explored how Edmontonians used to celebrate Christmas on the snow covered streets of Fort Edmonton. I have spent a lot of time at Fort Edmonton since I moved here thee years ago. I love walking the old streets (and gardens). All of that time, with one exception, …

  7. rljessen

    A month of sunrises on Grierson Hill


    I often get off the train a few stops early on my way into work in the morning and walk the rest of the way. It’s a great way to start the day and watch the city as it wakes up. I usually pop out over Grierson Hill for a …

  8. rljessen

    Expression at Victoria School of the Arts


    I had the pleasure of attending a student show at my daughter’s school on Friday night. I am always impressed by student work at Vic and this week was no exception.

    From shadows to dancers Dancing with colour Masks Masks, up close animations Sculpture Solo dance with jellyfish Typography in…
  9. rljessen

    This morning / Tonight


    This morning the sky had just started to brighten when I turned east towards the river on my walk to work,. Below the horizon the new snow glowed orange.



    Tonight when I looked west down the avenue I could still see the last vestiges of sunset low on …

  10. rljessen

    Birthday Walk


    James and I went on a wonderful walk along the river valley this afternoon. We walked along Ada Boulevard and watched the ice sweep along a curve of the North Saskatchewan River toward downtown Edmonton.

    A bend in the North Saskatchewan River


    The ice flowing under the Ainsworth Dyer …

  11. rljessen

    A Toast to Maureen


    Today my friend Maureen Crawford received her Master of Arts in Communications and Technology from the University of Alberta. I has the honour of toasting Maureen at her graduation celebration this evening. Here is what I said.

    I’d like to propose a toast to my friend Maureen on the completion …

  12. rljessen



    Looking at the past
    through my father’s travel stories.

    I edit his words
    seeking to tidy,
    for anyone who follows

    while leaving intact
    his rich, chocolate-brown voice
    long, complicated, engaging stories about people and places.

    His face lighting up completely as he smiles.

    Some things remain the same
    some …

  13. rljessen

    UnCV for the launch of #digiwrimo

    I’m the safe harbour for two teens starting to step out at different train stations.


    I am a street walker mapping the city with my feet & my eyes & my photos familiar routes echoing with laughter and friendships, the feel of a warm mug of tea in my…
  14. rljessen

    River Valley Ride


    This afternoon Tom and I went for a great ride along the North Saskatchewan River Valley. It was spectacular, October 19th, 17 degrees and sunny!

    Starting the ride

    Tom on the bridge at the start of the ride

    Tom on the way to the Capilano Bridge

    Under the Capilano Bridge…

  15. rljessen

    Big Things Under Big Alberta Skies

    This Thursday I drove to Bonnyville with some co-workers. On the way we visited The World Largest Sausage in Mundaire and The World’s Largest Perogy in Glendon.

    The World’s Largest Sausage


    The World’s Largest Perogy


    On the way home, we visited The World’s Largest Mallard Duck in Andrew.…
  16. rljessen

    Nuit Blanche Edmonton Video

    A few weeks ago Tom and I heeded the call from the Nuit Blanche Edmonton festival committee and showed up in Churchill Square wearing red shirts.

    Nuit Blanche Edmonton Invitation

    This is what happened

    Nuit Blanche Gathering starts in Churchill Square

    The pin takes shape

    The drone & the dance …

  17. rljessen

    Saturday at the Lege


    This Saturday afternoon Tom and I went for a walk on the Legislature grounds (the ledge). I love all of the different parts of the grounds, and how there are always all kinds of different people using the space. During my secondment at Alberta Education I worked a few blocks …

  18. rljessen

    Dominion Day, Canada Day 2015


    On July 1st I had one foot in the past and one foot in the present. I started the day working in the peony garden at Fort Edmonton. It was quieter than usual when I arrived at 8 am but by the time I left the crowds had started to …

  19. rljessen

    What Makes a cMooc Community Endure?


    I am excited to announce that an article I co-authored was just published by Educational Media International, a Francis & Taylor peer-reviewed journal.

    Here is the abstract:

    Imagine the challenge of being immersed in a dynamic learning network where you play brinkmanship with being overwhelmed by a plethora of information, …

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