1. byzantiumbooks

    ROOK GIF, because

    Well, I just thought another GIF would be good to finish the day. I’ve already commented on the chess puzzle in The Tally Ho, so I thought that puzzle could be animated. All frames taken from the Checkmate episode of The Prisoner. It turns out that the entire sequence of writing the word ROOK takes […]
  2. byzantiumbooks

    Many Happy Returns: The Book

    I made the basic image for this book in GIMP a few days ago, using a clip from the “Many Happy Returns” episode of The Prisoner (near the end). Most of the text I created in Word, converted to pdf, and opened as layers, positioned and sized, and anchored (or merged). I do this because […]
  3. DS106 on the couch

    Well, working with the ancient code for The Village web club has…


    Well, working with the ancient code for The Village web club has led to this shrink going back to basics. I kind of need to do more than just copy and paste code I do not understand, so learning HTML from scratch. Still,  my little hideaway under the village is coming along. I even managed to learn how to do strikethrough in ancient code (not trivial as we are working with HTML 3 as I understand it)  HT to Christina for pointing me to the Code Academy. It was easy to get started and get going. I want to understand something about the overall structure of a web page, else I am never going to be able to make my village hideaway cosy and comfy. 

    “I just love his idea of introducing this space as one folks who are creating on the web and pushing to teach themselves new things within a focused community might explore together. It’s fun, it’s personable, it’s focused, and it’s educational!”

    Yes, Jim. You are on the money and John is finally getting me to do more than just copy and paste code I kind of understand but not really! Cheers, John!

    We could create a text based adventure game underground?

  4. byzantiumbooks

    Investigating The Tally Ho – What’s It Got to Say?

    While watching the various episodes of The Prisoner, I’ve noticed that the Village newspaper, “The Tally Ho”, usually has nice clear headlines, but it is difficult to read the stories. Since it would not be reasonable to read while the video is running, I have clipped several examples from individual frames. First, one must realize […]
  5. John Johnston

    Resigned: Scene Poster

    Capture/Screenshot a scene from an episode of a TV show or a movie and try to make a poster for that episode or movie. Try to make it cool! Be creative! Making it suspense can be a good one! from: ds106 Assignments: Scene Poster   Methods: Export frames from episode with ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i 'Hammer […]
  6. byzantiumbooks

    Prisoner Number 6 in a Maze

    Thanks to my True Friend Talky Tina, I’ve been prompted to make a maze. I would really rather make a labyrinth, and may do so later. But for now, I made a GIFfy Maze. As you can see, Number 6 is at the center of this maze. If this was a real labyrinth, the Minotaur […]
  7. iamtalkytina

    Make a Design Assignment your True Friend

    Well, I was looking in the Assignment Bank for some Design Assignments to do that I haven’t done before. And do you know what I found? There is a good number of created assignments that have 0 doers so far. So I was thinking that some village peoples might like to make a friend with an […]
  8. byzantiumbooks

    Race to the Mansion for a Bowl of Sugar

    Today’s Daily Create had us pick three cards, each with a word, and write a story based on the words. This is a great writing prompt, largely because it is random enough to stimulate one’s thinking into unexpected areas. Here is my story. Race to the Mansion for a Bowl of Sugar another episode of […]
  9. konarheim

    Episode Book Cover – Hammer Into Anvil

    Design Assignment for Week 4 Out of the two choices of the “to do” assignments – I chose the book cover recreating  the aesthetic of Spacesick . My first thought was the Dance of the Dead episode and having multiple skeletons, a sample was too close to that content and swaying me in replicating instead of creating. While ... Read more
  10. iamtalkytina

    Danny Was a Smooth Talker

    I had all but forgotten this little gem until Geoff Cain (@geoffcain, on Twitter) triggered some memories this evening that had been pretty much buried in the muck of the sands of time. Geoff’s prisoner106 Book Cover “The Partridge Family #4 Meets The Prisoner” reminded me of the time back in the 70s when The Partridges were […]
  11. Andrew Forgrave

    BeTWEEN the Spokes of a Penny Farthing

    This is the result of this afternoon’s experimentation into the capability of Photoshop’s Timeline TWEEN function. First, what I’m about to report are the results of experimentation only. Typically I will go to the documentation (read: the Internet) when I don’t understand something, can’t make it work, and get stuck. In this case, I’ve probably […]
  12. John Johnston

    Gifs begin where words leave off

    A quick gif with audio. A warm up watching Hammer into Anvil. An interesting episode, no escape attempts but a moral crusade by Number 6 and a battle of minds with Number 2. More fist fights and physical action than most of the episodes so far, kosho looks like fun. Another ds106 Assignments: Animating #Prisoner106 for an […]
  13. Andrew Forgrave

    I’ve No Aversion to GIFfing

    I had a instant case of GIF-eye-tis when I saw the poor Resident twitching away in the Aversion Therapy room in the episode A Change of Mind. This one little moment says so much about how The Village seeks to control the individuals and require them to conform to the stated norms. The carrot (“like […]
  14. byzantiumbooks

    Animated The Prisoner Comic Book Cover

    For my first project in Design Week, I chose to animate the comic book cover of Jack Kirby’s draft of The Prisoner. It is a Design Assignment (number 306) and worth an unbelievable four credit units. My main method was to create duplicate layers, erase the text in the speech bubble, and add text. I […]
  15. byzantiumbooks

    Week three wrap-up

    This has been visual week. Most of us have visual capabilities; that is, we see with our eyes, we are not blind, we have vision. There are those who lack this capability, so we must not forget that visual is just one aspect of digital storytelling. I am glad we learned and continue to experiment […]
  16. iamtalkytina

    Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina

    Your browser does not support the audio tag. Click on the GIF to hear me singing my song, “Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina” !!! Here are the words so that you can sing along! Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Written and Performed by @iamTalkyTina sung to Supercalifragilisticexpialogocious CHORUS: Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic […]
  17. John Johnston

    The Village Web Club

    After all the commotion last night I was surprised to hear from the General this morning. She asked me to set up a new club. I was even more surprised to here the general taking over the morning announcements. You should be able to hear the talk by clicking the image above, in case you can’t […]
  18. Andrew Forgrave

    Google Says … I am Not a Number

    I like Visual Assignment 1244: Illustrating Odd Autocompletes. I’ve done it a couple of times before, although I can’t find any examples in my Media Library and it’s not showing up in the Assignment Bank examples. Maybe it’s in the Assignment Bank more than once? Like maybe in the AnimatedGIFAssignments? For this one, I didn’t […]
  19. John Johnston

    Week three in the village

    It hardly seems any time at all since I arrived in the Village, the third week sped by. I’ve not done too weel in ticking off items in holiday itinerary. I did try, but got a bit distracted (more in a later post about that). I managed a few snaps for the photo safari. The […]
  20. konarheim

    Penny Farthings and Puffins Everywhere

        Penny Farthings  – It is like when you get a new vehicle or a new addition to your life – you begin to see them everywhere when you had thought they were unique. So goes the Penny Farthing. Since summer of Prisoner106 has started I am seeing the dang things everywhere! Cathy Jo Nelson – who ... Read more
  21. Andrew Forgrave

    The Prisoner106.us Collection

    At the suggestion of Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter), I have located some pleasantly-Village-esque striped shirts that members of the Summer 2015 prisoner106.us Community may wish to investigate as potential additions to their summer/fall wardrobe. There is no guarantee as to quantity — and you will need to determine if the size you need is […]
  22. Andrew Forgrave

    I am NOT 6!!!

    When looking through the Visual Assignment bank, it seemed that the Visual Assignment 1720: Birthdays are the Worst would be most apropos for Number 6 and the episode Many Happy Returns. It asks that you “find a picture of yourself Number 6 where you he look(s) upset and use photo editing software to add a birthday hat and party decorations.” Recalling […]
  23. Reverend

    List Remote Comments

    I already blogged about Mark Luetke‘s awesome Motherblogs Made Easy plugin, and I promised there was more. Well, here’s more. Martha Burtis already experimented with Mark’s List Remote Comments plugin on the aggregator blog she is working on for Freshman Seminar she … Continue reading

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