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    The picture part of my final project is done! This took me a while because I used the Photo Gallery by Supsystic plugin. I made new galleries for each museum and uploaded the photos to them.

    The three screenshots are the steps I had to go through when I created a …

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    The design of my final project is finished. I made a travel brochure through Canva, using the template New York Travel Brochure. I list all the museums I have visited in London and the United States.…

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    Let’s Talk Art


    My final project has finally come and the requirements are to tell a story using all of the lessons we have learned throughout this course. I immediately wanted to focus my project on art and museums I have visited in the past year. Museums will include the Virginia Museum of

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    Song Visualization


    For this video assignment, worth 3.5 stars, I had to pick a song, or a minute from a song, and have pictures correspond with the lyrics to tell a story. I chose to make a video based on my answer to the question of the week, giving a new …

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    It’s Movie Time


    So far this week, we have been learning about motion pictures and how to analyze and edit them. Started it out by reading a short piece by film critic, Robert Ebert.

    Lights! Cameras! Action!

    I genuinely enjoyed his essay. I thought the article would be dry and just spouting out …

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    Mary Had a Little Dragon


    Mary had a little lamb, or did she? In response to the question of the week, What childhood nursery rhyme would you like to write a story about but change the meaning completely, I would change it to Mary had a little dragon. Dragons are my favorite mythical creature and it …

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    Lights! Cameras! Action!


    “You know how football coaches use a stop-action 16mm projector to study game films?” he asked me. “You can use that
    approach to study films. Just pause the film and think about what you see.”

    How do you read a movie? Roger Ebert`s How to read a movie talks about the …

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    Happy Ever After?


    It is story time! I went back to my alternate history choice and recorded myself, with Audacity, telling a story of an alternate history based on if the Trojans never lost the war. I also added in a few fun sounds for special effects. This was a bit …

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    Audio Time


    What a start to the week. We hit it off with learning about audio, which was similar to learning about design, creating emotion and connections with the audience. Listening to Jad Abumrad and reading tips for audio editing was very enjoyable and engaging. I had a page understanding that a …

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    On the Moon


    Moon Graffiti is an audio drama on SoundCloud. I do not listen to audio media very often, sometimes the radio, but rarely audiobooks or podcasts. It is very suspenseful with its special effects and tone of the vocals. I also like how it is a story of one of the …

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    Audio Resources


    Coming into this class, my only experience with audio is layering it on a movie in iMovie. Jad Abumrad talks about how the radio takes you in a different state of mind and paints images in the listeners’ minds. The radio connections people with co-imagining by putting certain images in …

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    Victory of the Trojans


    Based on my answer to the question of the week, what is one thing you would change in history, I had to create a book cover for it. 

    Step 1: In the screenshot above, I used Canva for my book design and I searched for history themed templates, since my…
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    DS106 Wallpaper


    Time to show off my love for ds106. I had to complete an additional 4 stars worth of design assignment(s). I choose to create a wallpaper because when I think of designing, I think of image editing and layering, which is one of my favorite image editing things to do. …

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    Helen & Paris


    For this assignment, I had to create an image of an alternate event in history. I made an image of Helen and Paris enjoying a sunset together with no war to worry about because the Trojans never accepted the wooden horse from the Greeks, so the Greeks sailed back …

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