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  1. @umwequestrianista

    Films, Reflections, and GIFS

    “Say It Like The Peanut Butter” Create a GIF: http:// via GIPHY This is the GIF I created from Mad Max!  It accurately tells the story of how I feel about this cold and rainy Monday.  I really enjoyed making a GIF… this is my first one and it was so fun!!! My favorite thing …

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  2. @Chris_tastrophe

    The Road: Brought to You by Coca-Cola

    The Road I liked this movie so much, I had to do Say It Like the Peanut Butter twice!   SPOILERS AHEAD   I’ll get the ball rolling by being honest: this movie made me cry. I teared up several times, and I thought I was gonna make it – nope. When Viggo Mortensen kicked the bucket, so […]
  3. @eafinto

    Reflecting Upon Movies Portraying the End of the World

    The first film I watched this week was a short film, La Jetée, in which a man is taken through a journey of his memories from the past and present, and is then taken to the future all while being a part of something that seems to be some type of psychological test. The main character […]

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