1. paul bond

    Important ds106 update!


    CC2012 @markheybo

    One of our tasks this week is to brainstorm ideas for what could be our final mission. We have a few early thoughts from our ace operatives:

    Root out the mole(s). We know the Directorate has tried to woo some of our agents to their side. But apparently …

  2. paul bond

    Agents on air, part 1


    We’ve had two nights of ds106 radio broadcasts so far this week. Monday’s shows were Rogue Agents, a fun quiz type show, and Girl Power, an interesting discussion of women in the secret agent business. There is more to say about all of these shows, but it’s getting late and …

  3. paul bond

    Design another book


    I’ve been thinking about my own questions – What makes a book cover look like a book cover? etc. – and thought I’d do an analysis of a design here. So here’s a mock book cover design from mock design master Cris Shapan:

    Two things jump out at me …

  4. paul bond

    The perils of adaptation


    For our third and fourth nights of ds106radio live tweeting, we listened to the Lux Radio Theater adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious and a BBC adaptation of Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice. The former was from 1948 and the latter from 1991, so again we had the contrast between …

  5. paul bond

    The world is enough for Doug


    For our first night of ds106radio tweet-alongs, we listened to two episodes of Douglas of the World, “The Terrorist”


    and “The Murder Rap.”


    I had never heard either, and in fact never heard of the show until this past weekend, so it was a bit of a …

  6. paul bond

    Creepy anime eye


    by Cris Shapan

    This morning a saw a new creation from one of my favorite contemporary artists, Cris Shapan. This is in response to advertising for an upcoming film, Alita: Battle Angel, which dares to venture into an uncanny valley. What I really like about Shapan’s work is the attention …

  7. paul bond

    Top Secret!


    Restricted information: Security clearance level 3

    The data below was intercepted from ds106 communications:

    Further details on these individuals has been located. Familiarize yourselves with the information. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.…

  8. paul bond

    Bagged and tagged

    Commencing inspection of Training Officer (TO) BOND's backpack Backpack belonging to TO BOND Item 1 Metal water bottle
    The bottle implies a connection with Penn State. This appears to be a red herring, or a subtle misdirection. Items 2 and 3 eating implements
    Item 2 is ostensibly an orange peeler,…
  9. paul bond

    Good guys and bad guys


    I recently watched Philip Noyce’s 2010 Angelina Jolie vehicle Salt on Netflix. As I recall, it wasn’t well-received when it came out. Some people had issues with its implausibility, as if implausibility isn’t inherent in action-adventure films. In the movie, we find out that the lead character, Evelyn Salt, is …

  10. paul bond

    On the Daily Create


    A few people have asked about the Daily Create, so I thought I’d write a post.

    The Daily Create is an ongoing part of ds106. It comes out every day of the year. The idea is that regular exercise of creativity can make us more creative. If you wait for …

  11. paul bond

    Though it themes


    We’ve been using various themes in ds106 for a few years now. It’s served as a good way to focus the class and provide a basis for collaboration. What I look for in a theme is the potential for fun and flexibility – something loose enough so that people can …

  12. paul bond

    You can’t judge a book…


    I’m fascinated by Todd Alcott’s mashup/remix work and wanted to try something similar. I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to do particularly, so I googled pulp paperback covers looking for inspiration. The Sailor’s Weekend cover caught my attention because I had been listening to Tom Waits the …

  13. paul bond

    Seeing through new eyes


    The video essay projects are another one of my favorite parts of ds106. While we do various analyses throughout the semester – story shapes, design blitz, etc. – people seem to put more into video. That’s probably because it’s a language we’re more familiar with. Most people say they’ve never …

  14. paul bond

    The legendary radio shows


    Some people inevitably won’t be able to make it to the ds106 radio tweet-along broadcasts of the class radio projects. So I’m providing links here to the shows and background on the characters. Ideally, people should listen in and interact. But if you can’t, give a listen to the other …

  15. paul bond

    The emerald letter


    I want to muse on how A Study in Emerald fits in with our theme. I think of superheroes as a kind of modern mythology, with the tales of adventure and triumph and good vs. evil all mapping to ancient hero myths. While not quite explicitly stated, Gaiman’s story is …

  16. paul bond

    Old Blue Eyes


    I was inspired to do this because Emily did one. I had forgotten all about this assignment. The cat lives up the street. I don’t know his name, so I call him Frank, after Sinatra, who was nicknamed “Old Blue Eyes.” He only acts friendly when my wife …

  17. paul bond

    The legend of ds106


    I had the idea to base this semester of ds106 around legend, myth and folklore. That’s probably too broad to be called a theme, but whatever. It connects to many previous themes from ds106 – westerns, superheroes,  horror, apocalypse. It gives a lot of options as to where we can …

  18. paul bond

    Week One: Bootcamp



    All work is due by midnight on Friday, 8/31/18

    Welcome to ds106! This first week is dedicated to getting set up: set up your domain and Web hosting; install your WordPress site; and create other social media accounts such as Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. Complete introductions via posts, twitter, …