1. byzantiumbooks

    Home by Curfew & Week Five Summary

    Well, it’s been video week, and I finally made a quick little video at the end of it. This was made by clipping some frames from The Prisoner episode 9 “Checkmate” using MPEGStreamclip, exporting them to a folder. I first tried them as a GIF, but didn’t like a GIF that stopped. But I recalled […]
  2. DS106 on the couch

    I am really taken by bot wisdom of late. We did one daily create…


    I am really taken by bot wisdom of late. We did one daily create with @everyadage and I have been following it ever since. I love the nonsensical prompts that almost make sense. A couple of DS106 participants have been playing along with me @JanWeb3 and ds106ronald and we have been taking a few of the adages and making creative edits with the prompts. 

    So here is: Is it not unimportant to have trumpets coming from a bitter tulip?

    I tried so many possibilities for showing this visually! How do you show a bitter tulip? In the end I settled for shrivelled equals bitter. What background is appropriate? In the end I settled for showing wonderful music coming out of the trumpet being played by the bitter tulip. 

    The idea here was: Is it not unimportant to have trumpets coming from a bitter tulip when they make such wonderful music? 

    As it is a saying (we have many sayings in the village) and I used village plain font, I am having it count for a few credits in #prisoner106. 

    How? All images CC0. I used Photoshop and mainly played with embossing and skew tools. Got texture somehow in the background and made a nice frame for it through render > picture frame. 

    This was challenging in design and made me play with new tools in Photoshop - had never used skew before. Hard fun! Thank you Ron and Janet for playing!

  3. John Johnston

    DS106 GiF TV Needs You

    I don’t think I am going to make many of my targets for credits in prisoner106 this week. Friday and I’ve not watched any of the footage yet. I’ve stayed in my Village apartment watching the DV. More specifically DS106 Gif TV. I though it might be time to write a bit here about that. […]
  4. konarheim

    Daily Create and the Goldilocks Principle

    TDC1298– Make a drawing with a cut out for clothing. Take a photo of your  card and environment to complete the image Well – sort of took liberties. I did not do a drawing only a photo. Short on paper and drawing utensils and didn’t think of my Paper53 until after doing this. I found paperdoll ... Read more
  5. John Johnston

    Slow Subterranean Blues

      Think that I might need some credits this week as I need some digging tools from the store. So I had a look through the assignment bank and found this: ds106 Assignments: Sound to Visual with 3 credits. Using creations you have already completed in #ds106 – select an audio project you were happy […]
  6. konarheim

    Cowlerful Dreams – TDC1297

    For Karen Fasimpaur and July28,2015 #ds106 Daily Create to remix a photo of a cow: tdc.ds106.us/tdc1297/ Original cow photo flickr photo by karenandbrademersonflickr.com/photos/karenandbrademerson/18828911823 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Photos of Cow and Bull layered into sky  are original paintings and photos by KOnarheim (me) Creative Commons license 4 Cropped and copied photos of the paintings. ... Read more
  7. Andrew Forgrave

    What is Going On?

    Something is going on. I have been keeping a log over the past week. You can read my ongoing log. For those who have been able to access the #VillageUnderground, there is also a shared file at /home/johnjohnston/shared.txt — You can contribute if you can navigate to that location and enable your nano editor. Perhaps we […]
  8. Andrew Forgrave

    I Can Read Televison – Free Man

    I like the “I Can Read Movies” Design Assignment 55. It’s fun to try to capture a movie (or television show) with a cover image as well as imagine the design of an old paperback book. The Basics This book cover is based on the Spacesick’s Jurassic Park rendering — I liked the black background […]
  9. John Johnston

    By: Christina Hendricks

    I like that sign too; very clever! I find it really interesting that you, Melanie and I all did the four icon challenge for the same episode. I made mine, looked at the assignment page to get the right tags, and found yours and Melanie's there. It's cool that we picked different things to focus on. I want to do the web club. I will do the web club. I need to get off my butt and do the web club.
  10. konarheim

    Passing time in the Village – Chicken GIF

    A relaxing day in the Village while No. 2 is missing. Not as productive as @byzantinebooks, I saw that he spent the day working in his bungalow as well. Then I saw @iamTalkyTina posting the catapulting chickens so decided to work on getting my chicken to actually cross the road. Still trying to figure out the ... Read more
  11. iamtalkytina

    Crossing a Road

    This was for yesterday’s The Daily Create, tdc1295, “Why DID the chicken cross the road?” I also posted a static image of the one of the end frames to Flickr so that it would show up on The Daily Create website. The chicken flying part is from a Ruby Tuesday’s commercial. They also have a […]
  12. byzantiumbooks

    Just fun between assignments

    There seems to be a disruption in the ether. The new new new new Number 2 hasn’t posted any Week Five assignments yet, so I just relaxed in the bungalow with an Independent Study student and a contract consulting gig I’ve got this week. But, GIFs! This first one shows the creative spirit at work […]
  13. byzantiumbooks

    Week four summary

    First, the summary of what I did this week: Four Daily Creates An “I Can Read” Prisoner-themed book A few animated GIFs An animated comic book cover An investigation into how The Tally Ho is made Plus, comments on the work of others. Tweets and Twitter interactions. And dredged up a little html knowledge to […]
  14. John Johnston

    Week Four Review: Design

    My ideas around escape or rather not attempting to escape seem to be reflected in the surveillance tapes we were directed to watch this week. Number six seems to be more involved in Village Life and made fewer attempts to escape. My own week reflected this, I got out a bit more and continued to […]
  15. iamtalkytina

    Your Community Needs You

    I in going through some old files here in my quarters within The Village, I found an old something from quite a few years back that I though my True Friends might be interested in. I have made a small number of references to some aspects of my history with The Village, and while I […]
  16. Andrew Forgrave

    Terminal Waypoint

    I have continued to have success in avoiding the “sleep light” at lights out, and have made some additional progress in exploring the secret crawlspace I found beneath my cottage in The Village. After several successive evenings of further exploration, I have uncovered a vast underground labyrinth of tunnels and corridors. While I have encountered […]
  17. konarheim

    Fairytale Writing -DS106 All the Way!

    Thanks to all for making my DS106 world real. I hope you enjoy the Fairy Tale of the journey so far. I created this while hanging out in my bungalow in the Village for the Bovine FairyTale Festival (hoping it counts for credits in both!) Well – the week to stretch some skills has come ... Read more
  18. mlbarker

    A plea for help

    The raging headache I’m experiencing could be a result of my social conversion therapy or perhaps it’s a result of the design assignment I’m currently working on. I’m trying to make a vintage postcard.  I’ve been following this tutorial on … Continue reading
  19. Andrew Forgrave

    The Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

    The Diefenbunker (official site, Emergency Government Headquarters) is a four-story, 300 room, 100,000 square foot underground bunker, and was meant to temporarily house 535 Canadian government officials and military officers in the event of a nuclear war. Shrouded in mystery, the Diefenbunker, nicknamed after then Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, was designed and built in secrecy […]
  20. John Johnston

    Village Webmaker

    A friend pointed me to this assignment, which has never been done before, 2 credits to spend in the shop. For this design assignment you are tasked to create an attractive advertisement/flyer for some type of event. Be creative. Any event will do, but the point is to entice people to want to attend your […]

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