1. The DS106 Shrink

    Today’s DS106 Daily Create asked us to work with the most…


    Today’s DS106 Daily Create asked us to work with the most inspiring bot on the interwebz: Inspirobot and create an off-beat inspirational poster. My beloved bot did not disappoint when asked for wisdom that means nothing but seems to mean everything! The message reminded me of the DS106 Summer of Prisoner 106. I spent a lot of time making posters for the Village. I thought I would revisit one of my .psd and add a new message to my collection of Prisoner posters - this one by Inspirobot is very Prisoner 106, no? It was a good chance to update more of my fonts which I lost one an ‘update’ of Photoshop a while back…Be seeing you. 

  2. byzantiumbooks

    The 30 Day TDC Challenge

      My June 2017 30-Day The Daily Create Challenge Art June 1st • #tdc1970 • My Creativity Is Bigger Than Your Muscles • My Twitter Link June 2nd • #tdc1971 • Render Your Portrait in ASCII Art • My Twitter Link June 3rd • #tdc1972 • What Drink Defines You? • My Twitter Link June […]
  3. byzantiumbooks

    A PANO-Sabotaged Cloned Double Selfie

      The challenge for The Daily Create tdc1983 was to make a panoramic selfie with myself appearing twice. The “traditional” method involves having another person take the panoramic picture, pausing in the middle while you (me, the subject) moves around behind the photographer and reenters the image as the photographer continues to pan. However, liking […]
  4. byzantiumbooks

    PANO-Sabotage for the fun of it

    One day months and months ago, I saw an image on Flicker that led me to a group called PANO-Vision. This group is dedicated to creating an art form from what they term PANO-sabotage, the deliberate use of odd motions, flips, and waves while taking a panoramic photo. It turns out that not all brands […]
  5. paul bond

    Agent Orange

    In reviewing the agent interviews, I’m noticing some common answers. Everyone who has responded to the animal question has said tiger, and everyone who responded to gorilla question said 7-11. the thread that ties the two together is the color … Continue reading
  6. paul bond


    The radio show project is my favorite part of ds106. There are usually some complaints about the difficulty of working with audio and collaborating online, but almost everyone does great work and is justifiably proud of their creations. We had … Continue reading
  7. paul bond

    The good years

    Yesterday’s Daily Create challenge was to make an infographic of a song. I had seen people do this before. My personal favorite was the flowchart for Devo’s Whip It. Unfortunately I don’t know who gets credit for this. I knew … Continue reading

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