1. @CCally733

    What the Freak Frequency Radio


    I thought Frequency 2156 was very interesting. I listened to alot of deep radio stations and lite hearted ones. One i listened to sounded pretty similar to the tweet along audio we listened to earlier in the week. But i did think ones were pretty creepy, one of our classmates …

  2. @CCally733

    Radio Shack


    So after listening to Jad Abumrad I really enjoyed what he had to say about the radio. He started to tell a story and focusing on how that even though radio lacks pictures that its strength as well. He said “I just painted you a picture but you were the …

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    Character’s Past: Joan Williams


    Joan Williams was born April 15, 1995 in Harrisonburg, VA. She grew up on her family’s farm. So once she was old enough to help out on the farm she would get up at 4AM milk the cows, clean the chicken coops and clean the horses cages. She did all …

  4. @CCally733

    Movies and Gifs



    Ok Ok Now!! So I figured out how to make a GIF thanks to Jen you rock. So let get this started with La Jette, that movie definitely gave me the creeps a bit. I thought the pictures would start moving and pop out and scare me. But for …

  5. @CCally733

    Week 4 and how I Crawled my way through it


    Wow end of week for and it totally kicked my ass, but my favorite part was watching the movies for sure. I am not really into taking pictures and all. BUt i did learn how to make a gif so I guess that is something. So i am pretty happy …

  6. @CCally733

    5 Frames Then The End


    It was a typical winter everything was peaceful , it was the night before christmas and we were all excited for the new year. But on Christmas morning all the snow and ice melted away overnight. The weather man didn’t say this would he said it would be below 30 …

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    Tips and Tricks


    Well the tips for the photos were pretty helpful. One that I particularly liked was about having you can only have a good foreground if you have a good background. At Least something along those lines. After reading the tips you and going to the Abandoned American gallery, you can …

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    Week 3 update on My Life


    Well week 3 has come to a close and I definitely felt a little overwhelmed this week.  Just from all my classes. I have to read this book about Appalachian Folklore. Not saying it isnt interesting just geeezzz it is hard to read in oral text.

    I did enjoy the …

  9. @CCally733

    Who run the World? Squirrels


    Hmm I don’t see much of those hairless animals anymore humans right? Also it rocks because there are more trees than ever! There are so many of us now and I love it. Also when it gets cold we can live in the buildings the hairless animals made, since they …

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    Lets take some time to Review



    This back helps make a shelter, cleans water , and has fire starters. Talk about a good find.…

  11. @CCally733

    Little Forrest Gump Becomes President


    For my alternate ending I chose one of the greatest films ever made in the history of the world that is Forrest Gump.

    So after when Jenny dies and it is just Forrest and little Forrest we flash forward 20 years and little Forrest just graduated from Harvard Law School. …

  12. @CCally733

    Reading is Power


    Well like most of my fellow classmates I too chose the shortest stories, that’s the business major in me time is money.

    So the first one I read was “There will come a soft rain” while I was reading I kept picturing Cinderella in a nursing homes and all the …

  13. @CCally733

    Monday Reflection for Week 2


    Well to start things off I will answer the weekly question. “In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?”

    I would rather turn into a zombie because I would be essentially dead. I …

  14. @CCally733

    Apocalypse Starter Kit and Reading Reflection


    End of Day Reflection:

    I would have to say I really liked all the different versions of the end of the world. My favorite was the black hole one. Because I have never really even thought about that being an end of the world scenario. My least favorite alternative was …

  15. @CCally733

    Tell It Tweet It


    @theEnd106 I was walking to class one day and no one was on campus everyone was gone. It was as if I was the only one there. I kept walking and then I saw something I had never seen before…. something not of this world.

    — Caroline Callahan (@CCally733) January

  16. @CCally733

    Monday Reflection for Week 1


    Ok so I have been struggling a little bit this week, trying to find the ropes and I hope I am. There was so much to read for this course about the do’s and don’ts and I just want to do my best.

    Apparently our answer to the weekly question …

  17. @CCally733

    Question of the Week


    My favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump, when I was younger I had a hard time in school and when I saw that movie I knew I could better myself and get into college like Forrest.

    Also for what apocalyptic scenario I find most interesting is the Zombie …

  18. @CCally733

    1 week feels


    Well have completed the first week of assignments and I love it so far. Not going to lie I did get frustrated at first, trying to keep up with the everything and discovering new apps such as slack and all but its becoming pretty cool so far I am really …

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    Daily Create


    I am really digging the daily create stuff also people are pretty funny and creative, def a nice break from regular school work…

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    Daily Blog for THE END


    Well this is my first ever time using wordpress I hope I am doing ok at it but super excited for the DS 106 class can’t wait to read all of the classes blogs!…

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