1. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Women on fire

    I’m writing this on 8 March 2022. Women’s day. I was surprised by the response from my students, who couldn’t be more detached from this date. Some from the feminine aisle said this was to be after all a day like all. I can’t avoid being a little cynical here.…
  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Chance GIF’s and some learning


    Now that the semester is coming to an end I have the chance to share a little more, and not like the presentation done in August, and posted only now soon, the poor sitting for all this time in the Drafts sections of the Skate.

    This is a short list …

  3. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The gaze we build: Portrays and Ladies on Fire.


    Change the world? As many say, shall we move back to normality—the very normality that defined a world on the brink of disaster? What? No disaster in your perception-horizon? 
    Same with privilege, we don’t recognize or have perception of disaster before it happens. All seems to be well, for the …

  4. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Remote education and the quarantine: My view


    Tell you something: I did no pivoting, when the remote ed pandemics struck. In fact, I seamlessly transited from face-to-face to remote and online teaching (and learning, ftw) in an easy way. Here is my experience after three full COVID-driven education months.

    What has the pandemic meant to me? Well, …

  5. Antonio Vantaggiato

    #inf115 wrapping up the New Media COVID class


    Wrapping up a nice semester split in two with a great groups of students. New Media (inf115) is a course of Sagrado, set up with a connected an open strategy, which borrows from the syndicated content model as well as from other social and connectivist learning approaches.

    But I am …

  6. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Brexit: A Melancholic Goodbye


    I was 17 and for the first time out of my own city and country. I was in London, summer 1976. I do remember Trafalgar and Soho from that stay. A month-long stay that my parents had planned to have me practice and better my English. Mind you, I didn’t …

  7. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Manhattan (the film) and 2020


    Well, it’s a new year. I’ve been watching a few Woody Allen films, lately (on the home screen), and I shot photos at some frames worth remembering. Thanks to subtitles, I got a scene’s context and dialog.

    I thought these two sequences were perfect as a new year’s best wishes. …

  8. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Beginning of semester


    Yes, it seems like the semester just started.

    “New Zealand Media & Entertainment Branding” by Unordinary — is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

    We had a suspension of disbelief due to the passage of storm Dorian, which was going to pass through half of Puerto Rico and moved easterly later …

  9. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Weekly Insta Post


    Street art

    I’m starting a weekly series of Instagrams, so to connect my photo interests to this blog. The idea is to post just one image per week. Not sure whether I’d post this with the “image” format or as a regular post. Trying out with “image”.

    The Instagram comes …

  10. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Springtime Questions?


    I have been working pretty hard these weeks on my classes. Almost all feature a syndication hub built within a WordPress-based  Web portal. I’m talking inf103.com (Computing fundamentals) and inf115.com (New Media and social networks) [both in Spanish]. Plus I’m doing a Web Content Management course where, you guessed it, …

  11. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Love in the time of human networks


    This story has had some impact on me, both because of its grand love and its humility. It is a grand love story since it is the story of the love affaire  of a past president of France, François Mitterrand, a very formidable, powerful politician and married man. The affaire …

  12. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The many views of a humble map


    In December 2015 I read a stunning novel, Viviane, by the first-time writer Julia Deck. It was originally published by the most prestigious publisher of France, Éditions de Minuit. Viviane is the story of a madwoman, or not, in any case, a woman who is recently divorced, with one little …

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