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  1. @tabbycat07


    The picture part of my final project is done! This took me a while because I used the Photo Gallery by Supsystic plugin. I made new galleries for each museum and uploaded the photos to them. The three screenshots are the steps I had to go through when I created a new gallery, the picked a Read More
  2. @tabbycat07

    Let’s Talk Art

    My final project has finally come and the requirements are to tell a story using all of the lessons we have learned throughout this course. I immediately wanted to focus my project on art and museums I have visited in the past year. Museums will include the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, The National Gallery Read More
  3. @tabbycat07

    Man’s Best Friend

    It’s show your pupper appreciation with this video assignment, worth 2 stars. This video is all about showing my love for the dogs in my life.  I compiled images I had over the years in iMovie and added Smile by Uncle Kracker because my dogs always make me smile. I also used the Bright theme in Read More
  4. @tabbycat07

    It’s Movie Time

    So far this week, we have been learning about motion pictures and how to analyze and edit them. Started it out by reading a short piece by film critic, Robert Ebert. Lights! Cameras! Action! I genuinely enjoyed his essay. I thought the article would be dry and just spouting out random facts about film analyzing, Read More
  5. @tabbycat07

    What’s Your Story?

    It`s all about sounds and what kind of story they make. For this audio assignment, I picked out 6 different sounds, from, and tuned them together with Audacity. Figuring out Audacity was a little tricky because I had to figure out what all the different buttons were and where to clip the sound at Read More
  6. @tabbycat07

    Audio Time

    What a start to the week. We hit it off with learning about audio, which was similar to learning about design, creating emotion and connections with the audience. Listening to Jad Abumrad and reading tips for audio editing was very enjoyable and engaging. I had a page understanding that a lot of work went into Read More
  7. @tabbycat07

    Audio Resources

    Coming into this class, my only experience with audio is layering it on a movie in iMovie. Jad Abumrad talks about how the radio takes you in a different state of mind and paints images in the listeners’ minds. The radio connections people with co-imagining by putting certain images in a person`s mind. I whole heartedly Read More
  8. @tabbycat07

    Week 2 End

    It is that time of the week again. Time to summarize what I have done since Wednesday. First, I completed two daily creates, which can be found on my Twitter. These two were all about design and romance. @ds106dc #tdc2335 #ds106 Congratulations #alanandcori — Abby Brock (@tabbycat07) June 1, 2018 I made a wedding Read More

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