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  1. @CeliaSdigitally

    Animals Doing Funny Things… With a Prequel

    This is my second remix assignment of the week. I decided to do GIFs because these assignments are relatively low stakes and tend to make me laugh. This is also why I chose animals doing funny things because I thought it would be a good break from all the audio and video editing. As soon … Continue reading Animals Doing Funny Things… With a Prequel
  2. @wade_764

    Is the Internet for anything other than animal videos?

    I was tasked with finding videos of animals doing funny things and converting them to a GIF for this assignment. The process was simple once I found a good source for some videos. I started by using a program called youtube-dl, but I was unsuccessful with that method. YouTube makes it a bit hard to download their videos, it seems. So the next step was to try and find a reliable source to download some animal videos. I found this great source. They have lots of stock photos and videos for free. The next step was to find a GIF…
  3. @ymartine4

    Animals doing human like things

    For the first remix assignment I decided to do this one Originally it was to find a gif of an animal doing funny thigns but i chose to do one of an animal doing human like things. The remix part of it was to put country music in the background of it. This assignment …

    Continue reading "Animals doing human like things"

  4. @samprice_ds106

    Animals Doing Funny Things

    For my last assignment from the assignment bank this week I chose an AnimatedGIF assignment. I chose to make a gif of an animal doing something funny. I knew right off the bat I wanted to make a gif with a dog in it because dogs are my favorite animals. In order to create my gif, I first had to find a video I wanted to use so I looked on YouTube at a bunch of different dog videos until I found one I liked the most. Then I uploaded it to Giphy and it did the rest of the […]

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