1. @ymartine4

    Week 14 Summary


    This week was the last week of class and I can’t believe we made it. It’s been such a busy and jam packed week with all of the assignments and projects going on right now but to say I completed this course is a something I am proud of. I …

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    Final Project Summary


    The final exam was very open ended which was a hard concept for me. Usually I do best when everything is laid out and I have specific requirements to meet, I’m also not very creative so the idea daunted on me for a while. I thought about it and after …

  3. @ymartine4

    January 2021


    Things are somewhat back to normal civilization. My family got the vaccine and my grandparents bodies rejected it but we just had to let them rest and try with the medicines and herbs we had left to cure their bodies. Only my grandma made it through this. At this point …

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    The electricity bill got cut off, I couldn’t update anything for the past basically two months as we’re at the end of November. Things have changed, almost gotten better. I haven’t said that in months and its scary to even think about how everything is going to recover from this. …

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    September update


    I had to stop recording audios, things got really bad and we were hiding in the basement at one point, so I had to stay quiet. We have almost nothing left to eat. We had to make our own funeral arrangements for my mother and out of respect for her …

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    Final Project Outline


    Overview: For the final project I wanted to focus on the theme of pandemics as this is what we are living through now. I feel that this theme can not only be relevant to times right now but also may relate to some other people and will be a project …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was very relaxed with the assignments which made me feel like I could have more fun with them.

    The first mashup assignment I created was the animoji Karaoke. Both of my mashup assignments for the week had to do with emojis which I am similar with and can …

  8. @ymartine4

    Emoji Friends


    For this assignment I had to look through my camera roll and try to find a picture of my friend mimicking one of the iPhone emojis. I don’t think about this when I’m trying to take a picture so I really had to try to think of emojis while looking …

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    Animoji Karaoke


    The first assignment I chose was comical to me and I think some cheering up everyone needs. The Animoji Karaoke is worth 5 STARS! This assignment was fairly easy I would say and is done on any updated version of the iPhone that includes animoji. I did this in my …

  10. @ymartine4

    5 Seconds of fame: Tik Tok edition


    This assignment was to create a short film of 5 seconds and try to make it funny. I was looking through my camera roll for videos and the shortest ones were usually tik toks I had made with my friends, I couldn’t chose just one that I thought was funny …

  11. @ymartine4

    Video Response


    For the first video assignment of the week I decided to film a “reaction” video like the youtubers do because I’ve watched them before but I also thought it would be cool. I asked my freind to send me a video to react to and she sent me …

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    Project Ideas pt 2


    After looking at all of the project idea suggestions some of them really stood out to me and made me reconsider what I would want to do for the final project.

    transforming a youtube channel as if it were from the 80’s baking differences from the 80’s to now, I…
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    Weekly Summary


    This week was different since the emphasis was placed on videos and I’m used to more audio recording projects. The daily creates though I really enjoyed especially the one about the name brands that you are wearing right now. With the video projects I found them very easy to do …

  14. @ymartine4

    Video Essay


    The film I decided to analyze was “The Goonies”. This was one of the few films I could find free online that was from the 80’s and that I was familiar with, as I would know what scenes would be good to look at. I know that it was recommended …

  15. @ymartine4

    Time Lapse


    For this assignment I modified it a little bit, being that I can’t go back to this location because of the circumstances right now. Before the whole virus sent us home I had taken a time lapse of my team mates and I at practice. I am on the UMW …

  16. @ymartine4

    Spoiler Alert!


    The second assignment I completed was the Spoiler Alert one. What you had to do was make a trailer of a movie but instead of leaving the mystery to the audience, you had to include the basis of the movie and the most important scenes, essentially creating a spoiler alert …

  17. @ymartine4

    How to: Make Iced coffee at home


    To start off the week for the 10 star assignments I decided to make a “How to” video. When thinking of what I should make it on, I found it perfect to do it on my easy everyday at home iced coffee recipe. I am an avid iced coffee drinker …

  18. @ymartine4

    Project Ideas


    Looking in the near future for what would be a good idea for story concepts I was thinking of ways that we could cover all aspects of the 80’s. Here is a list of some ideas:

    Create and 80’s themed commercial / advertisement. This could include a variety of online…
  19. @ymartine4

    Hammer Throw


    For the first assignment I decided to look back through my blog and picked one of my favorites that showed up first. The original assignement was to tell a story through pictures. This assignement took me a while originally because I had to think of what story I wanted to …

  20. @ymartine4

    How to celebrate: Corona virus style


    Due to current events with the virus, all large gathering places have been closed and events / gatherings have gone as well. It is recommended that people have as little interaction with each other as possible. Less than 10 people is recommended, and this ruins a lot of plans that …

  21. @ymartine4

    Radio Show listener


    This week I tuned in on Wednesday night to listen to the radio show Social Media: an 80s Rewrite. Before getting into detail about my experience I just wanted to tell you guys good job on creating this wonderful content. I know this project was a bit of a stresser …

  22. @ymartine4

    Radio Show weekly summary


    This week for our radio show we had some difficulties with school being closed but also personal difficulties with group members. We had plans to meet up and record everything but with school being moved online this was not able to happen. With this being said our group decided that …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was focused on the project and creating all of the content for it. I think now doing assignments geared towards it makes things a lot easier. Having to have all of the info for the project submitted made my group and I get together so I feel better …

  24. @ymartine4

    Radio Bite


    The original assignment was to create a radio bite for the DS106 radio. I thought I would take this opportunity and make a radio bite for my groups radio show since this was one of the tasks I took on when we split the work. Having done all of the …

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