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  1. @wade_764

    Another one bites the dust!

    Whew, I’m glad this week is almost over, but it seems like the assignments are neverending this semester!This week was fantastic, I like working with all the photos, especially over the writing topic, but there seems to be a lot of that in these posts. The thing I enjoyed most this week was seeing all the creative posts everyone else has come up with! The daily creates this week were not that bad. I enjoyed making the cross-type animal card, although I didn’t quite get the resolution the way that I wanted. It still turned out fine! I also enjoyed…
  2. @wade_764

    A rush to find them all!

    This was a creative assignment! It really put me in a rush to find all the subjects I needed to photograph and get the proper lighting and angles while not trying to be a perfectionist. So I grabbed my list and set the timer. Away I went! The photos appear in order of the list. I got them all with little more than a minute to spare! The results turned out better than I anticipated. I hope you all enjoy them! Reflecting on this assignment, I have learned to appreciate the imperfections in my art, which uniquely makes my art…
  3. @wade_764

    A picture is worth a thousand words or A moment in time.

    The article linked to this assignment was an exciting read. I found inspiration from the tip that said to take a picture from multiple perspectives. More importantly, it states that it helps to change your perspective as the photographer. I think this rule can be applied to life in general. It is always good to have an open mind because often, when someone is concrete in their way of thinking, it can lead to stubbornness and warped reality. One of the cornerstones to learning is keeping an open mind, especially when studying scientific material. Think of all the ideas that…
  4. @wade_764

    Excellent assignment, but I found another method!

    Hey happy Thursday, Ds106ers! For this fun little GIF assignment, I got to work through a step-by-step procedure, and it was really well documented. I realized that while the instruction was written for a Mac, it might be nicer to focus on web-based converting tools.So, I found the video that I feel best exemplifies this semester! I have found that the key has been to do something every day, even the weekends, not just for this class but all of my classes! So I found my video on YouTube, but wait, you ask, I can not download these videos well,…
  5. @wade_764

    Did I make a typo?

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This assignment was fun; I got to use a new online-based tool, and I like using those because they are a bit more approachable for beginners.The idea of this assignment was to find pictures online and upload them to this site that converts them with a typographic effect! It was pretty straightforward. I used this site here, and it allowed me to change the font and vary the effect level to my liking. Warning if you use adblockers (which you should), this site does not work. Another theme I…
  6. @wade_764

    This was a fun little diversion!

    I had a good chuckle reading the description for this assignment! Editing software is a little frustrating, but I know that it is part of the process of learning!For this assignment, I was told not to use editing software and to take a panoramic picture instead with a cell phone. I luckily had a friend at school today willing to help me out! So we went to the UC!The provided guide was helpful, but unfortunately, it was for an iPhone. As it turned out, my friend has one, so he saved me twice today! I am always amazed at how…
  7. @wade_764

    Let’s all party like it’s 1699!

    This was a fun assignment! I got to listen to some music I hadn’t heard in a long time, and I learned another neat trick with editing GIFs. The project asked me to find a musician I like and make a GIF of one of their music videos. I wanted to make this post a follow-up to the animals’ post I made earlier! So the trick to this assignment was to find the video itself, which was not that hard. YouTube again failed me as they did not want me to download videos; however, I am including a link to…
  8. @wade_764

    Is the Internet for anything other than animal videos?

    I was tasked with finding videos of animals doing funny things and converting them to a GIF for this assignment. The process was simple once I found a good source for some videos. I started by using a program called youtube-dl, but I was unsuccessful with that method. YouTube makes it a bit hard to download their videos, it seems. So the next step was to try and find a reliable source to download some animal videos. I found this great source. They have lots of stock photos and videos for free. The next step was to find a GIF…
  9. @wade_764

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    I have some experience taking photos, but it has been a long time since I have tried to perfect my technique. I remember in high school a photography class, and my favorite part was developing the film. I thought the process had a magical quality (minus the smell). Now I rarely take photos, my reasons for this are two things. I do not have a nice camera to take pictures with, I prefer to use SLR cameras, and two, having the convenience of a camera built into the smartphone has taken away some of the fun aspects that photography as…

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