1. paul bond

    High Noon at night

    Our Tuesday night tweet-along featured High Noon. Monday’s show was a radio adaptation (Shane) whereas this one was the soundtrack of a film. It made an interesting comparison. The radio program actually had less sound production – a lot less … Continue reading
  2. paul bond

    Dang’d spot

    For today’s Daily Create, we had to do cowboy Shakespeare: #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1486 Y’all bein’ or y’all not being’, that’s my ask https://t.co/9HzMpCIDXf pic.twitter.com/JF4D3GTE2v — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) February 2, 2016 My better half suggested using Lady Macbeth’s famous … Continue reading
  3. paul bond

    Rule 106

    I was about to write this as a comment, but then I thought it would be better to blog it for everyone to see. Our Storytelling Outlaw wrote about her experience working with the Assignment Bank: While I had fun, … Continue reading
  4. John Johnston

    Hitting The #Western106 Trail

    The pony express delivered a message from The Man With No Course this morning. Looks like it is time to kick over the traces and git started. I’ve already started some of the daily chores and adding to this here tally-book. We have already come a way down the trail, so it might be time […]
  5. iamtalkytina

    Not the DS106Radio California Hut

    The Daily Create, tdc1452 asks us to spin a yarn about this here picture. Well, this here picture here by Diana is almost the same as the one that I have in my possession that goes way back to the history of DS106Radio and the time when it was almost broadcast from California instead of where […]
  6. John Johnston

    pixel sortin’

    I am not sure if western106 is going ahead, but I was interested in using it to play around (starting with some gifs). I’ve discovered an interest in pixel sorting although I am not sure I really understand it. I installed EVA-01/pxlsrt the other day and played around a bit. Today I grabbed a public domain […]
  7. paul bond

    Face West

    Now stand in the place where you work Now face west Think about the place where you live Wonder why you haven’t before R.E.M. Stand Today’s Daily Create said to “Look West, young man!” #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1445 Get out your … Continue reading
  8. iamtalkytina

    Saddle-Up, True Friends, for #western106

    After getting sorting out my livery and hardware and getting myself to the frontier, I find out that the KSU #western106 stage might not be leaving town. But I am ever hopeful … I started off this afternoon with The Daily Create, tdc1444 prompt to make something for @cogdog, and quickly found myself riding over the […]
  9. John Johnston

    Can Can

    I’ve been trying a few things out for GifItUp2015 and this one seems to ask for sound, click to play: More about GIF IT UP 2015 and here GIF IT UP – DigitalNZ Original image Edmée L[escot] public domain Jacques Offenbach – Overture to ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’e, public domain from musopen.org
  10. John Johnston

    Taking Command of Gifs

    These are some notes on creating gifs and manipulating images on the command line on a mac. I am pretty much at the limit of my knowledge here so some of the details may be sketchy. It seems to me that this allows one to iterate through various ideas quite quickly. I do often take […]
  11. paul bond

    V for Vignelli

    I’m glad that people appreciate The Vignelli Canon. It was written for people with a design background, but it works for those who claim to have little: the little booklet offered great insight to graphic design, with me someone who … Continue reading

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