1. Antonio Vantaggiato

    I found some Visual Thinkery on the open Web


    Sometimes, the Web feels too big. Like this planet, it instills in me a sense of impossibility: I’ll manage to know but a tiny bit of its wonders. And so I skate through it, sometimes getting tired of the browsing, always discovering something worth pursuing. And thus I have got …

  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The forgotten Encyclopedia


    [Flickr Photo by A. Vantaggiato, CC-Licensed BY-SA-NC]

    The forgotten encyclopedia lies on the boardwalk, close to the street, a couple of meters off dirt, rain and abandon. Not even school libraries want it.

    Of course, it is old, virtually obsolete [pun almost not intended] and impractical. Compare it to Wikipedia. …

  3. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Blocked from one Twitter account


    So, I found myself blocked from Dave Winer’s Twitter. This means I cannot see his tweets while I’m logged into Twitter as myself. As soon I logout, though, I can get to his timeline. Weird, I know. Dave is one of the very first bloggers, and I still like to …

  4. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Media and Politics


    While in the middle of this amorphous political environment of the past months (Trumpism, state of emergency in France and general elections, students’ strike and 1st May manifestation here in the provinces fo Puerto Rico), I kept looking for media signage through the internets, the great internets.

    To begin with, …

  5. Antonio Vantaggiato

    I love to read newspapers’ curation


    Every day I read newspapers and I love doing so. Usually, I read them in their online editions. Rarely do I buy a paper, except perhaps on particular occasions, like Sundays’ New York Times, for instance.

    So, I just though a salute to newspapers would be most appropriate for me …

  6. Antonio Vantaggiato

    STEMmED People Make Me Proud


    Make me proud of the joyful collaborative spirit that produced eight years of extraordinary life. Well, it’s time now to fold our dear project STEMmED (STEM EDucation) which has been running since 2009 in two editions separated by one year of self sustain. It’s not an easy process, this one, …

  7. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Mechanical Doll Terror


    It’s pure terror: A moving mechanical doll is advancing toward you, and there is nobody else in the room. Not many have used this imagery to tell stories in cinema, while a lot of directors have used the simpler (but not less scary) image of a static (sometimes talking or …

  8. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Trail Of Magic


    Some time ago Seth Godin wrote a very concise and powerful post on the appreciation of the “trail of magic” a student produces in her career (from No direction home).

    Can you show me a history of generous, talented, extraordinary side projects?

    Have you ever been so passionate about …

  9. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The disneyBook


    Silos, Tunnel Vision and the Infantilization of Everything: the disneyBook

    I have gone through a few weeks of classes, and I am emphasizing with my students the importance of the open Web vis á vis the closed, institutionalized silos-like environments like Learning Management Systems or Facebook. Or even today’s Web-based …

  10. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Hallelujah, No Ads


    Look at this. Notice the void space before the title banner? That’s Disconnect add-on in action. No banner ads!! Beautiful.

    No Banner Ad! Taken from The Guardian, with the Disconnect add-on for Firefox.

    Disconnect is a Firefox add-on that annihilates ads and trackers. And shows the ring of abusive privacy …

  11. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The Web’s Revolution of Diversity


    The first Web page was published by Tim Berners-Lee almost 26 years ago.

    First Web Page (CERN.ch)

    Again, I find this Web a quasi magical creation, made of legend and human ingenuity. Of course, built from the shoulders of people who contributed great ideas, like hypertext. Ted Nelson and his …

  12. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Converting Playlists


    How come had I not thought about this before?

    For every question, is it there an answer on the Internetz?

    Well, at least, I got an immediate answer to both questions. While i was updating my WordPress installs, etc., it happened I was listening to a great new webradio from …

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