1. byzantiumbooks

    A New Glitch GIF

    I recently bought a VCR/DVD combo in order to preserve family recordings from a couple of decades ago. Initially, I am importing them into my laptop using the Power Director 9.0 program that came with the component video/USB adapter I bought. That works fine, but produces a MPEG-2 file, which doesn’t play well with many […]
  2. paul bond

    Do the Funky Narmer

    Some images are just asking to be GIFfed. Tom Woodward’s bionicteaching tumblr sometimes reblogs images from the Internet Archive Book Images’ Photostream, an awesome resource. When I saw this image this morning, I couldn’t resist: http://bionicteaching.tumblr.com/post/147865024853/image-from-page-250-of-osiris-and-the-egyptian The image is a … Continue reading
  3. paul bond

    Same as it ever was

    @ds106dc #tdc1646 My response for Today’s #ds106 Daily Create is “And you may tell yourself …” pic.twitter.com/N0Mm4ORn8C — paul bond (@phb256) July 11, 2016 I always liked Magritte. It was nice to see him acknowledged in today’s Daily Create. The … Continue reading
  4. paul bond

    Hypertext in the ’70s

    Zach Whalen tweeted some quotes from an ancient documentary on hypertext: “…pristine and inviolate — but manifold and pluralistic. This web of interrelated texts is called a hypertext.”https://t.co/yxouNxmOVU — zach whalen (@zachwhalen) May 9, 2016 Hypertext: an Educational Experiment in … Continue reading
  5. paul bond

    The Black Hole

    Today’s Daily Create builds on a Mashable story about Roy Stryker’s ruthless editing practices. During the Depression, he headed the Information Division of the Farm Security Administration, where he was in charge of documentary photography. If he didn’t like a … Continue reading
  6. paul bond


    I’ve been thinking about how we could use Gardner Campbell’s Apgar test in ds106. He uses it as a way of taking the class temperature at the beginning of a session, a quick gauge of their collective readiness. It also … Continue reading

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