1. Clemon Yueh

    Motivational Poster

    So for the first assignment I made, I made something very simple: the assignment is to make a motivational poster.  Not a demotivational poster–the original: the MOTIVATIONAL poster. And so, without further ado, I have made this motivational poster.  May … Continue reading
  2. ksimonpi

    PSA Billboard

    Is there something about society, people, the world, or just anything that really bugs you and you want the world to know it? Then create a PSA billboard!
  3. Matt Meyer

    Ideas Post

    Ideas: Historical Figure Alternate History I decided to stick with what I’m good at and create writing/fanfic (such a broad term) assignments around history. I find this kind of enterprise fun, but I doubt thats true for most!
  4. Matt Meyer

    Alternate History

    August 1914: World War I begins, German armies sweep into Belgium and Holland while the smaller German 8th Army defends East Prussia from a massive Russian Invasion. At the end of the month, 8th Army defeats the Russian First Army … Continue reading
  5. Matt Meyer

    Historical Figure

    My favorite historical figure is Otto von Bismark of the German Empire. Bismark served as the practical head of state of Prussia and then Germany at the end of the 19th century. I admire him for his political and military … Continue reading
  6. sgillis

    Tutorial Summary

    Here is my Tutorial for my Congratulations! It’s A… Err… assignment an buy cheap cialis online d here is my Tutorial for my Budding Entrepreneur assignment I figured I could contribute the most to the ds106 universe by creating tutorials … Continue reading

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