1. Antonio Vantaggiato

    My Grading Policy


    I’m thinking about placing this as a foreword to all my courses. It shows the bs from both sides!

    Have fun with this extract from Breaking Bad, and notice how Mr. White plays dumb to have the student believe for a second he can actually make the teacher change …

  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Bible Science


    Love the “Prophetically Correct” notice. Guess one of the various Trump-candidates could adopt it as a campaign slogan.

    flickr photo by joeflintham https://flickr.com/photos/joeflintham/5503071187 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

  3. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Let all be well, be well.


    The first installment of the new Penny Dreadful Victorian video feuilleton provides more than a strong poetic moment. The occasion of the death of Tennyson is one not missed by Vanessa, to recite, entranced these beautiful, potent verses from Maud:

    Beat, happy stars, timing with things below,

    Beat with my …

  4. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Viral First Kiss and Buying Love


    The powerful idea of “the First something” (first kiss, first time into a city, whatever) and the power of “image” vs reality. Convince people you sell love, not the products you actually produce. This is after all the genius [sic] idea behind most marketing.

    Now Knorr has done it and …

  5. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Sentiment data from Twitter and Google Trends


    Great day of class, last Wednesday. It deserves a short summary, which I am publishing here. The basic idea for the class was the exploration of sentiments around a place, using Twitter.

    First I showed my students that Twitter admits a pretty advanced set of search options. Among the most …

  6. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Serial series


    Pardon my slightly redundant title. “Serial”, or.. series, wonderful series.

    We are quite surrounded by TV series. Everywhere. Even on the Web, recently a few television-like series have appeared with a lot of success. Actually, calling them “television-like” is an error; these series are not TV, use multimedia and the …

  7. Antonio Vantaggiato

    As We May Wish


    What better end of year than talking with my friend Dan over a good pizza and an Aperol  Spritz… and what better occasion than this to begin my blogging year 2016.

    The occasion arose from his wish to discuss the latest Sherry Turkle’s book, Reclaiming Conversation. With its perfect …

  8. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Mapping a Novel


    I just finished reading a nice book, a noir first from a relatively unknown new French author with an English name, Julia Deck. Book title is Viviane Élisabeth Fauville (in english, it’s Viviane) and it’s a “beautiful” story of the crime –of all things– of a psychoanalyst by the hand …

  9. Antonio Vantaggiato



    This photo has attracted my attention, even if I didn’t enjoy the movie much.

    Wondering what the lady on the right of this picture (which is the left of James Bond) is doing? With all that’s happening at the London premiere of Spectre she is looking at her phone. She …

  10. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Publicity stunts


    Screenshot; by me, CC-Licensed / “This window will close in 4 seconds”.

    It’s true and tested that publicity is at the core of many business practices. We accept that and, as a public with little to say on this, we passively watch TV shows which have disgracefully increased both the …

  11. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Boulevard Voltaire, or The Stupidity of Evil


    Guillaume Baviere. CC-licensed: Boulevard Voltaire.

    I do not want to write down here the Quran’s quotes on the Paris terrorists’ rationale. But there they are, well styled and well quoted, just like a good scholar would do. But this is not a war of religion. Anyhow, reading people’s opinions on …

  12. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Hitchcock mashup with Kubrick


    Guess what. A mashup of two among my preferred film directors, Hitchcock and Kubrick. The idea is James Stewart walking San Francisco and being assaulted by Kubrick’s characters and paranoias. For my students, this video is a lesson in creativity mixed with technical savvy and knowledge. Plus, a great love …

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