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    Online Multimodal Essay | Charlotte Fish

    How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life?

    The use of social media contributing to digital transformation in everyday life varies due to the audience or consumer.  One cannot measure the affect for all scenarios but on the whole digital transformations …

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    DS106ers React! (Video)


    For this assignment I had to create one of YouTube’s most uploaded video contents. A reaction video. Basically, the idea is to film yourself watching a video which you then capture them instant reactions to whatever is going on.

    Here is my video: (Unfortunately the audio from the video I …

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    Superhuman In Everyday Life


    This assignment was to put the superhero you would be in an everyday scenario and why you want to be them:

    IronWoman in a busy NYC street.

    My choice of superhero would be Ironman/Tony Stark. Seen as I’m not male I’ve found a female version of his character.

    Reasons I …

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    Auditory Hell (Audio)


    For this assignment I had to think of the worst sounds I’ve heard or could think of, and put them into one soundtrack which would make anyone cringe.

    The process:

    Firstly, I thought about the sounds I disliked or make me cringe. I then went to find them on YouTube…
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    Minimalist TV/Movie Poster (Design)


    Still in design I have now completed this 3.5/5 stars assignment. This assignment consists on designing a minimalistic movie poster:

    Trying to go with the sense of minimalism I have used 2 icons as my images, some text for featured stars and also the title name. I have also …

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    Motivational Poster (Design)


    For this assignment, the aim was to create a motivational/humourous/sarcastic poster. This is worth 3 out of 8 stars.

    My finished product looks like this:

    Two things that made me create this:

    I first thought i’d do a different Ice Age quote which is still from Sid the Sloth;…
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    Averaged Portrait (Visual)


    This unit is all about improving the photography skills I may or may not have. Personally, I know how to use a DSLR camera for most basic things and obviously know how to use my phone camera too.

    For this assignment, I had to use the assignment bank to create …

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    #tdc2131 What is Hidden inside Room 106?


    November 9th, 2017

    My first thought for this blog would be to think of something scary to be behind the door. Then I thought why should it be something scary?

    My choice for ‘Whats is Hidden inside Room 106’ is my boyfriends incredibly cute cat!

    His name is Muppet and …

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    #tdc2125 A New Pledge


    November 3rd, 2017

    “Suggest an alternative to the (US) “Pledge of Allegiance” as a way for school kids to start each day.”

    “Pledge of Kindness”

    We can all be nice to someone today and let the love spread… The world is always lacking love of kindness so be nice to …

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    #tdc2121 Doubles


    October 30th, 2017

    Not seen or made today but a bit of a throwback too…

    Me and my best friend, Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee…Double!

    At a friends birthday party me and my friend chose to go as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. We did this as many times we’ve …

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    Unit 1 – What is Social Media Production?


    Lets break this down…

    What is Social?

    To me, ‘Social’ means to connect, interact, be a part of others in the world whether that be through the internet or in true human form. To be social, you have to be able to interact with others in order to learn more …

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    #tdc2088 We are open


    September 27th, 2017

    This is my first Daily Create.

    While looking through some of the archived Daily Creates and looking at some of them i’d like to write about this grabbed my attention. Now, i’m not an artsy person so creating a board that looks nice won’t be happening!! I …

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