1. Andrew Forgrave

    Summer 2015 ds106 Apparel

    These are close to what I’m aiming for, but I’m wondering what folks think regarding colour choices? We’ve been using red and white on black for the site design. But I’m liking the blue for the shirt rather than black. One change I’d like to make to this design is to incorporate the logos on […]
  2. konarheim

    Village Architecture Mishaps

     I was out walking on my way to a bungalow design session for #7. I was a little concerned as I don’t know who #7 is or what his history is in the village. After taking the hidden shots of different signs in the Village I have been a little on edge not knowing who ... Read more
  3. byzantiumbooks

    Surreal Closing Credits Image

    If you watch the episodes of The Prisoner to the end, you will see very surreal scene. The penny farthing bicycle is standing in a desert with classical columns and statues with an ethereal atmosphere. What better canvas to merge in the skyful of men in bowlers from Magritte’s Golconda? Process using GIMP: I captured […]
  4. konarheim

    Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

    @mdvfunes asked if I had seen any signs on my walks through the Village. I did! – But you know they are watching! So I carefully placed a  camera in my hat and tried to capture some of the signs as best I could for Mariana to research. Because of the covert mission – they ... Read more
  5. Andrew Forgrave

    3D Hyperbolic Tiling of Old Number 2

    WOW! Thanks again to Bill Smith for his leadership in finding wonderful assignments and prompts to explore here in The Village. It may be that his cottage here in The Village is in a time zone ahead of mine — either that, or his “waking music” might play a bit earlier than mine each morning. Today’s The […]
  6. John Johnston

    Behind the Cupboard, a Comic

    After finding some old photos I dug around the apartment some more and found a page of an old comic: Something told me this was no ordinary comic, I sneaked into the General’s room and, with shaking fingers feed it into the machine:   As the paper emerged I grabbed it and turned it over: Despite the […]
  7. byzantiumbooks

    Prisoner106 Photo Safari

    Week Three (Visual) includes a requirement for a photo safari: Complete a Photo Safari Take a series of pictures this week and attempt to capture at least five of the following themes (tag:prisonersafari): 1.imprisonment 2.freedom/liberty 3.identity 4.authority 5.rebellion 6.isolation 7.information 8.education Bonus points (no not really) if you can evoke these concepts within photos that […]
  8. John Johnston

    The Resignment Village

    I’ve settled down in my apartment now. Poking around in different corners I found some old photos of the Village, I’ve put them on the corkboard in the kitchen. I suspect they were taken by a previous resident, the photos look quite old, maybe 40 or 50 years I’d guess, quite instagram. Some information: If […]
  9. konarheim

    Photos of Information – but whose side?

    A photo safari as a resident in the Village is a challenge. It does need looking at the Village differently and in finding meaning in what is right under our noses. Will this assignment keep us from becoming fully assimilated? Or are there hidden subliminal messages in the village to convince us in accepting our stay ... Read more
  10. byzantiumbooks

    Visual Assignment Adapt an Artist’s Work

    Visual Assignment 17 asks us to “Adapt a famous artist’s work to change or reinforce its possible message.” There are a lot of artists out there, but Warhol is always fun to work with. (There is another assignment to “Warhol something”, but I did that in the past, plus it’s only one point). I have […]
  11. Andrew Forgrave

    Number 6 Ain’t No Comic

    Bill Smith (@byzantiumbooks, on Twitter) tackled the Visual Assignment 341: Comic Book Effect earlier today, and the actual task itself popped up on my screen this evening as I was poking around in the Visual Assignments looking for my next challenge. I know I have an iOS app on my phone (called Halftone by Juicy Bits) that […]
  12. Andrew Forgrave

    Where’s Waldo? — in The Village??

    I don’t know that you’ll be able to find Waldo in this image, but perhaps you can find some differences between this image and the one that follows it. Visual Assignment 1686: Find the 6 Differences invites us to adjust an image to introduce 6 pairs of differences. It reminds us to keep a copy […]
  13. byzantiumbooks

    Visual Assignment Comic Book Effect

    Audio Assignment 341 asks us to, “Take a picture and experiment with the “Halftone Effect” in some photo editing software to create a comic book effect.” I started with a snip of the Snipping Tool of a scene from The Prisoner episode 7, “Many Happy Returns”. Number 6 finds a camera at the abandoned Village […]
  14. byzantiumbooks

    My Village Vacation

    My Village Vacation[/] Visual Assignment 1674 asks us to, “Make a collage of five pictures from your favorite vacation destinations.” I went a little bit beyond five, but the vacation was so much fun and had so much to see! I took advantage of all the villagers being on holiday somewhere else during The Prisoner […]
  15. John Johnston

    By: Andrew Forgrave

    While certain aspects of The General seemed familiar on my first watching this week, I recall being surprised when David Kernohan tweeted out about this poster and the education-themed episode back in June. I'd certainly not remembered there was an education-focused episode at the time, and am ready to go back for my second new viewing, now that the Danger Meter is out of the way.
  16. John Johnston

    By: The village Shrink

    All the dreaming and reflection is paying off! This new glitch poster making will help influence residents sub-consciusly. Hmmm....sometimes the quiet ones are the most dangerous ones. I will be reporting to the hospital that you are just in your bungalow watching TV. Or will I?
  17. John Johnston

    We don’t need no general education

      Interesting happenings in the village this week, there seem to be a lot of ‘learning’ going on. As I watch number six get into trouble I am thinking my decision to be less confronting was a good idea. However this episode is taking the committee well inside my wheelhouse. Although I’ve not got number […]
  18. Andrew Forgrave

    GIFfing The General

    I quite enjoyed the episode entitled “The General.” And given that I’ve been seriously delinquent in keeping up with my GIFfing, I’ve decided to remedy the situation by making a few. I all but leapt into my computer screen as soon as I saw the toy bank “pass collector” in this episode. These little mechanical […]
  19. byzantiumbooks

    Animated GIF Warm-ups

    Today, at the beginning of week three (visual), I decided I needed to review how to download video, select frames, and make GIFs. I watched the episode The Professor, and noted several opportunities. To download the episode, I grabbed its URL from the prisoner106 archive, and entered it into the video downloader at en.savefrom.net. I’m […]

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