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    Unit 5: Places of Peace


    Hi there!

    Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better?

    This blog post will consist of the beginning of Unit 5. The assignment I chose to begin with was “Places of Peace“, this involved creating a collage of my favourite spots where I feel relaxed or …

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    Unit 4 Daily Create 2



    This daily create is the ‘A New Pledge‘ task. The task was to suggest an alternative to the (US) “Pledge of Allegiance” as a way for school kids to start each day. I tried to throwback my brain back to primary school and remember the things us …

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    Unit 4 Daily Create 1



    This daily create is ‘The new DS106 Phone‘ where we are to get imaginative and create a phone with special features and annotate them on to an image.

    Below is an annotated image of what looks like a standard mobile phone. I based it off the current …

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    Unit 4- Sound Effects Story



    The task for Unit 4 was to create a Sound Effect Story, explanation in the title of the task really!! We had to create whatever story we wanted using only sound effects. I made an accounts with free sounds.org where I had access to a whole data base of …

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    Five Card Flickr Story



    This is a classic Daily Create called the ‘Five Card Flickr Story’ which involves going onto Flickr and finding 5 photos that tell some sort of story.

    Click on the blue box to access the Five Card Flickr Story I created- …

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    Unit 2 Daily Create 1


    Hello Daily Creators!

    My first Unit 2 Daily Create, I am doing a blog post on #tdc2121 Doubles. This was something that was already a double rather than a duplicated edit. I went to a beautiful place called Framlingham Castle which had amazingly detailed pillars all around it, they …

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    Definition of Social Media Production.


    Hello everyone!

    This is a blog about how I would define ‘Social Media Production’ in my own words.

    Social Media is a digital way to communicate with family, friends, colleagues and others. Rather than a telegram, letter or phone call, the main social platforms nowadays are through the internet and …

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