1. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Women in blue


    Beautiful portraits of women by Lisa Brice I got from The Guardian (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2018/may/19/lady-in-blue-the-nudes-of-lisa-brice-in-pictures).

    Pleasure of the subjects, the viewer's not sought >>> Lady in blue: the nudes of Lisa Brice – in pictures https://t.co/oX0GOepB6T

    — Antonio Vantaggiato (@avunque) October 28, 2018

    I got very attracted by them because, in the …

  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    delicious Zeitgeist 10/22/2018


    [I tag “delicious” on diigo all the items from my web skating that deserve to be shared here. They get auto-posted on draft. I edit the drafts and join a few of them at a time. Voilá.]

    This time we have a couple of good websites, each a trove of …

  3. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Hurricane María–The flashback


    A lot has been said and written on hurricane María and our experience of it and our experience of its aftermath.

    Today, exactly one year after its passage, let me commemorate it and all the students who with me have stepped through such a hard time.

    Today we watched hare …

  4. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Nerdy Web Travels with #inf103


    I love maps (especially borderline places) and I can’t pass an opportunity to share that with students, especially since we’re studying the details of search on the Web. So, after checking Google Maps and its wondrous capacity to generate and share maps and itineraries, I let my adventurous spirit take …

  5. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The graceful world of Giulia Pex


    I reconnect again, after the long summer pause. Admittedly, I got a bit tired of social networks and all. My travels to Italy and my closeness to my mother during that time helped me see a nice perspective. I could not post, period. And I visited a blogger friend!

    Anyhow, …

  6. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The abyss and the abyss invoked by the abyss


    Sometimes (often, really) we find little gems of text within an already great work of literature. I stumbled in this terrific segment by Writer Gianfranco Garofiglio:


    Le cose non esistono se non abbiamo le parole per chiamarle.

    Things do not exist if we have no words to call them.…

  7. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The Well-Traveled Postcard


    In which a story is told about the routes a postcard took.

    Said postcard, of a kangaroo, was first received in San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 2017. Huge jump did it take, first from Australia, east coast, to Strawberry. Arizona, where a certain Alan Levine aka CodDog realized he had …

  8. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Lists #2: Books of 2017


    I regularly read ProfHacker‘s blog posts, and like very much those recommending books. I also read often recommendations from NYT, The Guardian, El País and Corriere, and I love the end-of-year lists of “best” books. Now, here’s my own book recommendations (ie, books I read and liked in 2017), …

  9. Antonio Vantaggiato

    New Media 2017


    At year’s end, after completing the evaluations of my students’ work, blogs etc., with grades assigned, I wanted to post a short visual story about my New Media class, INF115 and the students I had the pleasure to share this semester with.

    This was a class under the tent (restarted …

  10. Antonio Vantaggiato

    Still more postcards for #care4sagrado


    Yes, it’s our last week of class and I am still getting postcards from kind and generous people. There is power everywhere at Sagrado, even though they are checking the air conditioning systems, so not all are functioning. Next week we’ll have exams. At home too, we still have electricity …

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