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  1. Bill Pieper

    Dog Jamming

    Hey guys, I’ve set the rotation now that I’ve got  the segments we are using. I’ll just get to it: Derek Dana Timmy/Jenna Daniel Aqsa/Zarar Mike Martha Remember that I’m looking for you guys to intro your segment just a … Continue reading
  2. Bill Pieper

    Monday’s show

    Hey class, I wanted to put together my plan for our show Monday and share it with you. Of course I realize that you guys probably would have like to know about this yesterday, or even Thursday, but I didn’t … Continue reading
  3. Bill Pieper

    Overheard recordings

    Our episode listen of TAL for this week, ‘Recordings for Someone,’ definitely seems a little like eavesdropping to me, but really shows the dramatic value of these recordings. Some of these seem to push the limit in intruding on someone’s … Continue reading
  4. Bill Pieper

    Everyday cables

    Here is the image of the Visual Assignment: Common everyday object. The blog response will be fleshed out. *: This assignment was pretty straightforward, simply take an image of ‘Everyday items’ and alter the color/effects so that the items are … Continue reading
  5. Bill Pieper

    UMW Poster

    Poster for the UMW Campaign. Trying to evoke the combination of Traditional setting with Contemporary education. Used three images; one 1930s aerial view of the campus landscape, one image taken of some of the buildings earlier, and one image of … Continue reading
  6. Bill Pieper


    Here is the 5 card Flickr story: I attempted to tell a story from the perspective of a person who found themselves bounced through time and space, with no control. The limited exposition in my mind, allows a reader … Continue reading

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